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LBJ MS Band - Musical Glossary  Wind Instruments: Instruments that you blow into to make a sound. This body of work, as you will see is about depair but it is also about hope, for both nestled together in Pandora’s box. Iranna’s installation tries to make some sense of this act and come up with an adequate personal and emotional response to the horror. It is a poignant work, quietly forceful, internalising the discourse on contemporary violence and spiritual teaching.
Best known for its association with Mahatma Gandhi , the charkha (etymologically related to the chakra) was both a tool of self-sufficiency and the symbol of the Indian independence movement and adopted as the central icon of the flag of the Indian republic.
Placed as they are in glass vitrines, do they suggest that the principles that these symbols represent are old and outmoded? This work is somewhat different from the message and medium of the other works detailed above.
A rather life-like donkey lies on his side, his entire body heaving with the effort to draw in breath. A wind instrument uses a vibrating column of air inside the tube of the instrument to make a sound.
Questions of peace and the prevalence of violence in the form of dissent, any dissent, press on our consciousness and demand a response. The aspect of Buddha attaining freedom from the cycle of life and death is envisioned by Iranna as the moment to desperately claim the body that is a symbol of peace and create an allegory of our troubled times.
Iranna has cleverly sandblasted the fiberglass sculpture to resemble the monumental sculptures of ancient and medieval art history.
When the artist left his hometown to travel to Delhi as a young man, his luggage was just such a metal trunk. The variable sized installation consists of several partially burnt wooden padukas and a vehicular siren, the kind atop police cars and ambulances.
He studs Buddha’s peaceful reclining body with surgical metal clamps used to hold broken bones in place as they mend. The metal trunk has been poetically cast through the history of Indian cinema to represent a young person’s journey of hope and ambition. The revenge may be equally violent (which some may consider just, such as the American War on Terror) or it may take the recourse of bringing the perpetrators of the crime to justice, such as India is attempting with Pakistan after the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. Padukas are an ancient form of footwear worn most commonly by Hindu and Jain holy men and women. The scattered mismatched padukas also bring to mind photographs or video clippings we often see in the aftermath of a public attack but perhaps pay little attention to.

Tiny wooden padukas are fed at one end and what comes out is a red pool of, what we can only conjecture, blood. The black box is ubiquitous of the device that investigators at crime and accident scenes claim to search for, as though it contains all the answers to the what, how, and when questions that are raised in the aftermath of such an event.
She is Desk Editor, Art AsiaPacific, and has published widely in exhibition catalogues, national and international magazines and journals. A lower pitch is created with a large volume of vibrating air; a higher pitch is created with a smaller volume of vibrating air. It is not naïve to imagine this as a goal that we should place at the forefront of our plans and it is not a goal achieved through individual action but one attainable through collective enterprise. The sleeping Buddha shows no discomfort that such a physical situation would cause, his sleeping face in repose displays a calm, beatific smile, the folds of his gown are perfectly symmetrical and his hand rests gently on the round pillow.
Here perhaps it is again the vehicle of hope but as a collective, as well as individual, desire. For many of us citizens of India it is the civilized course of action, though long-winded but it doesn’t lessen the incomprehension many of us have of this modern form of cross-national, cross-communal urban guerilla warfare. They reflect the principle of non-violence by minimizing the risk of trampling animals, insects and vegetation.
These scenes are often characterised by discarded objects, dismembered body parts and mismatched footwear of the victims and stand-in for the corpses that were. On the one hand the answers are very simple but on the other impossible to reach, because of the complicated negotiations between personal ambition and collective good, and the clash between the desires of different collectives.
There have been moments in history when the call for peace has gone around and captured the hearts and minds of people, now is another such time. And yes it is by no means a small insignificant task for it requires him to engage with the truly difficult situation of today, respond to them and through that response wrest an engagement from the audience.
Their haphazard abandonment in the artwork symbolises, quite simply, the abandonment of the principle of non-violence as a life path. The heaving breath is so labored it is almost to be wished that the animal would draw its last and die, finding release from the torturous effort of living.
Her previous assignments have been with the Tate Modern, London, the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and the Government of India, among others. The instruments are played by vibrating the players lips on the mouthpiece and making a "raspberry" type of sound. By blowing this way, the player causes the vibration of an air column and can change the tone of the instrument.
It is also the largest wind instrument and most often made of brass, but can be made of silver.

If you do not pass this test, you MAY NOT play percussion.**?       The Snare Drum has a "head" on both the top and bottom of the drum. When the drum is struck with sticks, it stretches several metal strings on the bottom head (the "snares"), making a rattling sound.? (Listen)             The Bass Drum is a large drum that is set in a vertical position. It is played with a large, padded mallet.? (Listen)               Timpani are sometimes called "kettle drums".
Unlike many drums, timpani can be tuned to an exact pitch.? (Listen)               The Triangle is a steel rod in the shape of a triangle.
Its deep sound is made when it is struck in its center with a felt or leather covered mallet?.             The Cymbals are circular metal plates that make a crashing sound when they are struck together.
It can be shaken or struck.?          The Woodblock is a rectangular piece of wood that has one or two slots cut into it. It is played by striking it with a drum stick or hard mallet.?          The Xylophone has wooden bars that are arranged like the keys on a piano and tubes under the bars that resonate the sound. It is struck with mallets.? (Listen)            The Chimes are tubular bells that are tuned to the pitches of a major scale.
They are struck with a leather covered hammer.?           The Glockenspiel, or orchestra bells, is a set of tuned metal bars of different lengths that are arranged like a piano keyboard. The instrument is struck with mallets?.             The Sleigh Bells are small bells that are attached to a strap or wooden rod. Some players play the top notes, some players play the bottom notes. ?    Double Bar-The end of the music.
Usually, these words are written in Italian.??     Tenuto- A dash above or below a note that means to play the note in a long, connected style. Sometimes called "Legato."?      Tie- A curved line that connects two note of the same pitch. Usually, a tie connects notes across a bar line (last note of one measure, first note of the next measure).
Tongue ONLY the first note of a tie.?       Time Signature- A number written like a fraction at the beginning of a piece (or section) of music. It indicates how many beats are in each measure and what kind of note receives one beat.?          Treble Clef- Symbol used to specify what the letter names of the lines and spaces on the staff are for higher sounding instruments.

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