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Author: admin, 11.07.2015
What is referred to as sensorineural hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud noise, ear viruses, diseases and head trauma. One cause of sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus is exposure to loud noise at work especially in the construction industry.
My recent post entitled How to Habituate to Tinnitus looked at Tinnitus Habituation from a mainstream perspective to make sure that you have covered all of your bases with regard to tinnitus treatments. Every journey begins with the first step however preparing the ground before making the first step can be crucial to maintaining longevity for making changes in our lives. This post will explain the mainstream steps of treatment you might experience in your quest to find a tinnitus solution. Thomas Coleman, the creator of Tinnitus Miracle is a medical researcher, health consultant, nutrition specialist. Tinnitus Miracle is a safe and simple step-by-step holistic system that eliminates tinnitus within 2 months.
The Tinnitus Miracle System will take 30-60 days to put a stop to your tinnitus and help you live much better. If you have questions or problems with Tinnitus Miracle, feel free to send your questions to support [at] TinnitusMiracle dot com. We talk about best practices and emerging channels all the time at HR or recruiting conferences. So when you grow in your recruiting or HR career and simply grow as business leader… it’s no longer about the new technology.
And here’s one last bit I’m stuck on after a question that was posed to me recently at a conference – how do you know when it’s time to make a career change?
Jessica Lee is a VP of TA at Marriott International where she leads a team that enables the company to think big, broad and boldly about all things talent acquisition and in effect, keeps them relevant and ahead of the curve in how they attract and acquire top talent. Do you know how many bad interviews I have had after almost 20 years in talent selection and evaluation?
When marketing a tourism product you need to stop thinking like you and start thinking like your customers.  Thinking that your customers are like you is a common mistake which often results in tourism business owners thinking that website optimisation doesn’t work or marketing in general is total fluff and doesn’t get results. We were working with a gorgeous “B&B” just north of Auckland that was owned by a lovely German couple.
This is when we say to people – “show us yours and we will show you ours.” So we ask, what is the title on your website, keywords and what words and phrases do you use in the content on each page.
A couple of amendments to the product (change communal breakfasts to providing breakfast hampers), re-write of the title, keyword and content of the site and they have been happily rewarded with their ‘country lodge’ ticking over nicely on the weekends now.
So – don’t think like yourself, research and consider the words and phrases based on the nationality, age, spelling and interests of your customers. Good advice, often the smallest shift in direction can radically improve the ultimate destination.

Even when you have a mind shift you need to check that it is not a shift in the wrong direction.
This simple test would save you the time and money needed to change your website and would also give you the chance of being found by at least 58 people.
Thanks John, I appreciate your contribution to the conversation and thanks for re-enforcing how important it is to consider your target and the words you use on a website. I guess if marketing and optimising a website was straight forward and predictable there wouldn’t be so many blogs about it!
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Although some of these causes are out of your control listening to music at high volumes using headphones or ear buds can increase the risk of tinnitus. If you are using heavy-duty power drills or tools please use the necessary hearing protection at all times and if possible avoid using this machinery all together. In most cases finding your tinnitus solution is a long term strategy so preparing for long term changes is more than just taking the first step. Before posting on more specialised treatments i think it is important to acknowledging the mainstream types of tinnitus habituation treatment available.
The accident resulted in one of our founding members suffering head injuries and hearing damage which caused persistent tinnitus.
You just need one investment of $37 in Tinnitus Miracle e-book, not to mention 3 valuable bonus books, free lifetime updates and the valuable lessons from Thomas Coleman.
Tinnitus Miracle will give you a 60-day money back guarantee if you suppose the treatment does not live up to your expectations. Don't be fooled by that fancy pants title and description though, she's still an everyday HR gal in the trenches at the core. I would personally love more talks on consulting skills, how to be great HR Business Partner, asking thought provoking questions to build your HR strategy, how to design organizations for today and tomorrow, executive development.
They desperately wanted to tap into the Auckland weekend getaway market and felt that they had done everything possible to get it. Now put your hands up – how many Kiwis do you know that would search for a B&B for a weekend getaway? The best way of reducing the likelihood of being diagnosed with tinnitus is to take good care of your hearing health. If you have any problems with your ears you should consult your local doctor as soon as possible for a check up.
Should you have anything unclear about the writing, leave your comments below and I will try to reply as soon as possible. I’m so focused on the day to day at hand, the work in front of me that I can’t pop out a blog post to save my life. I’m also thinking about this 3-day weekend ahead of us.

If someone didn’t know your company existed, if someone didn’t know you were hiring for certain kinds of roles… but they knew they wanted jobs in a particular geography in a particular vertical, could they find you? All those eyeballs and all that traffic on your website – what percent of that converts to actual applications?
Your competitors will be doing something maybe a little bit before you, maybe at the same time, maybe after you but they’ll do it better than you. Candidates are scoping out your company but you as well to see if you stack up as a great boss. They optimised their website, offered a weekend package on their site and did Google AdWords but to no avail.  They were convinced that online marketing didn’t work and came to us for other options. Most modern hearing devices will tell you when you are setting the volume at too high a level. Where doing everything at a fast pace and the stresses of modern life make it difficult to avoid. Sure you could source like crazy and find them, and hope they may be open to making a move at this moment… but what about them finding you? But are best practices and emerging channels what you want to go talk about at a conference though?
Your job is to sell culture and if the koolaid has dried up for you, you can’t be the face for your culture anymore.
If you are a music buff and like going to concerts especially indoor concerts make sure you take some quality earplugs. If you have an earwax blockage you should get the earwax removed by suction rather than ear syringing. And if you could change the whole HR and recruiting conference experience, what would you change? But that aside, we’re fed case studies, we then regurgitate what we “learned.” But where’s the real learning?
You will still be able to hear the music and will have peace of mind knowing that you are reducing the risk of damaging your ears. Which means it’s also really about being a terrific communicator – to many different kinds of audiences.

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