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Author: admin, 20.12.2013
Weight loss isn’t about eating salads or sticking to a regimen, which deprives you of your choicest foods!
These home remedies, when practiced over the long term, will help you enjoy a leaner and a fitter look, without letting you compromise on your diet. Sipping a morning cup of warm water, mixed with lemon juice and honey, is an effective remedy to melt the excess fat around the problem areas.
Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and helps is flushing out toxins, including excess fat globules as well.
The seeds of Nigella or our very own Indian spice called Kalonji is also quite potent in fighting fat. Weight loss remedies are all about following a routine disciplined approach to diet and life.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. If you are wondering that this article will restrict you from eating and feeling well, it’s time to unfold the surprise. Nonetheless, binge eating still remains restricted to eating in controlled portions, as you don’t want to gain more than you lose!
Consuming green tea, without milk and sugar, several times a day, is extremely beneficial to assist in weight loss. In addition to this, water also helps to keep one stay full, without allowing eating mindlessly.

Although, it does not favor restricting good foods mindless, but it definitely suggests ‘watch what you eat’ policy strongly.
It is believed that the seeds are rich in anti-obesity agents and improves the body mass index drastically.
The phytochemicals are known to speed up metabolism, control oxidation of fatty acids, and lower blood cholesterol levels significantly.
You can even boil them and blend them into a soup, with some black pepper powder and salt, for a healthy soup meal. Take 2 tablespoon of the vinegar and add it in around 500 ml of water, preferably hot, and sip it throughout the day. This will help you to understand your body and respect its nutritional requirements, without subjecting it to any wrong diets, in the name of weight loss.
This will allow the body to get lots of time to absorb the goodness of the lemon juice and honey. In fact, a few clinical trials also showed marked reduction in the waist-hip ratio of some people. Cabbage is known to add bulk into the stomach, thereby giving away the signals of fullness to the brain. You may be amazed at the reduce hunger woes, suggesting that they were more of thirst pangs. If at all, weight is bothering, then try these easy, yet healthy home remedies, to keep your metabolism happy, while helping you lose weight.
While ginger root cleanses the system and the palate, the peppers act as an anti-obesity agent by excessive fat burning.

This allows the body to avoid indulging in any sort of binge eating or forced eating for long. This will help to speed up the calorie burner, especially when any new food comes into the system post the consumption.
Since morning time is the most active time for the body, speeding the metabolism with a cup of warm water, lime and honey, is highly recommended. Try adding black pepper powder to your regular vegetables or soups, to fuel the metabolism towards shedding kilos. The compounds inhibit the oxidation of fats or fatty acids, thereby decreasing the triglycerides level in the liver and blood significantly. Since the vegetable takes a long time to digest, the feeling of fullness remains an ideal reason to lose weight. If you want, you can even skip the honey and sip in warm water with lime juice, after every meal, to make your body, speed up its metabolism. This in turn helps in burning fat, during routine metabolism, making one look leaner and fitter in no time!

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