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Garden Scenery oil painting,handmade oil paintings,landscape oil painting,heavy oils,sharp color!Garden Scenery oil painting,handmade oil paintings,landscape oil painting,heavy oils,sharp color! Handmade Village Scenery Oil Painting- Stone House PaintingHandmade village scenery oil painting,stone house oil painting   high quality oil paintings painted by China Artists.
Create some gorgeous mini thank you or birthday cards using pieces of beautiful watercolour paintings! After Pop’s 3rd birthday pirate party we had lots of lovely friends and family to thank for their gifts. To make these mini-masterpiece cards we pulled out some gorgeous watercolour papers that the girls had experimented on with colour mixing. They then mounted the little watercolour pictures onto the middle of the folded cards and stuck them using glue sticks. Inside I wrote the thank you messages and in some Pop attempted to write the letters from her name or to trace over mine, written in yellow pen. Really like the idea of cutting up a large artwork to create all the cards – when I get my toddler to try to paint lots of individual thankyou cards she soon gets distracted after the first few. Ancient Grove is an etsy store where you will find accessories, jewelry, clothing and costumes inspired by the natural world and the unseen, ethereal creatures that inhabit it. Handmade "Woodland Fairy" silk wrap skirt (yes matching with the wings, and overall impressive! The skirt above is made from %100 emerald green dupioni silk and the entire scalloped hemline is faced with green polyester organza. This lovely little pixie collar is perfect for your fairy festival or renaissance fair ensemble, or even to add a little something different to your Spring wardrobe.
But the matching items goes beyond category into jewelery as she also design comfortable and lightweight earrings , some made in silk (I love the silk leaves) and others like the following made in dyed leather.
Gallery pictures licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
About 8 inches up from the loop, form a large wing shape from the wire and do the same with the other side (just follow this diagrams and you’ll be fine).
Make the top section of the costume wings by twisting each part to look like two smaller parts of the wing. Be careful not to make the wings so decorated that they bend out of shape or make your upper back sore when you wear them.

If you have bits of wing decorations left over, a thin wooden dowel can easily be made into a matching fairy wand. Such an easy, open-ended, process driven art activity for kids with stunning results, each one unique in design. I really like the children to make their own cards where possible, and one of our favourite simple ways to do this is to repurpose old artwork into something new. They had painted on damp watercolour paper using block watercolour paints and water, and watched the vibrant colours blending together. What really calls your attention immediately is that all items seems to follow the same designing line and use the same forest and natural colors, using high quality fabric and looking delicate as the leaves selves. It is fully lined with amber rayon chiffon that has been burnt at the edges and may continue to fray ever so slightly adding to the ethereal  quality of the skirt (this is something that I myself enjoy to do with certain fabrics as sometimes a delicate burn or even only heat can bring up delicate insect patterns to it, or be even more effective to create a fairy "effect" than the standard serge). The skirt wraps around the waist and is tied with a silken cord so it's very adjustable and would fit a S to L size.
Some with holes, other like fallen leaves, other closer to ferns, but all looking natural and very feeric.
They're comfortable and they lace with eyelets to make it fit so it adapts to your hand shape.
They are made from pure dupioni silk and are fully reversible and YOU get to choose the colors.
Work out your design ahead of time because that saves time and supplies when it comes to making the wings. The wire should bend easily, but not too easily or your wings won’t hold their shape. You then wrap the slight edge over the wire and stitch the material onto the wing frame with hand sewing. I simply cut these into small rectangles, each one looking like a finished modern art piece in its own right! These can then be unfolded to have a longer message written inside, or left as they are with space for just a short greeting. Amber glass beads have been hand sewn around the front edges of the skirt and on the back train. Most people like having four straps to fasten their wings: one going over each shoulder and one going under each arm, then tied across the chest.

It would be perfect to wear as a costume, or even better to wear at your fairytale wedding and would look great with a corset and even a pair of wings. Made of green dupioni silk with gold polyester crushed organza lining, this collar is so light and comfortable to wear.
Sewing material over the spine is optional, but some people like to use elaborate or heavier materials for this part when they choose to decorate it. Don’t make your wings tie across the front of your throat because you can hurt yourself if you snag your wings. The color of the weft is much more prominent, while the color of the warp shows when the fabric moves and catches the light.
This also means that it is about to be the perfect time to get your children back outdoors after the long winter months. Still if the listing is over, contact her cos she?s able to make outstanding models and keep on creating equally outstanding  things. You can also contact her if you have any other custom color request, she has a wealth of  silk samples you can choose among and combine.
Having a friend who can hold your wings in place while you work out the straps is very helpful! I love that it shows that there is a Mighty Creator and everything brings praise back to Him! I know some people that are afraid of nature study.
You will be amazed at what your kids pick up on, and you will be blessed by the surroundings that God has given us. I wanted to give you a jump start on your spring nature studies by sharing with you a round-up of over 50 FREE Nature Walk Printables! You can print these out and leave some of them in your car, for an impromptu walk in a park, or you can make a folder for them in your house to pull out when you want to take a walk. She is still trying to find the balance between work and keeping a home and says she can only do it by the Grace of God, Coffee and Green Smoothies!

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