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Chicago Hearing Services strives to provide pertinent education to musicians about hearing loss prevention as well as providing them with exceptional products. Custom musician earplugs can be used either for touring and hobby playing musicians, stage crew, factory workers, dentists, and many other occupations where noise exposure is high. Custom in-ear monitors that are made with silicone provide the best isolation and comfort for the user. In-ear monitors are not only used for touring musicians, but also are great for runners, athletes and sound enthusiasts. ReSound Versoa„? hearing aids (the Receiver in Ear model is shown above) give an exceptional surround sound experience and strong and clear wireless connections to TV, stereos, computers and cell phones using ReSound Unitea„? accessories (shown below). Hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers in a variety of sizes and shapes, from instruments that fit behind the ear to instruments that fit within the ear canal. Digital hearing aids are adjusted via a computer connection, provide the most flexibility, allowing the audiologist to custom fit the response of the device to a specific hearing loss. Hearing aids have developed from "clunky ear prosthetics" to amazingly sophisticated devices that can be both comfortable and virtually invisible! After we provide you with our recommendations to help you hear better and answer your questions, we'll provide you with information the latest, most comfortable hearing aids available.
It's important to us that you know that hearing aids are a lot different than they were even five years ago. RM instruments utilize Remote Microphone Technology and combine the discrete fitting and natural sound advantages of invisible in the canal hearing aids with the comfort and maximum wind noise suppression of open-fit hearing instruments.
These instruments sit behind the ear and have a tube that connects the instrument to a custom made mold that fits in the ear.
What often keeps people from reconnecting with conversations and the other sounds of life they have been missing out on is a concern that they can't afford hearing aids.
We offer the latest hearing aid technology provided by the leading manufacturers to improve your hearing. We are a full service hearing facility offering adults & pediatrics hearing devices and audiology services. It is our hope and desire that you will take the necessary steps to do something about your hearing loss as soon as possible.
Now your phone calls, favorite music, mobile and computer video podcasts, TV, live performances and presentations can be streamed into your hearing devices via Oticon's ConnectLine Streamer Pro.
For over 30 years, our Doctors of Audiology have continued to strive to improve the quality of life for those in need of hearing health care. Proudly serving Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Bedford, Euless, Irving and surrounding communities. Deafness or hearing impairment resulting from prolonged exposure to loud noise is most frequently associated with industrial workplaces, construction, engineering, manufacturing, airports etc.
There is no cure for NIHL, but the use of modern individually moulded ear plugs is now becoming standard practice both for prevention of any hearing loss and for listening comfort. We also provide a Complete Hearing Health Care Package at no additional cost with the purchase of a hearing aid*.
We are proud to be able to offer financing through a stable and experienced companies like Wells Fargo and Care Credit. When you come in for your hearing test, our first step is to discuss any hearing concerns you may have. If we do determine that you have a hearing loss, we will talk with you about our findings and ask you more questions about your lifestyle and interests. Tympanometry is a diagnostic test to assess the fuction of the middle ear system.This test is performed by inserting a tympanometer probe in the ear canal. Fit your hearing aids to each ear to ensure that you can hear clearly and wear them comfortably.

We fit all hearing aids using Real Ear Measures because we feel this method is key to making sure your hearing aids are processing sound to optimally benefit your hearing loss.
Hearing Aids are sophisticated and delicate instruments that need good care and regular maintenance to work properly. Provide an affordable, on-going maintenance program so that we can clean any accumulated moisture and earwax from your hearing aids and check them to make sure they are providing you with the best possible hearing clarity and comfort. After you make an investment in your hearing aids, you'll want to keep them in good working order to make sure you're always hearing as clearly as possible.
Like many electronic devices, hearing instruments are sensitive to moisture and their circuitry may, on occasion, be in need of a little more maintenance than a routine cleaning.
Click here to visit our Hearing Aid Care section to learn more about keeping your hearing aids working their best! ReSound Aleraa„? hearing aids give an exceptional surround sound experience and strong and clear wireless connections to TV, stereos, computers and cell phones using ReSound Unitea„? accessories. Digital Hearing Aids are adjusted via a computer connection, provide the most flexibility, allowing the audiologist to custom fit the response of the device to a specific hearing loss.
After we provide you with our recommendations to help you hear better and answer your questions, we'll provide you with information the latest, most comfortable, hearing aids available. We dispense a variety of hearing instruments, including entry level to premium level digital, from leading manufacturers such as Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Starkey, and Widex, to ensure that we are able to provide our patients with the most options and benefits. Musician’s plugs (left) are custom fit earplugs that are useful for musicians and music enthusiasts.
