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Author: admin, 26.01.2016
Even with the improvements that the VA is making in their claims processing and healthcare programs, some VA needs are not being met.
If these same Veterans complained of chest pain or breathing issues, they would be treated at the VA hospital within a matter of minutes.
Not every school fits every person, so it is imperative that you find one that meets your needs. Those who have served, past and present, should make informed decisions when it comes to borrowing money. Employers throughout the country and around the world value your military service for reasons you already know- those who serve learn quickly, know technology, understand teamwork, and have a work ethic second to none.
If you’re a Veteran friendly school that goes above and beyond for your Veteran students, you could be deserving of recognition for doing so. While these needs have been deemed “not critical to the immediate survival” of Veterans, they are still necessary for the Veteran’s quality of life.

Many Veterans, especially Veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, wait six months or longer for appointments with VA audiologists. If a specialist was not available in a timely manner, other trained healthcare professionals would be allowed to tend to the Veteran in need. 3508 has the support of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the International Hearing Society, VetsFirst, Blinded Veterans Association, and American Veterans (AMVETS). You will also receive our Newsletters featuring Jobs, Schools, Public Service Announcements and Special discounts for you.
We are pleased to offer multiple resources that will assist you in making an informed decision regarding your educational needs.
Your military service entitles you to a number of benefits, among them the ability to purchase a home while taking advantage of the VA’s no-down payment home loan program. Some Veterans choose to pay out of pocket and go to private audiologists to get hearing aids in a matter of days.

If such measures can be taken in more critical matters, why aren’t exceptions made in other necessary areas? The bill proposes an adjustment in the requirements for those who prescribe  hearing aids to Veterans.
3508 will require that hearing aid issuers have associates degrees from VA approved institutions, and complete apprenticeships from VA approved programs. The bill also calls for the VA to submit yearly reports to Congress on the timely distribution of hearing aids to Veterans.

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