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Author: admin, 23.08.2015
But just out of Quirindi, I (and Matt and James) observed a large cumulus that had developed rapidly within minutes from the same band of cumulus. After getting bored watching the same view of the storms to our west, we decided to get ourselves ready for some possible lightning activity viewed from the hill near Quirindi. As the evening drew near, lightning became more prominent with some good bolts captured on video.
It was decided that since the town was basically "dead" with no people activity and the library was closed, we would make our way to Tamworth. After a brief run down of the situation and noting the Lifted Index values, the satellite pictures, and the synoptic situation, we drove to the lookout for a proper look.
Just out on the bypass of town to go and get a better look, James contacted us to alert us of the towers over the Northern Tablelands. The storms stretched across the horizon with major cells observed in the direction of Armidale.
The storm system lasted to about evening changing into some interesting lowered formations as the undercutting series of downbursts edged northwards. We had decided that due to expected heavy rain (and some mysterious illness that had set upon the chasers) to stay overnight and travel the inland route to Sydney. We passed a creek just outside Tamworth which was fast flowing as a result of the storms we has observed the day before. After an update from Michael Bath, we decided to just get out of the rain band edge travelling along the road to Warren for about 12 kilometres. I had already taken a few photos of the altocumulus castellanus around Sydney and this was observed all the way into the Hunter: the difference being that the lower stratocumulus clouds disappeared almost suddenly whilst on the Putty Road. I then received a call from Rune Peitersen verifying that the storm was just north of Lithgow. Do we head back an hour and a half towards this cell or wait to see what else happens near Quirindi. On the way, we just had to stop and photograph the storm band to the east reflecting the sunset.
There was altocumulus castellanus to the north and thick white sheet of cirrostratus or altostratus; not your typical classic unstable look. Since we would have had to wait some time for action around Tamworth, it was worth investigating.

There were two main storms near Armidale: one to the east and another cell to the west or northwest. It had that greenish tinge look and there was good separation in the upper level for hail to be probable.
Suddenly, within minutes travelling down the road south of Tamworth, a rain curtain appeared!! Lightning bolts seemed to be occurring in different places not as predictable as what I am used to. Well it was so damn convenient as it just so happened that there were storms possible in Central West.
We continued on to Gunnedah and yet it was another sleepy town with the local library opening later. Trough lines were developing and advancing whilst another would develop further west and also advance. The only takers were Matthew Piper and with dreary eyes - James Harris (he had only 3 hours sleep). Radar indicated a large area of hail which I wasn't surprised considering just how large this cell was. We watched as it developed an extensive, back-sheared anvil; proof that it was still reasonably active! After a some video footage and photographs and a call from some of the ASWA folks, we decided to head south as it would be closer to get home from Tamworth. The storms were weak with fibrous anvils and could not sustain persistent strong updraughts.
The lifted index values were predicted to be generally -4 to -6 in the target area for the days we were to chase.
We had seen this storm earlier but it was more or less obscured by other cloud and therefore not all its structure was observed. Precipitation continued to develop and the storm gradually spread its anvil overhead and towards the north-east. It was interesting that the internet cafes were closed on Sundays but we could access the internet at the Backpackers hostel!!
Suddenly, a lowered base appeared and I had to restrain my foot from the accelerator so that the speed limit was not exceeded.

A high contrast base met a thick curtain of precipitation which certainly had some embedded hailstones - enough to get me excited. Upon checking for static on the radio, it became evident that the storm was intensifying mainly on the northern section.
Michael Bath alerts us to the news that an advice was out for the Tablelands and Northwest Slopes and Plains for severe storms with heavy rain, strong winds and large hailstones.
The verdict, the action seemed to be more north almost towards the border areas with Queensland even though storms would develop near the Central West. We arrived into Sydney around just after 8pm driving into miserable conditions in the Blue Mountains. The anvil was thick and strong on the front indicating the cell had formed within the past half an hour or so. As the storm was gradually sneaking its way to try and trap us and with lightning danger increasing, we decided to move north again.
We had to head back to Tamworth so that both James and Matt could be on time for work the next day. After a brief photo and video stop outside of a driveway, we headed for a safer position on a road off the New England Highway. It seemed a multi-forked severe bolt with thunder that sent my ears ringing hit in an area where we had just been a few minutes earlier. Believe me, storm chasing takes a lot of energy out of you, and a combination of lack of sleep had taken its toll. The storm moved over the highland country with cells developing on the northern flanking line. Just a prompt reminder and warning not to stay to close to storms especially in the open areas.
But that was it, if it wasn't the rain, it was the fresh to strong downdraughts and updraughts that made things difficult. One of the interesting features of the last storm we observed was how the strong updraught suddenly changed to a downdraught within seconds!!

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