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Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging Take Action Did you know that untreated age related hearing loss has been associated with physical and mental decline? Two of three adults over 70 years of age have a hearing loss that interferes with communication. Many things can affect your hearing such as a decline of physical hearing structures, ear wax, medical conditions, and infections. All newborns in Ontario have their hearing screened while they are still at the hospital, but some hearing losses can happen over time or as the result of illness, infection or the side effects of certain medications.
Three leading Canadian ophthalmologists weigh in on important questions regarding laser cataract surgery, the most common eye surgery.

Dry eye disease can be subdivided into two principal categories: tear deficiency and evaporative dry eye. Dry eye disease is not a condition that anybody should be putting to the back of his or her mind. Friends and family are getting tired of talking with you, despite your best efforts to understand what they have said.
Your audiologist can work with you to find the right strategies to get back your social and leisure activities which in turn will assist with improvements in your physical and mental function. Stargardts sufferer Brian McKeever is one of Canada’s most accomplished Paralympians.

Large population research studies, have confirmed that healthy aging depends on keeping socially engaged and active and your ability to hear and communicate is vitally linked to your social activities. An audiologist will test your hearing, work with you in finding solutions that are unique to your needs and coach you in finding ways to communicate more effectively in all situations.

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