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Frozen Fiefdom - Who Is, What Is?A The names and places of those appearing in this story are real; except for the few which will be noted in parenthesis or quotation marks. Sometimes, and sometimes it stays as smooth as a round diamond dropped from another planet, more beautiful and precious than you remembered.
This morning I went out to feed Sally and Bob but I couldna€™t find the scoop for the new sack of oats.
Last night on the radio I heard Slim Frye had been killed, in a car crash in West Texas, and the Reno DJ played several of his songs as I remembered his red Porsche rushing past the sage and leaving the trail of fancy dresses and guitar before I found her walking alone in high heels along the desert road.
That first night after the chicken dinner Jodie madea€”after Ia€™d joked, a€?So wea€™re going to be famous?a€? and Jodie had turned over my palm and showed me our hands were the same, the little star where the life and heart lines meta€”we went out into the summer yard. I carried the lawn chairs from under the dusty branches of the cottonwood and Jodie sat back, looking up at the sky while I played the guitar and we sang the songs Jodie was sure would change our lives and those of a million strangers.
A a€?Then she was quiet, temporarily calm about our budding career as sure-fire country stars. Jodie gazed at the scattered distant stars, as if her real home was a distant world and on Earth she was a stranger.
There was hurt, a private bitterness in her voice, and I felt a sudden wave of sympathy for the woman Ia€™d known since noon.
The different stars blinked white and red, blue and green, and I remembered by its color you could tell a stara€™s age, whether it was young and new or dying, burning out, though I couldna€™t remember what colors showed youth or age, birth or death. I pulled out clean sheets and pillowcases from the hall cabinet, and Jodie took them from me and there was a second of awkwardness as our hands brushed. She sounded wistful, as if she were fighting a future disappointment or regret, but then shea€™d had a long day that could have turned scary. Then she went into my parentsa€™ old room and closed the door and I shut off all the lights and lay back in bed, looking up through the dusty screen at the sky beyond the cottonwood. As I closed my eyes I remembered the touch of her fingernail as she traced my palm that was like her own, that her mother had read when Jodie was a girl, telling her that someday shea€™d sing for the President.
In jeans, Western shirt and boots, and her hair pulled back, Jodie was cooking pancakes at the stove.
In the morning light at the window we ate pancakes with hot syrup and bacon and drank our coffee among circling, rising red and gold dust motes. She stood at the sink with her back turned, humming a€?Current of Lovea€? as I got up to go out to the barn. I had one horse saddled when she came through the barn door with something wrapped in one of my mothera€™s old blue plaid tablecloths.
Jodie dug her heels in sharply and the mare bolted past Bob before I could grab the bridle, galloping down the road past the house. We raced across the high pasture toward the creek and Jodie beat me by ten yards as we reined in.
We crossed the shallow ditch and trotted across the pasture toward the dry hills that came down in spread fingers.
With Jodie in the lead we took a game trail up the spine of the longest hill until we reached the high wall of mountain. We let the horses pick their way up the steep broken slope, through rock and manzanita toward the pines along the ridge.
Jodie pointed toward the far edge of the pasture, at the lone pine and the small square of iron picket fence with white stones inside. We started the circuit of the bowl, moving in and out of the scattered line of pines on the curved narrow mesa.
I held Jodiea€™s hand as we walked gingerly across the twenty yards of arrow chippings and splintered fallen rock.
She turned, squinting as she looked back at the bed of glittering shards.a€?a€?a€?They knew this place,a€? Jodie said.
I took her other hand and we crossed the carpet of glass, then rode on, looking east away from the valley, toward the broken buttes and towers beyond the mesa.
We rode on for half an hour, following the valley side of the ridge, until I saw the big Jeffrey pine. We sat down and Jodie served the chicken and the mashed potatoes shea€™d fried in cakes onto paper dishes. We rode a mile the way we came, not talking, Jodie a few yards in front of me, until I found an easy slope. I stopped among the cottonwoods where the water bubbled up and pooled behind the stone weir before it curled down the creek bed.
I remembered Slim Fryea€™s red Porsche as now Jodie stood, looking at the trees that circled the pool. I walked in, feeling the shock of the pure cold pool, and dived, pulling down through the strong upwelling water.
Gold specks drifted down like dust, past the three bright slanting bars that always looked like searchlights hunting for treasure. I treaded, looking over at the cottonwood as Jodie stepped out in a white lace bra and panties. Then she made a quick dive with fingers and toes gracefully together, came up saying a€?Brrrrrra€? like a kid and working her shoulders in a shiver, then breast-stroked out toward the middle. Under her excitement Jodie was breathing unevenly, splashing a little raggedly at the water. I leaned down and didna€™t know Jodiea€™s sweet scent from the crushed sweetness of the grass as I felt her shoulder for the thin strap.
