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I did a DIY last year on How to Make Basic Stud (Post) Earrings which is basically exactly the same as what I’m doing here. You’ll want to pick a stud finding that is similar size to the cabochon so that the glue has more surface to stick to. Watch out for sellers on ebay or Etsy that sell mixed packs of all sorts of different colours and styles.
A hope to do a few more DIYs with these in the near future but a few ideas include glueing them to ring findings, sunglasses, bobby pins, shoes, a clutch or a headband. Just check out Diane Gilleland of the CraftyPod blog's excellent tutorial on how to get started. Michael also presented this accompanying video tutorial for making a wire and bead crochet bracelet. Thread Bear's Picnic has a really pretty Daisy Drop Earrings tutorial which is easy and quick to do even for novices.
I love these flower shaped base metal stamping blanks, they’re so much fun to use in layers. Step one: Hammer the heart stamp into the center of the smaller flower blank repeatedly, this is to create texture. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Using your chain-nose pliers, create a right-angle bend about 1-8″ above the petals (figure 8). Consider the five-petaled flower as an element to embellish a pendant or other wirework piece.

This entry was posted in Wirework tutorials and tagged 26 ga wire, beaded wirework techniques, earring designs, floral bead designs. You can get all sorts of bulk lots for less than $4 and they pretty much always offer free postage (although it does usually take a couple of week to arrive, sometimes even up to a month).
They are usually a little more expensive but worth it if you don’t want to end up with a number of bulk lots with heaps leftover.
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I have thought a few times of trying this, but then I convince myself I should master the things I already know first!!! I use chain nose pliers to pull one of the petals on the smaller flower back a little so it hangs nicely. Stitch the wire end that is behind the work around and between two petals, and thread the end through the gap in the middle of the work (figure 4). Twist wire ends together neatly, holding the work in one hand and twisting with the other hand (figures 6, front and 7, back). Instead of twisting the ends together to form an earring loop, use the ends to lash the piece onto and armature made of heavier (18 gauge) wire in the same color. Easy and fun to make out of copper blanks with just a single design stamp in a repeated pattern to add texture. You can make these in mixed metals, add larger beads, use colored paint and make this project your own.
Please make sure that you give credit to us as the designer if you make and share these designs on your blog or social sites.

Hammer, stamp, ink and layer and if you like you can make your own head pins and ear hooks using 20 gauge wire. Projects in this blog are NOT intended for all ages and skill levels but for people 13 years and older who possess basic craft knowledge. A single image with a direct link back to this blog may be used in blog round-ups or blog feature posts but any other use of materials from this blog without our express permission is strictly prohibited. Step eight: Your ear wire loop needs to be bent perpendicular so the earring will hang to the front when attached.
With winter looming, these pretty DIY Flower Earrings give you just a touch of spring even on the coldest days. This is how we make our living and we ask that you respect our creativity and the time it takes to design, photograph and write these free tutorials. You may use a single photograph from each project online in blog round-ups or blog posts ONLY if you include a direct link back to our tutorial. Any use of these designs for retail sale for profit online in places like Etsy or eBay or in retail bricks and mortar, flea markets or outdoor fairs is not permitted.
Step nine: Assemble the layers large to small attaching them to the jump ring and the ear wire as shown.

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