Swimplugs (right) are custom fit earplugs designed to keep the water out of your ear canals while swimming or showering.
If you are interested in custom hearing protection, please make an appointment with an Audiologist by calling (800) 437 - 5430. Being an educated and well informed consumer will allow clients to protect their hearing for many years. Other applications for these ear plugs might be for those involved in automobile racing, industrial workers, power tool hobbyists, construction workers, truck drivers, emergency vehicles .Using a passive filter and a silicone plug, clients are able to hear other coworkers, musicians, and the environment around them without hindering the sound quality and clarity they are expecting. Using superb sound quality, musicians are able to have a comfortable and safe environment without hindering performance.
Because of the silicone, athletes and runners are able to wear them without them having to worry about comfort and ease of use. Electronic circuitry has advanced significantly, allowing patients greater sound comfort and improved speech recognition in noisy situations. If you're picturing a really obvious instrument that sits on your ear and whistles, you're in for a very pleasant surprise!
If you like to attend the theater, eat in restaurants, have a family barbecue, go to a basketball game, run marathonsa€”we can work with you to find a hearing aid that fits YOUR lifestyle.
They are designed to sit deeply in the ear canal, which not only makes them nearly invisible but also places the microphone and speaker close to the eardrum, making the sound quality more natural.
The microphone has been moved to the outer ear and is connected to the hearing device by a thin-transparent tube. However, the receiver that delivers the sound processed by the hearing device is placed inside the ear canal, resulting in more natural sound.
We want to help you find a personalized hearing solution that improves your ability to hear without making a huge dent in your budget. The most important thing at Clear Tone Hearing Center is helping someone like you hear better and improve your quality of life.
We provide comprehensive and individual hearing health care, while building long-term relationships with our patients and their families based upon honesty, integrity, and respect.
The damaging effects of this kind of noise are also the most studied type of Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Both the Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card program and CareCredit Health Care Credit Card offers comprehensive range of financing options.
If your hearing loss goes untreated for too long your brain may permanently lose its ability to interpret sounds and hear normally. Then we look in your ears and perform a series of easy and painless tests to see what type of hearing loss you have, if any.
It's one of the most important things audiologists can do for their patients to ensure that we identify the hearing solution that is right for you.
The tympanometer changes the pressure in the ear, generates a pure tone, and measures the eardrum responses to the sound at different pressures. With Real Ear Measurement, we place a tiny microphone in your ear canal then we insert your hearing aid. These earplugs reduce the overall volume of the music to protect your hearing, but still preserve the natural sound quality of the music. These earmolds can also focus the sound down the ear canal, allowing the listener to reduce the volume.
Our experienced audiologists have worked with musicians and can help direct you to the best quality sounding in-ear monitor or musician earplugs. Please ask us if you have a question about a specific manufacturer or brand.A  We also offer an extensive complement of assistive listening devices with Bluetooth connectivity. This means you have the flexibility to receive treatment now and pay over time with financing. In addition, they help block excess noise from the environment, so the listener no longer has to increase the volume to hear the music over the external noise. She has very limited hearing and has had a lifetime of hearing problems so she requires exceptional care in selection and programming of her hearing aids.
Both of us found him extremely personable, knowledgeable and extraordinarily conscientious. The experienced audiologists will work with you to determine which filter level would best suit your needs. We will work with you to determine the very best solution for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Asking questions helps us to identify the best possible hearing solution for your unique needs! The results allow us to compare the sounds your hearing aids are emitting with your personal hearing prescription as based upon the results of your comprehensive hearing evaluation. If we do need to send your hearing aids to their manufacturer for repair, we can provide you with a set on loan to help keep you connected with your friends and family until your hearing devices are expertly repaired.
Vetter is passionate about protecting musicians, stage crew, and concert attendees hearing. At Clear Tone Hearing Center, we ensure you will receive top quality hearing instruments, personalized care, and extensive follow-up service. We can then fine-tune your hearing aids to give you the amplification you need at all frequencies. Some earplugs are solid plugs, while others have filters to allow normal sound levels to pass through while blocking dangerous noise levels.
She completed her 4th year externship at Sensaphonics in order specialize in her doctoral training in regards to musicians and hearing loss prevention. Vetter is a Sensaphonics Golden Circle Audiologist and a member of Sensaphonics Certified Audiologist Network.

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