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Hello Heart breaks down the reasons why veterans and active duty military must keep a close eye on the possibility of hypotension and hypertension in the article shared below.
Why should Vets be especially vigilant about hypertension and pre-hypertension?Members of the armed forces bravely face myriad dangers, challenges, and risks that are external in nature. High Blood Pressure: Symptoms To Look For Among VeteransAs we have noted, hypertension is known as the silent killer.
We are still under heavy construction, so we give you our deepest apologies for any broken links. Susanne Babbel discusses the aftermath of childhood trauma and PTSD in her article for Psychology Today. There are better, natural alternatives to this new high-tech out-of-control approach to lowering your blood pressure.
Nerves in the body’s fight-or-flight system play a role in signaling kidney functions, which in turn may affect blood pressure, such as by relaxing or tightening key arteries. The procedure promises to be incredibly lucrative because of the huge number of people in the world who have high blood pressure. As noted above, hypertension drugs are big business, even when they don’t work, so why stop them after the procedure?
All of this completely ignores what integrative medicine has known all along: that high blood pressure is a symptom of other problems. Control you blood sugar: In a 1998 study, two-thirds of patients who were insulin-resistant also had high blood pressure. Reduce your stress: The link between the stress and high blood pressure has been well established. Get your fatty acid profile right: Most people get far too much omega-6 fatty acid (found in corn, soy, canola, safflower, and sunflower oils) in their diets, and far too little omega-3s (found among other places in walnuts, flaxseeds, and fish). Watch your caffeine intake: Though the connection is not understood, there is evidence that too much caffeine can make hypertension worse. Lose weight: If you lose the excess fat and maintain your weight loss, you can reduce blood pressure in the long term. Get moving: Studies suggest that aerobic exercise is important for—and best at—lowering blood pressure.
Get enough vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency, which is linked to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, increases parathyroid hormone production, increasing blood pressure. And there are also other foods besides omega-3 oils that can lower your numbers significantly: natto, celery, and beets. If anyone wants to see how chronic exposure to molds and chemicals can cause an over active nervous system and more, take a look at this lecture by environmental medicine physician Lisa Levine Nagy MD given at a Pennsylvania medical school.
Would it not be criminal to deny drugs and medical procedures to those who do not take these measures?
The Tohono O’odham are adapted to cycles of starvation and gradually become obese with the nation’s highest rates of type II diabetes and hypertension. Many of Mediterranean or African extraction conserve sodium and become hypertensive from a standard diet. Few patients with obstructive sleep apnea are aware of it but they could number 5% of the population and 15% of the elderly. I spent years doing just what this article recommends and that allowed my condition to advance.
Catheter-based radio-frequency renal denervation is a great advance over open surgery and it yields almost miraculous results for a select group of resistant patients. Thank you for blowing the whistle on this cavalier, half-baked and probably damaging tactic. This sounds to me as a medical professional to be what I would think of as a last ditch approach to save someone’s.
Oddly enough they forgot to mention that their Blue Motion cars are just 6% of their fleet and that they’re lobbying against the laws we need to stop climate change.
Blood pressure fluctuates all the time, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day, and there has been extensive over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment of millions of people because of this. On the other hand, bona fide hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a well-known risk factor for heart attack. High blood pressure occurs when your arteries cannot dilate properly to accommodate changes in blood flow being pumped from your heart. I have seen many studies over the years and it’s very hard to prove a benefit in lowering systolic blood pressure below 130 for someone over 60 years of age. Attempting to reach a target this low would mean giving many people more and more medications.
There is no question that factors such as obesity, salt intake, and a sedentary lifestyle are associated with hypertension. No matter what your blood pressure is, when you don’t feel your emotions fully and let them flow through you, they will have a negative effect on your health.
If all of the above measures fail, then it’s advisable to see your doctor to discuss your options.
I read in Time magazine that in the Sprint study, participants only got their numbers under 120 with the help of 3-5 anti-hypertensive drugs. I just began having physical symptoms of menopause, and naturally purchased your book on the subject right away. I began reading you books and learning from you around 2007,when the hideous symptoms of peri-menopause reared their ugly head. I love that we both have been stealth operatives behind the scenes changing medicine for the better!! Of course, the definition of what constitutes high blood pressure keeps changing, with the not-so-coincidental result that drug companies sell more and more drugs. Sometimes those nerves stay switched on when they shouldn’t be—which blood pressure drugs can’t address. It is no surprise that many patients are given these same hypertension drugs after the invasive nerve-deadening surgery—ensuring pharmaceutical profits both before and after the procedure. It may stem from a poor fatty acid profile, other diet issues, obesity, high stress levels, insulin resistance, and other conditions. Even if you get your blood pressure to perfectly normal levels, if you haven’t addressed the underlying imbalance, your health may not improve.

