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Author: admin, 16.12.2013
Morale sapper: Ashley Cole and Steven Gerrard are among the England players frequently seen wearing headphones.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When I Skype or voice chat with anyone, using any voice chat program, they say they can a hear a ring or buzzing coming from my microphone. In that case, I would invest in a headset, or if you have ear buds that you use with a cellphone, etc.

Browse other questions tagged windows-vista drivers microphone noise or ask your own question. I sometimes can fix the ring by changing the settings in my control panel, but then my voice starts sounding like a chipmunk (though the ringing leaves).
A PC is filled with high-voltage circuits, and an onboard sound chip generally doesn't filter it out, in my experience. The inbuilt microphone is susceptible to the many radio frequencies going back and forth inside your laptop.

I'm attributing this problem to a bad driver, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows how I could fix this issue; installing a new driver, updating my existing driver, etc? I used to record music direct to HD on an IBM Thinkpad, and I could discern a high-pitched chirp every now and then from the drive itself.

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