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Author: admin, 16.10.2015
Through the Hearing Restoration Project (HRP), Hearing Health Foundation is striving toward a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus, a promise that is very real. The HRP consortium of scientists has developed a strategic research plan to develop a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus.
Our HRP consortium is the dream team of hair cell regeneration, comprising the best auditory scientists at leading institutions worldwide, such as Harvard, Stanford, and Washington University in St.

Conductive hearing loss and treatments – Conductive hearing loss is the second most common form of hearing loss.
Underlying that promise is the discovery that chickens have the ability to spontaneously restore their hearing and the HRP is aiming to enable just that in humans. The plan, developed specifically by the HRP scientists and continuously updated to incorporate new findings and approaches, is a living document meant to guide but not limit the work.

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