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To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Millions of people around the world are exposed every day to deafening noises - from explosions to the loud sounds associated with working in construction and airline jobs - and are at risk of losing their hearing.
The sound damages nerves that stimulate the cochlea, a tiny snail-shaped structure inside the ear that transmits audio signals to the brain.
Amnesty International says almost a dozen children, including babies, have died this year in squalid conditions at a military detention center used to hold suspected Boko Haram militants. When roads are blocked by floods, landslides or hostile checkpoints, often the only way to get vital medicine and supplies to remote areas is by air.
Nigeria has pledged to crack down on armed nomadic herders accused of a series of brutal raids against communities across the country.
Donald Trump — the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — has some tough talk for U.S.
Discarded plastic bottles are piling up around the world despite recycling efforts, and people are coming up with new and creative ways of using them. A year ago, Turkey's biggest city in the predominately Kurdish region, Diyarbakir, was hoping to cash in on a wave of tourists attracted to its rich history and legacy of multiculturalism.
Rescue workers in Nairobi continue to dig through the rubble of a building that collapsed more than a week ago. Conservative advocates of providing nuclear weapons to America's closest Asian military allies could move from the political fringes to the mainstream if Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States. B12cyanocobalaminmoreVitamins are not foods, so instead of vitamins and minerals on a label, you should be looking for the names of foods and herbs on the label.
VITAMIN B COMPLEX DEFICIENCY:MAJOR CAUSESVitamin B complex comprises a number of vitamins that exist as a family. DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS?Once your body has been deprived of the vitamin B complex due to reasons stated above, it begins to show symptoms (signs) of altered, diminished or poor health.
Stumbled upon your site while searching for information abouit vitamin d dysreguiation and was so impressed that I had to tell you so. These conditions rarely regress on conventional medical treatments, so to achieve this degree of success is a medical miracle. Like Charles’s doctor, I was stumped by this at first, but then I thought to look up some other case reports of patients who benefited from super-normal 25OHD.
Not long ago I did a post on the characteristic pattern of vitamin D dysregulation in chronic infections. Infections making cell membranes leaky to 1,25D, causing it to spill out of cells into the blood, thus reducing activation of the nuclear membrane’s vitamin D receptor (VDR).
Infections obstructing or downregulating the VDR, causing the body to attempt to upregulate VDR activation by increasing conversion of 25OHD to 1,25D. Inventing ways to block the VDR or move 1,25D out of the cell would be fitness-enhancing mutations for bacteria or viruses, since activation of the VDR triggers production of antimicrobial peptides that are central to intracellular immunity. Yet whereas healthy younger people would experience toxicity at Charles’s vitamin D dose or 25OHD level, Charles’s health improves. Let’s consider a few other cases where super-physiological 25OHD levels have cured diseases.
Here’s a sample case report of the recovery of an autistic child, from the January 2010 newsletter.
At age 2.5 years, between December 2007 and January 2008, my son experienced a fairly dramatic onset of symptoms that led to his diagnosis of autism…. Neither the DAN Doctor nor our pediatrician would write a prescription for a therapy light, so we purchased one on our own and found it made no discernible impact on his symptoms.
Knowing that Nov–March are typically his worst months, we reduced the dosage down only to 3,000 iu from October through mid-December. Is it just a coincidence that Charles and the autistic child experienced a normalization of health at the same 25OHD level? Let’s step back for a moment and think about what would cause health to normalize with super-normal 25OHD.
