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Author: admin, 23.01.2016
Often the only sign of 'glue ear' in the very young child is when they fail to start talking properly. If glue ear is not treated, these children may continue to have problems with talking, reading and writing. In a lot of cases it will clear up by itself but in severe cases treatment will involve making a small hole in the drum, usually under anaesthetic. Toddler hearing problems are generally divided into two categories: congenital and acquired.
Disorders-A disorder of the brain or nervous system or genetic hearing loss could be the cause.
Genetic syndromes-Certain syndromes, such as Down's or Ushers, could also be the cause of congenital hearing loss. Diseases-There are certain diseases, such as Menjere's disease, that can cause hearing loss as well.
While answering "yes" to any of these questions doesn't necessarily mean your child has a hearing problem, you may want to continue monitoring him or her and make an appointment with your pediatrician to discuss your concerns. I have always known how incredibly rewarding and useful Magda Gerber’s RIE parenting approach is for bringing up our children with the respect and peacefulness they deserve, but I never thought it would also help us to diagnose a potentially serious medical issue in our one year old daughter. When Penny was only four weeks old she was hospitalised with an undiagnosed condition which presented as a facial paralysis on her left side.
To confirm this, she underwent an MRI at eight months of age, along with a hearing and vision test. It was around the time of her MRI that I discovered Janet Lansbury’s blog which followed the philosophies of RIE parenting. Penny, on the other hand, never really got to the stage of needing distractions before we discovered RIE. Wanting to stay calm in my parenting and resist the use of distractions, I started being even more involving in the process of changing and dressing her. As the days went on, some cogs started turning in my head and following a conversation with a friend it suddenly dawned on me that the reason she was so objectionable when I used words only was that she couldn’t hear me! I organised an appointment with a specialist who confirmed that she had some impairment of the movement of her eardrums in both ears. This entry was posted in Parenting Peacefully and tagged Communicating with Babies, Hearing problems in babies, Infant learning, Milestones, Natural development, Respectful Parenting, RIE, Slowing Down Care Giving Moments on June 17, 2013 by peacefulparentsconfidentkids. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Tauranga babies who had their hearing tested at Tauranga Hospital are not among the 2000 babies around the country who have to have their hearing retested.
Up to 2000 babies across six health boards may have to return for another check after the Ministry of Health found problems in its national newborn screening programme. Bay of Plenty District Health Board CEO Phil Cammish says while there have been no problems identified in Tauranga, families of 542 babies screened at Whakatane Hospital have been contacted and advised to bring their babies in for second test.

He says there is a chance one part of the testing procedure used at Whakatane Hospital could have resulted in a potential for hearing loss to be missed.
About 55,000 newborn babies are screened through the programme from around 64,000 births a year. The Ministry of Health says similar issues around newborn screening have occurred overseas.
However, these problems are often picked up when the child has a hearing test at six months of age, and then just before starting school.
Therefore, it is important to go back to your doctor or health visitor and ask for another check up if you feel there may still be a problem. If hearing problems are evident in a toddler, speech and even social skills can be affected as well.
Congenital generally refers to hearing loss that was detected at birth, while acquired refers to any hearing loss that happens after birth. Ear infections could cause a temporary hearing loss, but infections that are left untreated could create permanent damage. Everything came back clear and normal and with much relief we went back to enjoying watching our baby blossom into a sweet, curious toddler who loved to interact but also loved to be left in her own solitude; happy to explore and experiment with just a couple of items she was provided with.
I have previously posted on how much this change in our parenting practises revolutionised our household and we were (and still are) so grateful to have been guided towards this approach. In my past year or so of reading I have noted that many RIE followers have confessed feelings of guilt for not finding it sooner.
On one particular day, she was ignoring my verbal requests to put her legs in her pants, so I picked up the pants and held them in front of her as she squirmed on the table, she immediately stopped and stuck her leg out. She now has a follow up test in a month’s time to confirm that there is an ongoing issue but he has reassured us that the signs she is displaying is more closely linked to blockages in the ear canal due to fluid build up rather than a central processing issue. Our aim is to share inspirational, everyday stories and tips with the hope to encourage you on your own respectful and peaceful parenting journey. The tube can become obstructed by adenoids at the back of the nose, the air cannot enter the middle ear, and the cavity fills with fluid.
Adenoids usually disappear at puberty and most children with glue ear do not need treatment after this time. If you are expecting a baby, ask your pediatrician if a hearing test is part of the routine screening process in your hospital.
Because children learn how to communicate with others by imitating those around them, those who have difficulty hearing may have delayed speech development. As the months went by, she hit every milestone bang on cue and sometimes even earlier than the guidelines. This was certainly true for us and we sometimes worried that it was too late for our oldest daughter who was about 18 months at that stage. She would ignore me when I asked her to lift her bottom at the nappy change or put her leg in the hole whilst getting dressed and instead squirm to roll over and sit up.
I was a little perplexed but proceded to dress her without a fight, each time holding up the article of clothing to her so she could see it before telling her what I needed her to do. Frequent ear infections is a common cause (of which she does suffer) and if it doesn’t clear itself, grommits can be inserted to drain the fluid and open the canals.

Although many pediatricians prefer to wait a few days before administering antibiotics, an ear infection that does not clear up in a few days could cause permanent hearing loss. Although a slight disfigurement of her face still remained, we became much less concerned about her growth and progress and quickly concluded that whatever it was that had impacted upon that area of her face, it had not affected anything else.
In her infancy, it was common for us to use distractions on the change table when changing her nappy, at the dinner table when feeding her or after her bath when she needed to be dressed.
When I would ask her to come to me when she was walking off, she would ignore me and keep walking and then crack it when I physically intervened. For the next few days, I tried to use the same techinique but sometimes reverted back to simply using verbal cues when asking her to put on her pants etc. Often, babies with these hearing issues are not detected until they set off warning beacons on the speech and language development radar, by which time they have already missed out on a lot of vital foundation work in this area.
Had I not been doing this, had the communication been one-sided, it may have been many more months or even a year or more before I realised that she could not hear. According to the Center for Hearing Health, hearing loss affects two out of every 100 children who are under the age of 18 years old. We thought this was the best way to ensure these events went smoothly and Lucy quickly learned that she didn’t need to be involved with these processes, she demanded distractions and took no interest in wanting to help put her legs in the holes or lift her bottom when needed etc.
Initially I thought it was general irritability from being sick but when it continued I concluded that she had entered a new stage of development. After a while, I realised that she never responded to me when I only spoke to her and would always protest when I would try to dress her in this way, but was cooperative and obliging when I combined visual with verbal cues. She startled when approached from behind and ignored warnings not to touch certain objects, tantruming when I had to physically restrain her from doing so.
Knowing how important these years are for developing speech and language skills, I am extremely appreciative that we have got onto this quickly thanks to the help of a beautiful style of parenting. Often the only sign is deafness and children's schooling may suffer and behaviour may deteriorate. Do not attempt to remove the wax yourself, but instead visit your pediatrician as soon as possible. This type of defiance was what I was used to from my two year old, so I thought it was just a stage Penny was going through and that as her cognition was developing, her need to test boundaries was also increasing.
All things that were not previously displayed by Penny. I had no doubt in my mind that Penny could not hear. I am fully aware that we could still be in for some stressful times ahead, pending the outcome of her upcoming tests, but I am confident that Penny has been given the absolute greatest chance of experiencing minimal impact on her development throughout this thanks to RIE.
I started to think that maybe her earlier condition had caught up with her and had indeed affected her inner ear in some way.

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