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Patrick Paris, hearing instrument specialist for Hear Care Audiology, points out the location of the innovative hearing loop wire that runs the periphery of the sanctuary at St. FORT WAYNE — The induction hearing loop system, a new and innovative technology that assists those with hearing loss, has arrived in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.
Also known as T-coil, the telecoil is a small copper coil included in most hearing aids and cochlear implant processors.
The loop wire of the hearing loop system is typically installed on the floor around the periphery of a room but can be installed in the ceiling. Patrick Paris, hearing instrument specialist for Hear Care Audiology, and Sandy Riley, Hear Care marketing specialist and also a parishioner of St. Even though the system has only been in place for a few weeks, Pohlman says, “There are people who are already responding that they can hear so much better in church. TweetExercising with hearing loss InfographicReceiving adequate amounts of exercise every day is important, regardless of auditory impairment.
Whether its the breaststroke, butterfly or doggy paddle, swimming is an excellent source of exercise that keeps the blood pumping and your heart thumping. Even if they are water-resistant, odds are a little water can be extremely harmful to your hearing aids. Going for a 30-minute bike ride is always a great way to provide your lungs with a breath of fresh air while improving your blood circulation. If you don’t have a bike and can’t find a pool, walking is always a dependable form of exercise that is just as suitable in meeting your physical activity requirements. The UK P&I Club PEME Programme provides an enhanced medical screening service for all crew. Over the last ten years, the incidence of hearing defects as the main reason for failure has increased by 40%.Hearing defects are now the third main cause of PEME failure. Typically, crew with poor audiometry results also display signs of mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss. Originally designed to boost telephone handset signals, it functions as a wireless antenna, linking into a sound system, and is activated by a t-switch on the hearing aid. Jude, reports that the idea of the loop system had been discussed previously in response to the numerous requests by parishioners to improve the acoustics in the church.

Jude as the first Catholic church in Fort Wayne to employ this technology and a forerunner in Mayor Tom Henry’s Loop Fort Wayne initiative to eventually loop city churches, civic and entertainment arenas and more. Jude Parish, met with parishioners to explain the loop system and answer questions after Masses on Oct.
Jude parishioner Randy Bandor is trying out a new high-tech hearing aid and said of the loop at Mass, “I heard excellent with it.
Jude pastor Father Jacob Runyon says of the system, “There are two real benefits to the system.
The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity throughout the day to ensure a healthy lifestyle. However, its an exercise that requires extreme attention to your surroundings to avoid accidents.
As with the other outdoor workouts, always keep an eye out for drivers and bikers passing by. As part of the PEME examination, crew are screened on all the major body organs and functions.
Seafarers working in engine rooms have a higher tendency to experience hearing disabilities.
It is the only diagnostic evaluation relevant to indicate noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).The screening is performed by an audiometric testing machine within a sound proof booth, which provides an accurate measure of any damage. A baseline audiometry test to be performed within six months of exposure for all seafarers.The test should ideally be performed when the seafarer has not been exposed to hazardous noise for at least 14 hours.
Seafarers exposed to higher noise levels may be required to attend training on the effects of loud noises on hearing, the purpose of audiometric testing and protective devices available to mitigate the effects of noise damage.
Jude Parish in Fort Wayne has installed the assistive listening device system that works in conjunction with telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants and can also be used with streamers and FM receiver devices. The sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant electromagnetically by the loop with no extra equipment save the telecoil. When paired with the loop system it can connect the listener directly to the sound source, eliminating background noise. First Presbyterian Church and Theater and Trinity English Church are currently looped and other possible venues include University of Saint Francis, the Embassy and the Foellinger Center.

Jude Parish, reports that Hear Care Audiology of Fort Wayne installed the loop around the pews on the floor of St. Here are a few tips for those with hearing loss to stay safe while partaking in your favorite exercises.
The biggest factor to remember before swimming is always take your hearing aids out before entering the pool to avoid damage to your devices. Try to bike in areas that have low traffic, such as designated cycling trails or countrysides.
Try walking in more secluded areas to avoid traffic, and its always a good idea to wear bright colors so people can easily spot you. Data collected from the medical examinations is regularly analysed and the results used for identifying trends in crew health. The Club has noted the largest group of seafarers who are affected by abnormal audiometry results work in engine rooms. This is especially true for crew who do not use precautionary measures High levels of ambient noise, typically above 85 dBA cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).The negative effects of such levels of noise and higher, depend upon individual physiology and the duration of exposure. The hearing loop works in conjunction with telecoil-equipped hearing aids and FM receiver devices to assist those with hearing loss. Jude,” says Pohlman, adding that after so many requests for hearing assistance, then-pastor Father Tom Shoemaker did some research and made the decision to install the hearing loop. The wire installed under the rubber carpet trim creates a sound field, explained Paris, which is transmitted to the T-coils of hearing aids or the FM receiver devices that use ear buds or headphones. Keep a rearview mirror on your bike so you can always be alert of any passing cyclists behind you. Jude has also purchased seven FM receivers for those in the congregation without hearing aids who would like to use the system using headphones.

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