By how much?  In many cells, there seems to be a nearly equal balance between 25OHD and 1,25D activation of the VDR. If the higher activity of 1,25D is almost precisely balanced by its lower abundance, then a cell’s loss of ability to make 1,25D will cut VDR activation in half. One nice thing about diseases caused by a single genetic defect is that they are easily reproduced in animals. CYP27B1 knockout mice are growth retarded, hypocalcemic, and have poor bone mineralization. Other insights into inadequate 1,25D production have been obtained through mice deficient in vitamin D receptors. VDR mutant mice have growth retardation, osteoporosis, kyphosis, skin thickening and wrinkling, alopecia, ectopic calcification, progressive loss of hearing and balance as well as short lifespan. While no one has assessed afflicted [with PDDR] children for signs of autism, these children clearly display autistic markers such as hypotonia (flabby muscles), decreased activity, developmental motor delay, listlessness, and failure to thrive. Similarly, what about the conditions Charles suffered from?  Tooth loss, bone mineral deficiencies, and scoliosis are all classic manifestations of rickets, and vitamin D deficiency is a known risk factor for high blood pressure and for arterial hardening. Whatever the mechanism of CYP27B1 loss-of-function may be, it appears that doubling 25OHD levels remedies much of the loss-of-function within a few weeks. It might not be amiss for elderly patients and autistic children with symptoms of vitamin D deficiency to experiment with raising 25OHD to twice normal levels.
In that case, following Charles’s protocol and raising 25OHD in the elderly might significantly extend lifespans.
I have allways wondered what would be the outcome on my Hashimoto with a high dose of vitamin D, since this is another disease where people tend to have a low 25OHD and gene polymorphisms on Vitamin D receptor (Pubmed 16721822, 18279374 and 10905383).
We need more brave souls to be guinea pigs and teach us which diseases benefit from high-dose D! If indeed there’s a pathogen that shuts down CYP27B1 expression, it would be great to know what it is. The lack of people supplementing D at high doses until recently means we don’t have much clinical data.
In the meantime, supplementing with Vitamin D and eating a Paleo diet my WBC is trending downward, a good sign. Hypothyroid children have higher serum levels of both calcium and 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3, while having lower levels of osteocalcin (Lauffer et al, 1993; Verrotti et al, 1998), while the opposite is reported in hyperthyroidism (Saggese et al, 1990).

The positive effects seen may be due to its immunosoppressive activity but in the long term it can promote infections. Reading up on the Marshall protocol brought to mind your discussion of the role of intracellular pathogens in chronic disease and that there’s a time and place for selective use of antibiotics in recovery. My main objections to the Marshall protocol are (1) I believe the 25OHD levels they target are too low and suppress immunity, and (2) I don’t believe their computer model evidence that the drug Benicar is a better ligand for the Vitamin D receptor than natural 25OHD. I was about to begin a total elimination diet with my daughter because of what I thought might be food sensitivities (salicylates and oxalates) when she developed a strep infection.
Our family physician suggested that because she is high functioning AS that anxiety might be the cause and suggested anti-anxiety and tic medication. Katie has tested positive for bartonella and indeterminate for lyme (IgG indeterminate bands 34, 39, 2+ band 41) through Igenex. We have eliminated all processed sugar, oils and grains, except for some white rice, eat lots of pastured ghee and butter, vegetables, eggs (Katie gets only the yolk) and grassfed meat when I can get it. Intermittent fasting and a modest amount of coconut oil (2 tbsp per day during the fast) may also help.
I am assuming those are good antibiotics for bartonella, I haven’t looked into which drugs are best. Don’t let her be taken off antibiotics too quickly, it takes a long time to clear these infections. 7,000 to 10,000 IU is OK for a few weeks to restore vitamin D from deficient conditions, but for routine supplementation you should cut it back to under 4,000 IU. So I would definitely find a combination of these that relieves insomnia and makes you feel better, but try to do it in the safest possible way, using K2, A, and melatonin along with D to make an optimal combination. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me. Her psychiatrist prescribed 4 x 20,000u Dekristol capsules over two days then one each week, plus iron. She also has other supplements from the nutritionist but Vitamin D seems to be in the spotlight currently. It is difficult to know what is appropriate to supplement without blood tests to know status.
As Chris Masterjohn has discussed, vitamin A and vitamin K2 are antidotes to D toxicity, so it would be good to supplement K2 and get extra A (feed her lots of chicken liver). I think she should try to normalize these nutrients, get on a healthy diet, treat any hypothyroidism, do healthy lifestyle steps like the circadian rhythm strategies discussed in our book, and then revisit the depression and anxiety. My personal preference is normally to avoid the pharmaceutical drugs like SSRIs until healthy dietary and lifestyle steps have been fully implemented. Now, researchers say a vitamin supplement may prevent the nerve damage responsible for that loss - even after exposure to the deafening noise.
