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Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Emeralds have the most beautiful, most intense and most radiant green imaginable: not surprisingly this grassy green is called emerald green. Emerald is related to aquamarine in that they both belong to the Beryl family of precious gems.
As this rare gem is such a beauty and has a good hardness of 7.5 to 8 it is ideal for very special jewellery.
Exquisite emerald cut emerald sits proudly between the Celtic knot shoulders on this yellow gold ring of Grant's. Although not presently online, Grant makes other jewellery designs set with fine emeralds, often for commission pieces.
Emerald is the birthstone for May and the anniversary gem for both 20 and 35 years of 'togetherness'.
If you would like any further details on these pieces of Grant Logan jewellery, his other designs, or a commission enquiry please contact us. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city.

Characteristics of this gem can make cutting and setting rather difficult, not that this is of concern to the wearer.
It was regarded by the Incas and Aztecs of South America, as a holy gemstone, a symbol of seasonal renewal. And of course most of his gem set pieces of jewellery can have emerald in the place of the gems shown. Don't let that hold you back though from giving a gift of an emerald for other occasions however. If you are looking for a Emerald gemstone engagement ring set at affordable prices then look no further than this beautiful Emerald and diamond wedding engagement ring.
Even for a skilled gem cutter, cutting emeralds presents a special challenge, partly due to the high value of the raw crystals, and also because of the frequent inclusions. Probably the oldest known finds of emeralds were near the Red Sea in Egypt, though these 'Cleopatra's mines' have long since been exhausted. However, even if many of the best emeralds are undisputedly of South American origin, fine emeralds are also found in other countries, such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Russia.
Emerald has been treasured for at least 4,000 years and quite rightly shows no signs going out of favour.

In the case of the emerald, it is mainly traces of chromium and vanadium which are responsible for the characteristic lively luminosity of its colour.
Rather poetically specialists call the numerous crystal inclusions which are typical of this gemstone 'jardin'. They regard the tender little green plants in the emerald garden as features of the identity of a gem which has grown naturally. The clear form of this rectangular or square cut with its bevelled corners brings out the beauty of this valuable gemstone to the full, at the same time protecting it from mechanical strain. If you are not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, you can return it back to us within 15 Days for a RefundFast DeliveryWe want your order to be with you as soon as we can.
If you place the order today, your order would be shipped by 2nd Jun,2016Your Order Comes WithReal Couple Testimonials Read testimonials from satisfied couples who have bought their engagement rings from Jeen Jewels.

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