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What Girls Said 6 justbanANNAz Master mho 22% i say that thing about a piercing in the right being homo is absolutely stupid.
Romance in video games: It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us scratch our heads and sort of sit back and look confusedly at the screen. Ninja Gaiden for NES is a ludicrously hard side scroller with a ninja protagonist named Ryu whose romance starts when he sees a young girl and says, "Just a girl. The unfolding of this relationship can barely even be called a romantic subplot -- it's more like an afterthought. Bioware is known for its all-inclusive romance options, but if you choose to roll a male gay Grey Warden, your only option is Zevran -- an assassin with a sexy Spanish accent who loves leather boots and was sent by the king.
First, yes, there are a few micro-budgeted gay films where the acting and production values are questionable, but that are still worth watching.
I loved this movie as a kid, even as I completely missed its genuine subversiveness in presenting a black woman in 1975 as rich, successful, and (later) very bitchy. But it also gets points for a very unexpected death, the gruesome scene where Michael Rapaport gets his arm bitten off, and two hot leading actors, Thomas Jane and LL Cool J.
Naturally, I have many more guilty pleasures, but I have other Flying Monkey questions to answer.
A: I suspect you’re thinking of the 1989 movie Loverboy, where his character is frequently mistaken to be gay.
But Dempsey’s first major role (at age 17) was playing the gay teenage son of Arnold (the role that was also Matthew Broderick’s break-through) in a San Francisco production of Torch Song Trilogy.
Q: As a deaf Aussie gay, I have always wondered whether there are any well-known gay deaf people.
A: The only two I can think of are Luke Adams (who participated on The Amazing Race last year) and Tyrone Giordano (who played a gay deaf character in The Family Stone and who played the deaf brother in the Ashton Kutcher movie A Lot Like Love).
Hey, these superhero movies are expensive, and they can’t afford to alienate the homophobes!
Q: I recently found my old copy of the great teen novel One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies.

A: “I haven’t had any recognition for One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies … until I received your email!” the author, Sonya Sones, tells the Flying Monkey. But as you suggest, Lucy, lots and lots of teen novelists have included incidental or non-stereotypical gay characters (we’re a subversive lot), even in books that aren’t “about” being gay. In fact, I just finished writing an introductory essay for a new, soon-to-be-published edition of I’ll Get There.
Get out of here!" Ninja Gaiden comes from the era of dialogue that could only be produced by Koreans translating Japanese games into English without understanding either language. It's like Ubisoft realized two weeks before the game shipped out that the concept of DNA memory (and therefore the entire franchise) depends on AltaA?r reproducing, even though he's a combination between ninjas and monks, the two most celibate professions in the ancient world.
If that sounds familiar, it's because Bioware just took Puss in Boots from Shrek and made him a lithe blonde boy.
I’m willing to forgive a lot if I get some sense that the actors and producers believe in what they’re doing, if they created an unintentional comedy, or if there’s full-frontal male nudity.
When it comes to other guilty Parton pleasures, I opt for A Smoky Mountain Christmas (with Lee Majors as the love interest!) any day.
But that’s not what makes this movie unbelievably bad — it’s that halfway through the rape, the woman starts to enjoy it! Added Galaxy of Terror bonus: hey, that’s Joanie from Happy Days in her one attempt at feature film stardom! I have been looking on the internet and was not able to find any, with the exception of Raymond Luczak who is a gay author I had not heard of until recently.
I’m thinking specifically of authors like my friends Ellen Wittlinger, Jacqueline Woodson, and Chris Crutcher, not to mention Francesca Lia Block, James Howe, and many, many others. It Better Be Worth the Trip by John Donovan, the very first teen novel ever with an openly gay character, first published back in 1969. There have been a lot of horrible romance subplots in video games, but here's our tribute to the worst.
Not only does Irene shoot Ryu at one point, but they only end up together because Ryu proclaims that he'll be taking her as his payment for saving the world.

So they threw in a level where AltaA?r chases a mysterious cloaked figure to the top of a tower, finds out it's a beautiful woman, and then has sex with her.
Zevran proves himself a garish gay stereotype by reacting positively to any gifts made of leather and giving you an earring should you pursue a relationship.
But there are some I like where the dialogue is terrible and the acting is very questionable: Angora Ranch and An Angel Named Billy. Then again, gay panic among heterosexual males seems to be one of America’s five fundamental motivating forces (along with strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational), so who knows how long the “gay earlobe rule” will persist? Interestingly enough, the woman challenging it didn’t admit to having any objection to the gay relationship that is portrayed in the book. Luckily, she's inexplicably aroused by this, so they kiss and sort of hold each other while they conclusively watch the sun rise. On a tower, without a single word of foreplay or even warning, and with both of them wearing all their clothes.
Added bonus: Keanu Reeves gives possibly the worst, most least convincing performance ever in a major Hollywood movie. In a video montage containing clips from many gay-themed films, I swear I saw a young Patrick, possibly in early 20th-century attire. Then AltaA?r uses his assassin skills to promptly get the hell out of there, because assassins make terrible dads.
I was wondering if there was any recognition for this novel or if there are any other teen novels that have characters that just happen to be gay like is this one. I tend to see men are more manly to wear ear stud (not the little girlie one) Because I felt like earrings are for girls.

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