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Author: admin, 12.08.2015
All students at DePaul School receive intensive individual speech therapy as part of their educational program. DANVILLE — When Wray Ware of Mount Hermon returned home from the hospital after having a stroke in 2010, he couldn’t read or spell simple words.
The stroke affected the part of his brain that controls long-term memory, including the ability to recognize language.
To help with his recovery, Ware turned to Danville Speech and Hearing Center and executive director Betty Marshall. Now, a year later, Ware’s word recognition and comprehension have improved to the point that he can read newspaper headlines and short stories.
Elizabeth Turpin’s 9-year-old daughter Olivia has been going to Danville Speech and Hearing Center about four years. Olivia had an articulation disorder when she began kindergarten and had trouble pronouncing “ph” and “sh” sounds. In addition, she sometimes mixed up words, saying “mower lawn” for “lawnmower,” said her mother. Olivia, now in the third grade at Southside Elementary School, goes to speech therapy once a week. Olivia is an honor roll student, added her mom, who highly recommends Danville Speech and Hearing Center. Her mother, Ruby Hamlett of Danville, began “swallow therapy” after food began entering her lungs and caused infection and severe coughing.
Home therapy helped strengthen her throat muscles, and Hamlett was eventually able to remove the feeding tube.

Many more also sing the praises of Danville Speech and Hearing Center, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Started in 1961 as a community project by Danville Jaycees, the center has helped more than 5,000 adults and children over the past five decades.
The center provides in-office and homebound screening, therapy and treatment for a variety of speech, hearing, and language disorders. Screenings at childcare centers and preschools help identify early problems with hearing, speech and language.
In addition to Marshall, the nationally certified center employs one other speech pathologist, Renee Arnn of Dry Fork. Other employees include office manager Tonya Pleasant, part-time office assistant Dana Hardy and part-time insurance clerk Joann Whitlow.
A not-for-profit organization, the center is a United Way partner but is largely self-supporting.
The center also receives funding from the Womack Foundation and Community Foundation of the Dan River Region as well as memorial gifts. This program has been submitted for approval of 5.45 clock hours of continuing education credit by the Texas Speech?Language?Hearing Association (TSHA). Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) at DePaul work closely with Audiologists, Certified Teachers of the Deaf and parents to provide a customized educational program for each child.  SLPs focus on a variety of skills including production of speech sounds, auditory discrimination, language comprehension and use, natural voice patterns, listening in noise and social communication skills.
Her articulation disorder has been resolved, but she’s still working on the language problem.
TSHA approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products, or clinical procedures.

McCauley has authored or edited 5 books dealing with a variety of children’s communication disorders, including language disorders, stuttering, and ASD. She is co-author (with Edythe Strand) of the Dynamic Evaluation of Motor Speech Skill, a test useful for differential diagnosis of children with severe speech sound disorders, including CAS, and has begun work with Brazilian colleagues to develop an analogous test for Brazilian Portuguese.
We celebrate the thousands of speech-language pathologists around the world for their commitment to improve the lives of many. We also celebrate the thousands of parents of children with communication difficulties for their endless and tireless efforts in their children’s communication. Most of all we celebrate and applaud everyone in the path for improving their own communication skills.This month professionals, parents, and companies must also increase efforts in raising awareness of communication disorders. We plan on organizing contests, app giveaways, sharing information about communications disorders, and making our apps more accessible to everyone.Smarty Ears has participated on many BHSM campaigns these past few years. Make sure to join our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram ( You will love our Instagram photos). You may also want to share with parents and colleagues that we offer a lot of free materials on our website, including free homework sheets, and certificate templates. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Smarty Ears was the first company to create apps geared towards speech therapy for mobile devices.

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