It's the latest in a series of accusations made by the human rights group against the Nigerian military. More than 20 percent of the plants known to science are facing extinction because more and more of their habitat is being used for agriculture and urbanization. As the cost of living continues to rise and the economy slows, some are considering returning home to look for work. Almost everything and anything that is made in China can be found and purchased in the city.
But the collapse of a cease-fire last July between Kurdish rebels and the government led to violence, dashing hopes for the city's economic revival.
VOA’s Brian Padden reports from Seoul that comments made by the presumptive Republican Party nominee about disengaging from Asia have raised doubts about the U.S.
Local officials say those carrying the right papers, and those who are injured, are allowed through — but Ankara says it is under pressure to tighten controls following the recent migrant deal with Europe. Don’t be fooled by high milligrams, high potency, standardization or any other such terms that just do not apply to real foods from nature. This is because the vitamin B complex (within foods, not vitamin pills) is responsible for such a wide variety of activities, including cellular differentiation, transmission of nerve electricity, health of nerve cells, heart pulse rate, muscular contraction, digestion, brain function, thought processes and energy production.
You gave me a much more comprehensive insight into some of vitamin D’s ecosystem that I had never imagined might be the case. When I retired 15 years ago as a consulting psychologist I moved from the San Francisco Bay area to the Seattle area to be close to my son. My Google research led me to a curcumin program a while back and that has brought back my original dark brown hair color, and recently I found that I now longer had to get up to go to the bathroom every night(as has been the case for years). In chronic infectious diseases, low 25OHD is often found with elevated levels of the more active metabolite 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25D). Since bacteria evolve a lot faster than humans, it should be no surprise that pathogens have been able to evolve these capabilities. In their diseases, “normal” 25OHD levels are associated with impaired health, while unnaturally high 25OHD levels normalize health. Charles, please be sure to supplement vitamin K2, preferably a mix of MK-4 and MK-7 forms, along with your D.
The teacher had marked cards with the following code (1=age appropriate, 2=developing, 3=area of concern). And that in both cases, the normalization occurs after a few weeks of high-dose vitamin D supplementation? Finally, his recovery of hair color might be a result of restored vitamin D function:  the VDR promotes hair cycling.
Pathogens have evolved ways to interfere with other human proteins in order to suppress the immune response.
What if the main cause of aging is not the decay of mitochondria in general, but a specific decay in their support for 1,25D formation in the mitochondrial inner membrane? Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels are elevated in South Indian patients with ischemic heart disease. Some enterprising scientist should collect Charles’s blood and measure CYP27B1 expression. So, I thought you would be a good resource for putting the Marshall protocol into perspective.
It is summertime, she should get midday sun exposure whenever she can and let it go at that. I found cholestyramine extremely effective, but charcoal, bentonite clay, or chlorella can also be used.

I eat between 2 and 3 egg yolks daily depending on my activity levels and I also consume about an 1 oz. If the 160,000 IU she took created an excess, she might need to avoid vitamin D supplementation for up to 2 months to clear the D.
It’s also possible that vitamin A was depleted, A partners with both vitamin D and with thyroid hormone so an excess of D might deprive thyroid hormone of vitamin A.
But, you will have to use your judgment, with advice from your doctors, to decide how to proceed in regard to drugs from here. The Nigerian government denies the allegations, and says it is succeeding in its fight against Boko Haram.
He already wants to force Mexico to pay for a border wall and is threatening to impose huge tariffs on Chinese imports to offset America's record $366 billion trade deficit with China.
VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports the installation aims to promote art, health and environmental protection. As worries persist about the Chinese economy and the possibility it could see a hard landing, sellers in the mountainside city of commerce say they are feeling the pain, but also finding ways to weather the storm. In response to the tragedy, the government has begun demolishing other condemned buildings.
