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The production in our ears of the oily substance known as cerumen, or ear wax, is both a natural thing, and a beneficial one.
Do you find yourself asking people to speak up or repeat themselves more often than you used to? Do you turn up the volume on the television to the point where it disturbs your spouse or other family members?
People experiencing signs of hearing loss should contact us as soon as possible because hearing loss is something that should not be put off. The staff at Advanced Hearing Solutions have a variety of medical backgrounds which gives them the knowledge needed to help you find where you stand with your hearing and select the most up to date technology available. This wax coats the inner surface of our ear canals and protects the tiny hair follicles that vibrate when sound waves touch them, and thus help us to hear.

Shortly after obtaining her Master of Public Health degree, she began her career at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.
This fine coating of ear wax attracts and collects foreign particles that enter the ear, such as dirt and dust, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Juliette now lives in Europe, where she launched ServingMed(.)com, a small medical writing and editing business for health professionals all over the world. Ear wax also helps to protect the sensitive skin of the inner ear canal, especially when it is exposed to water when we shower, bathe, or go swimming. They can perform simple and painless test to determine whether your symptoms or hearing loss are related to an accumulation of ear wax. If this is the case, the buildup of ear wax can be easily removed, either in your doctor's office or at home.

The theory is that the heated air in the cone will melt the ear wax and it will be drawn up by the vacuum created by the fire into the cone and dissolved. These have been found in clinical trials not to work, and worse, pose the risk of serious injury.
Doctors and audiologists can use more specialized tools such as a small, spoon-shaped curette to remove the blockage, or use better forms of irrigation or suction to remove it.

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