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Author: admin, 21.09.2013
Typically, the best size for you is determined when you place the hoop on the ground, holding it upright- the hoop should come up past your belly button, but below your chest line.
Beginners tend to gravitate towards ‘larger’ and ‘heavier’ hoops, because they move slower, allowing the user more ‘time’ to create dance moves inside the hoop.
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We have a simple equation that will give us an approximate measurement for the best sized hoop for you.
As your understanding of the hoop’s movement grows and your hooping skills improve, you will find that you will want a smaller and smaller hoop. This means that if you were to use a measuring tape, you would hold one end of the tape to the outside edge of one side of the hoop and stretch it across the length of the hoop, ending at the outside edge of the other side of the hoop.

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