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With ITE hearing aids of all sizes (ITC, CIC), the round opening in the center of the headphones sits right over the hearing aid, allowing the hearing aid to pick up the music through the microphone.For IIC or extended wear hearing aids (such as the Lyric) it is easier to wear headphones with your hearing aids because the hearing aid is seated deep in the ear canal. This is an indicator that you either need to re-position the headphones or are unable to wear those headphones with your hearing aids.Noise cancelling or noise isolating headphones should be your primary choice.
The biggest problem with headphones is that people turn the volume up a lot higher than it needs to be primarily because of background noise (i.e.
Noise isolating and noise cancelling headphones help to remove the background noise so you don’t crank up the volume to dangerous levels.
Regardless, you should always use a simple sound volume meter app that tells you exactly how loud your music really is. You should aim to be lower than 85 dB if you are listening to music for an extended period of time.A Better Option for Listening to Music with Your Hearing AidsWith the improvement in hearing aid and wireless technology, hearing aids can now BECOME your headphones. There is no longer a need to figure out how to wear headphones over your hearing aids, or take your hearing aids out completely to listen to music with headphones.With wireless hearing aids, you can connect your Bluetooth iPod or iPhone directly to your hearing aid with no wires! This lets you listen to music through your hearing aids, just as if they were headphones themselves.

And the best part is, you’re already wearing your hearing aids so all you have to do is push play! I’m very fond of listening music but because of my hearing aid device, it wasn’t always possible. How are we able to get a company like this to sponsor or host a meeting for our organization where these young people can come together and learn about this technology that is available?Reply Lindsey Banks, Au.D. When I wear my corded headphones I get a lot of feedback unless I position slightly off my ear. I want to get him the Roger or the pen, would you recommend this for the truck or would it just be too noisy? I think what you are looking for is something that will wirelessly connect his hearing aids to the DVD player.
In that case, I would recommend the Phonak Roger that should be able to connect to the DVD player. Can I use the Seinheiser RS195 with this aid as it supposedly is suitable for people with hearing loss.

I would also consider a pair of bone conduction headphones as these are very helpful for people with unilateral hearing loss.Reply Rosalia butera saysDecember 1, 2015 at 1:09 pm Hi! As much as hearing aid companies research and develop products, one should be invented specifically for music. I cant wear Safety headphones ,because none fit without interfering with the Aids controls.
BTE hearing aids seem to cause the most problems for people that want to use headphones.Lots of times circum-aural (over the ear) headphones end up conflicting with the hearing aid. I am at my first pair of hearing aids because of a minor hearing loss, also cause of my tinnitus, they are BTE with non-blocking cups, also my glasses keeps the hearing aids comfortably in place. My question is this; Over-the-ear headphones with high noise cancellation tend to put a lot of pressure on the sides, and that is a problem for us wearing glasses.

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