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Both musicians and the live sound technicians who work with them need to be able to hear things. Did you have your head deep inside a bass bin, listening for a 60-cycle hum, when somebody pushed “play” on the CD player? Each of these typical events can be a daily occurrence on a typical concert stage, but any one of them might be the accident that causes you to have either temporary or permanent hearing loss.
Chances are good that your ears at least need a rest; but there are also certain techniques that can be employed to offer the maximum amount of protection to your hearing as you continue to do your job. Earplugs are now in use more and more frequently by ushers, security guards, video crew persons, and others who must work at their job while surrounded by the high-level sound intensity of today’s rock music concert programs. Throw-away foam-type plugs are often issued on a daily basis at arenas and auditoriums for the working crews; some facilities have a nurse or public health official who will provide these items to any member of the general public audience who complains about loud sound levels. If you’re a technician who works around powerful sound systems, but is not actually responsible for mixing sound during the show, it is a good idea to have some sort of hearing protection device handy. The same is true if you are a sound professional who is waiting around for your band to come on while listening to someone else operate a loud system.
A free subscription to Live Sound International is your key to successful sound management on any scale — from a single microphone to a stadium concert.
Whether you’re a house monitor engineer, technical director, system technician, sound company owner, installer or consultant, Live Sound International is the best source to keep you tuned in to the latest pro audio world. Calvin's plan to reduce and eventually eliminate hearing loss due to workplace noise exposures through monitoring, testing, and use of hearing protection. In some areas, sound levels are so high, they can only be combated with double hearing protection i.e. Serenity DP+ is a dynamic (or 'active') hearing protection system that features level-dependent electronic sound reduction. The system provides exactly the protection required by continually measuring the surrounding noise and adapting its attenuation (in-ear noise reduction) accordingly.

With Phonak’s electronic hearing protection, dangerously loud sounds are instantaneously reduced to a safe in-ear level. When surrounding noise levels return within a safe range, Serenity DP+'s attenuation is automatically reduced, allowing you to enjoy full ambient awareness, localize warning signals, and hold natural conversations. They are produced using a computerized 3D version of the user’s individual ear impression, which is taken beforehand by a hearing technician (a process that takes just 5 minutes). When a Serenity or Primero DPC system’s earJack is clicked into an eShell, the ear is instantly and fully sealed. Were you walking past the tri-amplified sidefill stack, with your ear at compression driver level, when the lighting crew’s ladder knocked the center stage vocal mic stand over into the floor wedge to induce non-stop feedback?
This could result in a shortened career and a decreased ability to earn a living with your chosen skill. This type of hearing protection device comes in a small cardboard or plastic pouch, and several can easily be stuffed in a shirt pocket or a briefcase pouch. These rubberized insert cushions conceal tiny metal filtering diaphragmatic mechanisms to attenuate sound levels. The best hearing protection device, and the one most applicable to working around musical sound, is one that attenuates all frequencies evenly. When maximum attenuation of very loud sounds is desired, particularly at low frequencies, the cushioned headset works well.
Written by professionals for professionals, each issue delivers essential information on the latest products specs, technologies, practices and theory.
This means excessive sound reduction is never an issue and you can remain fully aware of your surroundings, with the confidence to wear your protection all the time.
This rapid-fire response even ensures that short and unexpected 'impulse noises', such as shots and crashes, are dampened the moment they occur. Offering the best hearing protection for full-time workers who operate in noisy environments, eShells are durable hollow molds made from clinical nylon.

Could you perform your job as well…would your income level be the same…would your professional reputation be intact if you suffer severe hearing loss? This should make us stop and consider our own hearing health, and the environments that we work in. Did the drummer hit his primary crash cymbal, hard, 3 inches from your ear, while you were on the drum riser adjusting the hi-hat microphone? They are often seen in use by gun buffs, construction workers and heavy equipment operators. When correctly designed and properly fitted, custom-molded flexible plastic earmolds can offer 15-20 dB of balanced noise level reduction; in other words, full-frequency sound is still heard, but at a reduced level. Offering up to 30 dB of attenuation, hearing protectors from David Clark have cushioned headpads and tight-fitting earseals. Was your powerful cue monitor wedge placed on end only one foot from your right ear as you mixed stage monitors for that entire world tour? The Sonic Valve II comes in its own plastic storage case with a key chain attached, and offers about a 17 dB noise reduction rating. There are numerous suppliers, who provide custom fitting services as well, such as Sensaphonics. Do you check 64 house mic line inputs every day with a ragged set of stereo headphones while listening to a clipping headphone amp? Often available in gun shops or industrial safety supply stores, a pair can run from $15-20.

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