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Author: admin, 04.07.2015
Modern and Stylish Cremation Jewelry Lockets from Everlasting Memories are the perfect memorial jewelry choice for you to remember your loved ones.
Journey Lockets is a handmade line of sterling silver, gold vermeil, and freshwater pearl jewelry that incorporates double-sided glass lockets. Lockets are the perfect little hiding place for you precious keepsakes whether it be a lock of hair or a loved ones picture.

An antique silver book locket is a distinctive pendant, quite different from modern lockets with simple snap closures and room for only two tiny photos. Addie Kidd Genuine vintage button molds lend their historic, intricate designs to contemporary metal-clay lockets. Are you looking for a unique silver locket to give as a gift for a special occasion or a custom-made modern locket for yourself?

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