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Hair cells are the sensory receptors located within the organ of Corti on a thin basilar membrane in the cochlea of the inner ear. Two years of interviews with the leading innovators in concert, theatre, and corporate production, all in one great book with a foreword by Bob McCarthy.
Here is a collection of assembled wisdom and experience that I believe will open up your mind to how you can expand your role in the audio professional network.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Noise induced hearing loss is a permanent hearing impairment resulting from prolonged exposure to high levels of noise. The audiogram shows hearing loss patterns (individual plots with labels along the right side) for white males at ages 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 years with 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40 years of cumulative noise exposure, respectively. Repeated and prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 dBA will damage the sensitive hair cells of the inner ear and possibly the hearing nerve.
The following electron microscope photos show a hair bundle on top of a healthy inner ear hair cell (left), and a sound-damaged hair bundle (right). Today, one in five teens suffer from some form of hearing loss, a 31% increase since the mid-90s. After my ear drum burst following an airline flight, I suffered a loss of hearing in one ear and had ringing in that ear for several weeks. While we can’t always prevent certain types of hearing damage, such as my ear drum bursting on that occasion, we definitely can prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss. If you or you child is continually exposed to loud noise over time, the symptoms of NIHL will appear gradually. The degree of hearing loss will increase over time as sounds may become distorted or muffled, eventually making it hard for the person to understand speech. For our kids, loud noise exposure often occurs at rock concerts and other types of recreational music and sporting events. If you have a girl, suggest that she simply keep her hair down covering her ears and no one else will notice the ear plugs. As damaging as rock concerts are to teens’ hearing, another huge problem is the high volume they listen to music through earbuds and headphones.

And make sure your kids aren’t sneaking earbuds into their ears while they go to sleep. Go for walks together as a family and enjoy the quiet and subtle sounds of birds and nature. While the statistics are scary, remember that knowledge is power and that Noise Induced Hearing Loss is completely preventable. Explain to your kids about the dangers of listening to loud music or games for extended periods of time and help them set limits.
We talk about noise induced hearing loss, common hearing loss myths, and what you need to know to stay healthy and protect your most valuable asset. One in 10 Americans has a hearing loss that affects his or her ability to understand normal speech. Over time, sounds may seem distorted or muffled, and it may become increasingly difficult to understand speech.
As NIHL progresses, the hearing loss may eventually spread to frequencies where human speech is pervasive…in the range of 500-3000 Hz.
For example, right-handed shooters tend to develop greater NIHL in the left ear, which is closer to the gun muzzle than the right ear.
These delicate structures can be damaged permanently by intense noise, such as an explosion or gunshot, or by continuous exposure to harmful noise over a period of time. Untreated hearing loss leads to serious negative lifestyle changes, which often effect family, friends, and others. To enhance your browsing experience, please upgrade to a more current browser such as Firefox, Safari or update to Internet Explorer 9. As the damage occurs slowly over time, the person with NIHL may not even realize what is happening.
While Tinnitus may subside over time, it can continue constantly or reoccur occasionally throughout your life.
But I admit… it might be difficult to convince your teens to wear earplugs when they head off to a rock concert. Their ears are continually attached to devices blasting out music, movies, TV or the sounds of violent games.

There is one type of headphone from Puro Sound Labs that limits the volume of their Child’s headphones to 85dB. The closer the sound source is to the delicate working of the inner ear, the more damage loud sound can do.
Without good attenuation, your child will crank up the volume to compensate for background noise.
The majority of damage to teens hearing is due to listening to loud music for extended periods of time. For true peace of mind, and to help get your kids on board, get them the Puro Sound BT2200 Studio Grade Children’s Bluetooth Headphones that limit the volume to a safe 85dB. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
We also discuss vertigo, motion sickness, how to calculate your noise exposure risk, hearing loss rehabilitation, adult stem cell transplant hearing loss, and other alternatives to hearing aids. Someone with NIHL may not be aware of their hearing loss, but a hearing test can divulge the problem and promote early treatment. About one third of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss likely developed NIHL from noise at work or leisure activities. Acoustic trauma can cause NIHL in only one ear, when a loud blast from an explosion affects the ear nearest the explosion. Their constant use of earbuds and headphones listening to music and playing games on their smart phones, computers and TVs actually brings a huge risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). We need to understand what it is, what the risks are, and how we can protect our children’s hearing from damage.
Noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards, and NIHL is the main concern in industrial, manufacturing, entertainment, and farming environments.
I was used to regularly attending rock concerts and felt like the ridiculously loud volume of the music was part of the experience.

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