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Author: admin, 31.10.2015
Andrea Boidman of the Hearing Health Foundation discusses their innovative project focused on curing hearing loss within the next 10 years.Used With Permission From Susan Blond, Inc.
Hearing loss is as common in the music industry as is the talent that creates the music and the fans who enjoy it.
Marian: Let’s start by talking about hearing loss itself and what people do to contribute to the loss of their own hearing.
Andrea Boidman: “Most types of hearing loss are acquired rather than genetic - and as people age, hearing loss becomes more common.
Marian: Tell me about the concept behind the Hearing Restoration Project and what was a catalyst for bringing leading hearing loss research and specialists together? Andrea Boidman: “As I mentioned, once hair cells in people are damaged, hearing loss is permanent. Marian: What are the projects and tools you are using to research a cure for hearing loss and specifically what are your leads and findings to date? Marian: What are some simple preventive measure music fans and the public in general should do to protect their hearing? Block the noise by wearing earplugs or protective earmuffs, like those used by airport or lawn service workers. Marian: Specifically for music fans and listeners can you describe what loud music, a concert or headphones due to damage hearing and explain why the ringing in our ears occur during or after a concert? Marian: How long does it take the human body to restore or repair the damage done if it is only temporary?
Marian: What would be some of the techniques for curing hearing loss and would it be something affordable for the general population?
Andrea Boidman: “We are, unfortunately, too early in our research to speculate what the drug might be.

Andrea Boidman: “There are so many amazing people who have helped make hearing loss and regeneration my personal mission. Marian TuinPop Music ExaminerMarian's passion for music drives her commitment to quality coverage of the best and brightest artists in the music industry today.
AXS Exclusive: Arthur Hanlon on how he is redefining the stereotype pianistAiajero is the new album by Arthur Hanlon, his first for Sony Music Latin.
For years, experts have told you that if you want to look and feel younger, you must resort to surgeries, creams, or expensive vitamins.
Jorge Cruise is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of over 20 diet and fitness books in over 16 languages.
There is new research supporting the hopes of 50 million American men: they might be able to get their hair back. Researchers originally thought that men who were balding must have fewer of the necessary stem cells that produce hair.
Scientists say, with those stem cells in the scalp already, all that needs to happen is to get those cells to produce the secondary cells that produce hair. An estimated $3.5 billion is already spent on hopes for new hair such as Rogaine and Hair Club for Men. This is no surprise, considering a man has a 50 percent chance of experiencing hair loss by his 50th birthday.
However, some men are comfortable sporting their bald heads, and would rather not front the costs of new hair products.
He was so prideful of his bald style that he said if he could chose any celebrity's hair to be his own, he would pick Yul Brynner who is of course also bald. Hair loss affects American women significantly less than it does American men, with only 20 million women suffering from it.

It affects nearly everyone involved whether they are the people creating, producing, listening or serving the drinks during a live set. As a seasoned music journalist with years of experience her portfolio includes interviews with some of the top music performers, as well as coverage of some of the most exclusive concerts and previews of the most coveted album releases. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. They were stunned to learn that the number of cells in bald men was actually the same as in men with full heads of hair.
This study only involved male hair loss, but sometime in the future scientists hope it could work for women as well.
Oz Show, Steve Harvey, Good Morning America, the Today show, The Rachael Ray Show, Huffington Post, First for Women Magazine, and the Costco Connection. I recently sat down with Andrea Boidman of the Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) to discuss how this ailment affects the population and how it is, by and large, entirely self-induced and preventable. Together with the top scientists in the field and federal funding the HHF have joined forces in hopes of treating and curing hearing loss within the next ten years. It includes more than 300 options customized for carb lovers, chicken and seafood fans, meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians.

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