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The weather is getting worse and, while it is lovely to live in an apartment where three of the walls are windows, it does get gloomy when you are surrounded by rain spattered glass and grey clouds. Pork shoulder is a great cut because it isn’t expensive but, as with most things, treated with care and respect you can produce the most delicious meals.
This was a lovely piece of pork shoulder with a good layer of skin around it, which is just what you need to get perfect crackling.
Pork shoulder needs slow cooking and it will turn into the softest, tenderest piece of meat ever. I’ve never yet managed to use a sharpening steel so I use the Chantry knife sharpener which is one of my better kitchen equipment buys. There were some slashes in the rind already but I sliced between them, so each strip of rind was about 1 cm wide, if that.
The next thing is to get some kitchen roll and dry off the rind before rubbing it over with a smear of oil and then some salt.
What you have done is wiped off the water and added some oil to help start the crisping process and salt to drive out extra moisture and add flavour.
I like to use Maldon sea salt as the crystals are large and easy to pack into the slices of rind. By now the oven will be bouncingly hot so get the pork into a roasting tray and put it into the oven for twenty to thirty minutes.
After the first burst of heat you will see, when you peek inside, that the slices are separating and the rind is starting to cook. When you get it out of the oven if you rap on the top of the crackling it makes a hollow sound.
The fat layer has almost disappeared in the long slow cook, making the meat juicy and the crackling crisp.
A wet grey afternoon can be ignored because you are inside, in the warmth with a marvellous meal, just ready to share with your loved ones. That is Heaven… that is my guilty pleasure and that is one more reason to appreciate the Bear not liking¬†everything I adore! NP – the weight is not that important (unless you are using a mini joint that would give two people a few slices) The method of cooking (high, very hot start and then low and slow) means you get a pretty much perfect joint from any decent sized piece.
The reason you havent really sharpened an edge with a single traditional butcher steel is because they are only used to align the fine foil edge. Rachel, the size doesn’t really matter as you are doing a short, hot (very hot) start and a long and slow (very slow) cook.
This was really easy to follow and sounds fantastic can’t wait to see the final results! Hi, I can’t wait to try this method, unfortunately the rolled shoulder I have is in a net, not tied together with string like the one in the picture. Amazing show roast pork, using a joint of meat from the butchers and this technique regularly gives me some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.
I’m cooking it on Friday for a dinner party because I know the timings will make things easy for me as I have a lot of other things to do – what better than meat that can look after itself, be forgiving if guests are delayed and still be absolutely gorgeous?

I had never cooked a shoulder of pork before and when I did roast some thing, it was always dry. The crunch is my favourite bit…apart from the meat, because that’s gorgeous, too!Hope you enjoyed every morsel!
Because it is a slow roast, you need the fat to melt down, infusing the meat with its porky juiciness! I put the 6802 IC in the new socket and tested the game and so far sound has been working just fine!Comments:No comments have yet been made.
The rind will crisp up (if you slice at it) into delicious strips of hard, crunchy and tasty crackling.
Butchers will slice the rind for you and, in fact, most joints come with the skin cut already but I like to get a lot of narrowly spaced slashes so I start by sharpening my favourite filleting knife.
All you have to do is run the knife through the middle a few times and the blade is perfectly sharp, which is something I have never achieved using a steel. Be careful, if you are slashing not to slice into the meat itself – just cut the rind and the fat below.
You just know, when it looks like this after half an hour that it will have the perfect crackling when it is finished! I’ve followed this method twice and both times have been excellent, just had a slow roasted leg of pork and it was incredible!
Choose a large (I only say that because I am greedy) piece of pork with a good layer of fat and skin and off you go. I think the net will become embedded in the crackling when it puffs up, so I’d say cut the net.
We have used this method about 8 times now with various sized pieces of pork and they always turn out meltingly tender with a super crisp crackling. I think that shows, Kate, that size really isn’t everything ?? because it does work with various sizes and weights.
Though really as long as you have it on hot and high to start then lower and slower for the rest of the time it doesn’t really matter! I really think there’s nothing finer than juicy, tasty pork with crunchy, crispy crackling!
You will get good crackling from the skin of a pork loin usually, but you might not have enough fat to do the extended slow roast. The thing about this way of cooking is that after the initial high burst, the temperature goes right down and you can cook away for hours. One of our favourite things is the crispy, fatty bits on a roast joint… all juicy and packed with flavour.
My brother used the same criteria when he got married Рmy sister in law is absolutely fabulous and we all love her dearly (he made a brilliant choice, marrying her) but again, she hates that sort of thing. The rain was bouncing off the pavements outside and I just knew that roast pork would be the perfect  antidote to the gloomy rain blues. When the pork comes out of the oven the rind will have crisped and almost bubbled up with flecks of salt crystals embedded into it to make the crackling taste divine.

The meat will be cooked properly no matter what the size ( a full pig might need longer, I admit :-)) because you are maintaining a low-level of heat after a high sear. It’s a smell that has always reassured me that things are happy and well in the family. Bose Recalls Dual-Voltage CineMate II Home Theater The same stuff you spray on rubber to keep it from dry cracking. 99 Buy It Now Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones will soon be avaialable in Malta.
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