As Henry Ridgwell reports, the restrictions have divided families trying to flee the civil war in Syria. Then I got so caught up in using the computer to follow a range of interests that I seldom got out of doors — and the latitude here limits the D I could get from sunlight anyway — and I get virtually no vitamin D from my diet since I am allergic to seafood.
John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council is the most prolific writer on the subject of vitamin D, and in his newsletter has collected a number of reports of diseases being cured by pharmacologic doses of vitamin D. Our son received 1s in all areas with the exception of hopping on one foot and balance beam where he received 2s. Osteoporosis is a familiar symptom of aging, as is loss of muscle, wrinkled skin, hardening of the arteries and stiffening of joints (“ectopic calcification”), loss of hearing and balance, and – approaching death. I still had more pre-cancerous cells but is was decided to keep me on 6 monthly checks – mammograms and MRI scans. So your Nov 2011 levels were what would normally be regarded as optimal, and the new results as very high.
I also forgot to mention that I have secondary amenorrhea (over 3 years) despite all tests coming back normal. Because many people have reported taking their D3 supplements later in the day and then having insomnia!
The upshot was that as I moved into my 80’s I was confronted with a variety of physical changes that that I now think were due to severe vitamin D deficiency. More importantly, the AMD I have in both eyes is gradually reversing to the point where I no longer am a member of the enlarged print gang.
In August his level was 37, so we started him on 5,000 iu daily [PJ: Since vitamin D needs scale by body weight and this is a young child, this is a very high dose – comparable to Charles’s 15,000 IU] and had his level retested on October 21st.
We were told that he is on par with or ahead of his peers in all areas (academic, fine motor, etc.), and that his teacher had noted no unusual symptoms or concerns.
The “mitochondrial theory of aging” holds that mitochondrial decay is the primary cause of aging.
Until I am able to ship a supplement in I am relying on fermented foods – in particular kefir, grunkohl and sauerkraut.
I did this slowly – but as soon as I went under 7,000 IU per day my insomnia immediately returned.
The need for extra D could be due to genetic mutations in the vitamin D creation or degradation enzymes, or could be due to interference by an infectious pathogen in those processes. The gynecologist wants to start me on oestrogen tablets to see if that will help get my cycle back.
So make sure you take your D3 early in the day, preferably with breakfast along with some fat to aid absorption. Three or four teeth just crumbled over a period of a month or so, I developed adult scoliosis, and my blood pressure (always a bit high) went out of control, hitting the 190’s and low 200’s. Perhaps in elderly people suffering from mitochondrial dysfunction, CYP27B1 does not operate properly.
Also make sure you get enough Vitamin K2 and Magnesium to balance the vitamin D in the body, Magnesium is very important! I refused blood pressure pills since I had previously been damaged by them, and instead began taking increasing amounts of vitamin D. I personally take 8,000 IU’s of D3 a day, along with 400mg of Magnesium Citrate and a K2 supplement. I have begun taking all the basic supplements at the doses specified by you, I also still follow the diet guidelines from your book. He says that the lack of menses is not at all dangerous or likely to effect my health or fertility. To get D3 serum levels back to a safer range, would it be best to avoid supplementation for a short time or simply lower the dose to what you originally specified?
Three months ago my vitamin D level was measured as part of a yearly physical exam, and when my doctor found that my NgL level was 92 he said that he had never seen one that high and asked me to cut my intake to 10,000 units for starters. After reading your post – I wanted to check with you to see if what I am doing is OK. My GP was not concerned at all by my vitamin D results and said that I was in the healthy normal range.
By the way, many have reported taking their Mangesium just before bed and it helping them sleep, so if you want, you can experiment with taking 400mg of Magnesium Citrate before bed.
I had tried to do that three times previously, and my blood pressure went back up the first two times and the third time my face began to swell. This fourth time didn’t work either, with my blood pressure going up after a few days of starting. But, as opposed to my three earlier tries, when blood pressure was back to my normal in a week, this time it took a six weeks before the blood pressure came down again. So the enigma that I have has to do with this weird relationship between my vitamin D “requirement” and my blood pressure.

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