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Roger Federer’s backhand grip is just one piece of the puzzle of which his notorious backhand shot is made up of. Players around the world admire Federer’s backhand as one of the most elegant in the game today. While Roger Federer’s forehand gets a lot of press, especially the inside-out version, his elegant backhand can sometimes get overlooked in the hubbub over his mysterious forehand grip and stroke. The gorgeous Roger Federer backhand begins with the Federer backhand grip, which some analysts have called a modified Eastern grip.
In his racquet preparation for the backhand, Federer holds it far above the point of contact.
As part of his preparation Federer also holds the racquet’s throat with his left hand, probably a reminder to hold the racquet even further back than is customary. As his back is turned, he peers at the ball over his shoulder, loading his core muscles for a quick but powerful rotation that will bring his upper body to a square position when contact is made.
As Federer continues his loop to the ball, he drops the racquet head below it to prepare for the contact that will soon arrive. Because the backhand shot will have less power due to the physics of the shot and your body’s movement, a more closed stance is required.
In other photos, Federer demonstrates an incredibly flexed calf on his front leg proves that he is using it to crush the ball.
As Federer begins his follow-through, his shoulders are perfectly parallel to the baseline, presenting a fortified wall to the ball. Two other constants strike the viewer in looking at Federer’s technique: the Federer backhand grip remains as the knuckle has stayed at 1 o’clock, and his eyes are still on his racquet head, still peering at the point in space where strings met ball. Now to the most photogenic part of the properly executed one-handed backhand: the exquisite follow-through, as best exemplified by Federer and Justine Henin on the women’s side.
To complete the beauty of this typical photo, Federer has extended his left arm out and behind him as a counterbalance. The technique used for a slice backhand will differ a bit from the steps described above, but the main differences will be the weight transfer from back to front (more limited) and the rotation of the core (also diminished).
The height of the ball will often determine whether or not you hit a slice; high balls will be almost impossible to put any topspin on, thus necessitating a slice option.
The Federer backhand, one of the true objects of beauty in the men’s game, begins with his modified Eastern grip and continues with fundamentals that you, too, can adopt: head still, eye on the ball, closed stance, coiled body, low to high swing, dynamic follow-through. Then you've got to check out our FREE in-depth slow motion analysis video of how Federer and other pros prepare for their forehands.
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Prepare for the performance of your life at our updated Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE gamepage! The two showed off their table tennis skills against each other and in doubles (perfect practice for when they play doubles together at the Australian Open!). That’s a shame, because his backhand might be one of the most beautiful strokes in the game, even if it has let him down from time to time in huge matches.

In most photos of the Federer backhand grip, it looks as if his index finger knuckle is aligned at about 1 o’clock on the racquet handle if it were held out straight from his body.
This is an important point for most amateur players; even if the racquet is held back before hitting the backhand, is it high or low in the first part of the preparation? If it’s high, the racquet can make a complete loop through to the ball, adding much zing to the pace and telling your opponent that picking on your backhand is not a wise idea. You, too, can use the other hand if you hit a one-handed backhand, to pull the racquet further back than you might be naturally inclined to.
Preparation is about more than racquet position; your back must also be turned to get your core involved in the stroke, especially for devotees of the one-handed backhand. In comparing the initial preparation to the split second before Federer hits the ball, one body part that has not changed at all is his head.
You will need all of that momentum to hit the one-handed backhand with enough force to turn it into an asset for your game. Federer has brought his racquet far above his shoulder as he has struck the ball with maximum topspin, going from below the waist to above the shoulder. A slice backhand hit with too much whip of the body will either soar into the air or fall short of the net. All of these will change a bit if you hit the backhand with two hands, but if you want to hit a one-hander, Federer is an excellent example to follow.
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Nintendo of Europe is not responsible for the content or security of the site you are about to visit. This special grip gives his racquet the angle it needs to swipe through the stroke and whip enough topspin onto the ball so that it drops just inside the opposite baseline. Federer has also transferred his weight from back to front, and seeing his back foot perched on just one toe proves this weight shift. The slice will be hit with a more open stance, but the follow-through should not be neglected. One example of a state where medical are preparation very as due of makes company, like "playing Russian roulette. Lower the back knee to the floor than you structure it losing while concerned with, especially women. Take on your favourite Mario characters in a fun-filled range of crazy tournaments and battle your way through the sets to become tennis champion!NEW PLAY CONTROL!
Try it next time that you hit, and you’ll be using your sweet spot more than you are accustomed to. All things being equal, and assuming that you have time to properly set up before launching your backhand, the racquet should be approximately parallel to the ground as you meet the ball.
If you ever hope to hit your one-handed backhand with suitable pace, you will need to present a similar wall to strike the ball.
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