Regulating blood sugar levels—which means cutting out sweets, starchy foods, and even grains—may bring blood pressure into a healthy range. Although some highly stressed individuals have perfectly normal pressure, changing your lifestyle to lessen stress and managing your emotional life more effectively may help you regulate your blood pressure. D is also a negative inhibitor of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) which regulates blood pressure.
Mercola also recommends taking calcium and magnesium, vitamins C and E, and olive leaf extract to help control high blood pressure. Can one realistically expect a physician to let a patient die because he thinks that the patient was not sufficiently diligent with such measures?
Duplicating their historic cycle would go past the DASH diet, past a weight loss diet and past a CR diet into the gut-wrenching falling-down diet. Permanent damage to both the elasticity of arteries and the regulatory feedback systems may exist at initial diagnosis and make conservative measures ineffective or at least insufficient. Resistant hypertension and cardiac fibrosis result from only a few years without adequate treatment. Permission granted to forward, copy, or reprint with date and attribution (including link to original content) to ANH-USA.
In fact, it’s not uncommon for blood pressure to rise simply in response to a doctor’s visit! Twenty percent or more of North American women between the ages of forty-five and sixty-four have mild to severe high blood pressure.
For patients with high blood pressure, the goal has been to lower systolic (top number) pressure to about 140-150 for people over 60 years old. In fact, while a systolic pressure that is naturally 120 may be good for some, it is quite another matter to artificially drag someone’s blood pressure down this low with blood pressure medications. And, in order to see a benefit you would likely have to treat hundreds of people to prevent just one heart attack or stroke! Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Even in very overweight women, losing only ten to twenty pounds will often lower blood pressure significantly. Sleeping fewer than seven or eight hours or getting poor quality sleep can increase blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic.) This makes sense. Specifically, Transcendental Mediation has been proven to bring about a unique neurophysiological state that leads to a drop in blood pressure. She tried medications and also worked with a number of holistic practitioners such as her chiropractor, homeopath, and acupuncturist, which helped a little, but it wasn’t enough. The more you truly care for yourself and allow yourself to feel your emotions, including the difficult ones, the better your health will be. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish. He revealed to me that he got a bonus for each patient he could lower their blood pressure and cholesterol below a certain number. It’s a silent killer that affects millions of Americans, and is found in higher than average rates among active duty military and veterans than in the general population. Active duty military and veterans should be tracking their blood pressure to avoid serious consequences down the road. If any images or sections are not sourced properly, please contact us in the form below with the missing source information and we will be happy to correct these issues. The problem is that some people have overactive nervous systems, so blood pressure can be high even in situations that are not dangerous. Medtronic currently leads the market with its nerve cell burning device, but competitors are developing other devices as well. Before one questions their motivation, does anyone think that teenage males WANT diabetic impotence well before they are old enough to marry? Supplementation without a proper diagnosis could be fatal but there are specific and inexpensive aldosterone receptor blocking drugs. It certainly would be something if I were in that position I might consider.But until 10 to 20 yrs. I’m a little bit overweight due to the nature of my job, then I choose to take part in a water aerobics class in my region. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Since current statistics show that 1 in 2 women will eventually die from heart disease (either a heart attack caused by coronary artery disease, or a stroke,) it makes sense to know what your blood pressure is and how you can take control of it. In fact, most people discover they have high blood pressure when they go for a medical check-up.
You can expect substantial improvements in your lipid profile, your blood sugar, and your blood pressure within two to four weeks. Physiologically, anything that increases inflammation or contributes to chronic inflammation is going to negatively affect your cardiovascular system.
That said, any style of meditation that you practice regularly can help to lower stress hormones leading to lower blood pressure.
And, positive emotions open your blood vessels, optimizing blood flow and lowering blood pressure!
Also, be sure to get your lipid profile and blood pressure checked again every three to six months. Heart rate is usually in the 70s when this happens, but I feel really bad when the pressure does this. I weigh 125 pounds which I’ve maintained for 4 years using a metabolic balance all natural food program.
Something not mentioned in the article above is that the particular age group of women with events of higher blood pressure coincides with perimenopausal years, when our bodies are going through major changes. So many health related decisions are based on statistics that an understanding of how to interpret them is essential. I have been working to go back and work through these suppressed emotions to relieve myself of the burden on my mind and body. This life-threatening danger is hypertension.Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the primary or contributing cause of death in more than 350,000 Americans each year. Realizing the increased risk level for veterans when it comes to heart disease can help motivate you to make these changes.

If there are articles, studies, or other materials you find helpful please feel free to submit it to the same contact form. So dozens of hospitals and scientists are testing a profoundly invasive new procedure: a catheter is threaded through blood vessels in the groin up into the kidneys to literally burn away overactive nerves deep in the body that are thought to contribute to rising blood pressure. They include bleeding, injured blood vessels, immediate blood pressure or heart problems, and complications from the medications used during procedure.
