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TweetHere are some hearing loss solutions to help hearing aid wearers keep their active lifestyles. If you're accustomed to living an active lifestyle and enjoy things like kayaking, hiking and rock climbing, hearing loss does not need to get in the way of your passions.
You can buy a hearing aid cover that ranges from sweatband material to water resistant spandex. Additionally, there is a new technology called Nanoblock that has a specialized coating to protect against earwax, oil from the skin, moisture and sweat. If you live an active lifestyle, you should also consider buying waterproof protective cases, like this one from Pelican, and a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier.
MELECIA Duncan Parkes always thought her son was just a slow learner, as she never once thought he had a problem which could be affecting his ability to learn. The eight-year-old now needs hearing aid but Duncan said she is unable to afford the $135,300 that it costs. Duncan Parkes, a practical nurse, said she is desperate to get her son the help he needs, but is unable to do so as she is currently unemployed.
Duncan Parkes said she is appealing to Jamaica for assistance to get her son the required help. Parkes said although her son is unable to hear from one ear, he is still a very active child. Tone hooksTone hooks that are made to fit adult ears are usually too wide or too long for babies.

Toupee TapeToupee or wig tape can help hold the hearing aids in place behind the baby's ears. Eyeglass BandsEyeglass or sunglass cords can be attached around the tone hook of a hearing aid. Before doing anything else, it is important to find out if there are any problems with the hearing aids that might cause your baby to pull them out.
Loss and Damage Warranties Most hearing aid manufacturers offer extended loss and damage warranties when the hearing aid is purchased.
Dental Floss and Fishing Line - Dental floss tied to a safety pin may not be as colorful as the above choices, but it can give the same security. Whistling or feedback starts when sound leaks out around the earmold and travels back into the hearing aid microphone. Foam Earmolds - One manufacturer, Hearing Components, has a disposable foam earmold that can help with feedback.
Ointments & Creams - Water-based lubricants or Silicone-based creams are made to help with earmold fit. Remote Microphones - In special cases where feedback is a problem that cannot be fixed, a separate microphone from an FM system can be used.
If your child starts to pull his hearing aids out a lot, one answer to the problem is to put the hearing aids on during times when there is direct contact and communication between your baby and you.
When toddlers start to be more independent they sometimes use their hearing aids as a power struggle with their parents.

Also, one in three people reported having to change their routine on days when there could be rain, and the majority of hearing aid wearers reported that they take off their hearing aids for bathing or swimming.
You might also want to consider purchasing hearing aid insurance for your active lifestyle.
It was only when he was about to start primary school that he was diagnosed as being deaf in one ear.
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So whether you want to take a jog, work in the garden or go mountain biking, covers and sleeves can offer a good option for keeping your hearing aids dry and grime-free.
Some comments may be republished on the website or in the newspaper – email addresses will not be published. Catarina Rivera, a young adult with Usher Syndrome, which affects both hearing and vision, reports in her blog that her audiologist recommended highly water resistant behind-the-ear hearing aids so she can go canoeing frequently and not have to remove her hearing aids.

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