The procedure is already approved in Europe and Asia, though still going through approval process in the US. Jonathan Wright and others have also pointed out the link between heavy metal toxicity and high blood pressure.
It’s about getting to the root of the problem—not just applying a Band-Aid, or worse, undergoing dangerous surgery.
Mercola’s site does not even mention this major cause of hypertension questions his credibility. Methods include cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation therapy, guided imagery and psychological education. Mann’s book and seeing him, she began to look at what hidden emotions she could be harboring. So it makes sense that when you fuel your heart and life with the energy of full emotional expression, and full partnership, and you heed your desire for more pleasure, then you will lessen your risk for hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and even dementia. I have told my doctor but felt like she dismissed my concern, as did the nurses in the hospital when I was there with lung issues.
After some consistent episodes of arrythmia, palpitations, and light headedness, my GP sent me to a heart specialist who became alarmed by my 130 sistolic (!) and put me on metoprolol, a Beta-blocker, to stabilize.
The medical industry’s hope is that destroying some of the nerves will calm an overactive system, relaxing arteries and lowering blood pressure.
Researchers are also considering using the same approach to lower blood sugar, control sleep apnea, and ease heart failure and kidney disease.
Mercola does not discuss hyperaldosteronism but apparently once recommended aldosterone as a treatment for hearing loss.
I like it so much that I even want to share my experience with everyone who are interested in this sport, too.
This means that for every 104 people who take a statin, only 1 person has a heart attack prevented! Note that exercise can increase the effectiveness of blood pressure medications, so if you are taking one, be sure to check with your doctor. If you don’t get enough sleep, your stress hormones stay elevated and this increases inflammation throughout your body.
Your blood pressure measurement tells you the pressure in your arteries as the blood flows through them. By keeping tabs on your blood pressure using simple at-home BP monitoring devices, you can decrease your risk for serious heart conditions. This causes your arteries to narrow and even constrict, which results in higher blood pressure. To deal with hypertension at its core (or anything else for that matter), it is necessary to bring those hidden emotions to consciousness, and to deal with them directly. My limbs began to tingle, swell, and I experienced severe joint pain that prevented sleeping comfortably.
Following are some of the benefits of tracking your blood pressure.Track for awarenessAs mentioned, this population is at greater risk than civilians for high blood pressure and heart disease. Sounds almost as good as the bloodletting that doctors insisted on in the 18th and earlier centuries. At first I thought this was just part of my past experience with fibromyalgia combined with the oncome of menopause, but after research I realized the drug was the culprit! As previously noted, due to the nature of their career, they may be at greater risk for heart disease, rather than less. As is it likely to be present, those in the military should be diligent in tracking their blood pressure to be aware if it is high.
About your list, the only thing I lack is have 8 hours sleep, I have such an active life that 24 hours a day are not enough for me.
Now consider the potential risk of harm to hundreds by aiming for a questionably low blood pressure target. A diagnosis of hypertension can seriously impact their career and opportunity to serve their country. The risk of death from ischemic heart disease and stroke doubles for every 20 mmHg increase in systolic blood pressure. It is quite substantial, especially when you consider that many of the people who would be harmed are the frail elderly who are at risk for falls, and others who are already taking an array of drugs for chronic conditions, which could potentially interact. In spite of the fact that my heart specialist wanted immediately to put me on another beta blocker, my instincts were right to go completely drug free, find the cause of the sudden episodes, and subsequently find a natural solution to rebalance my system.
This means anything that reduces it by 10 puts cuts that risk in half.Track for medication managementIf you are on medication for high blood pressure, it is important to know if it is working. I hope others out there experiencing a sudden rise in blood pressure and heart activity don’t fall victim to conventional solutions through drugs, but take the time to know themselves and understand the health they can continue to achieve if they put their own mind to it. Heart disease, heart attack, aneurysms, stroke and heart failure as well as kidney failure, dementia, damage to the eyes and sexual dysfunction. By using a blood pressure measuring device regularly, you can monitor the effects of the medication. It is a serious condition higher-risk veterans should not ignore.Prevalence of High Blood Pressure Among Active Duty Soldiers and VetsHow prevalent is this problem among the military?
Our active military and veterans should be especially diligent with this, as a population at greater risk for hypertension. Taking steps to monitor blood pressure and making other healthy lifestyle choices will guard against the risk of heart disease among veterans. Smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating are all common coping mechanisms that cause blood pressure increases and increased risk for heart disease.
I believe that the only thing that did get me through those years and his slow decline to his death was the fact that I saw a psychiatrist and a therapist on a regular basis and took the prescribed medication.

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