Holding Jodie as we made love in the valley where I was born, I felt everything Ia€™d held back for so long give way and rise like our bodies in the river rushing from the rock toward the sunlit water and the speckled shadows of the shifting leaves. We glided forward underwater, kicked up, took a breath, turned and stroked down through the green light to the open door that whispers things and glints with quartz from the dark walls beyond it.
I went down to the bank and slipped into my clothes and boots, then walked back and picked up Boba€™s reins from the grass, leading him over to Sally.
A Then she was quiet, temporarily calm about our budding career as sure-fire country stars. She turned, squinting as she looked back at the bed of glittering shards.a€?They knew this place,a€? Jodie said.
From the wide trunk I lifted the tin dipper from its nail, ran it through the water, then dipped it full and handed it to Jodie. Most car owners are familiar with the sound of their cars when their vehicles are running smoothly, but when an unfamiliar sound occurs it can be very unsettling.
Actually, this one isn't about Klund and yet it is - he may feel I'm mocking his children as they recently appeared in some similar photos. So, Klund takes the trouble to let us know about the funniest hour on televsion, but on the way home, I heard about the most exciting hour of television. George Soros' speech to the National Press Club, via Atrios: The destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center was such a horrendous event that it required a strong response. The Station Agent was an absolutely wonderful film according to pretty much everybody but Chris Hewitt, the critic from the St. Orcinus published Part II of his Rise of Pseudo Fascism article today, The Architecture of Fascism. You realize that the wonder hasna€™t faded, cracked or turned to dust, even when you set it down and stare at your empty palm like a Ghost Dancer whoa€™s returned from heaven and awakened. From a shelf I lifted an old baking soda tin and inside was Jodiea€™s shiny black ball of obsidian shea€™d kept under her pillow. When wea€™d brought in the groceries from town shea€™d found the pile of lyrics on the table and later taken up my guitar while I was out irrigating the pasture. I figured Jodie had her ghosts, Slim Frye the most recent, and suddenly I felt both innocent and lucky, grateful for my unsuccessful but slender love life. I held the screen door and followed her in to the house that smelled sweet, of night air crossing grass. We said good night, Jodie thanking me for putting her up until Johnny Blacka€™s band came to Waverly in two weeks, me thanking her for dinner and liking my music.
Ia€™d dreamed about the Branding Iron in Waverly, where once a week I played at Amateur Night. The audience stood and swayed, clapping time, and Jodie and I stood side-by-side, each playing a guitar like the one Jodiea€™d lost.
It felt exciting, strange and good, having a woman in the house singing your song to herself as the day began.
It had a soft curve, like it had just cooled and hardened after bubbling up from the center of the Earth.
We had quite a ride.a€? Wea€™d ridden five or six miles, climbed right up the slope of the bowl to the top.

I turned on my back, looking up at the blue sky beyond the branches, listening to the needles move in the soft breeze. She stood up and I wrapped the containers and empty plates in the tablecloth and pushed it into the saddlebag. We went down through broken ground to a bluff, then through the white grass to the east pasture and across it toward the line of trees. I gripped the stone edge of the dark square-ish door, then turned, looking up toward the froth rising toward the light. I let go, leaning into the current, and with a kick and one arm-stroke let the water take me straight to the surface.
I gripped the rocka€™s edge and looked back to see Jodie pulling hard against the current, moving down through the column of light, her long hair yellow now and flowing out behind her.
With a kick she rose up, her shapely slim hips and legs and feet slipping from the darkness that turned green and then lighter green and finally yellow.
Jodie swam up close and I put my hands on her waist, turning her back to me, then with my feet pushed off from the rock, lifting her out and up into the rush of water and letting her go.
I went to Sally and took out the tablecloth from the saddlebag, setting the leftover food and plates at the foot of the tree. We held hands, moved out into the pushing water, and together drifted without kicking to the surface. The sun hung above the western ridge, shining at a lowering angle across the valley, and a quicker breeze stirred the flashing two-colored willows. Bob and Sallya€™s hooves hit sharply against the road and the man and woman who would sing a€?Travis Jacksona€? to millions and the foolish President and like a stone cut in half to show its pretty crystals would never be the same started toward the yellow house by the cottonwood. If you do hear a sound that is not the normal humming of your car, it may actually be beneficial because your car is trying to tell you that something is wrong. However, it's more of an homage - they stimulated my interest in finding the timer button on my digital camera for no other reason than to accomplish this little bit of idiocy because I was bored after a few hours at the playground.
French Dip sent me a very similar advertisement for a Christian mortgage service a few weeks ago. It probably tells you as much about your personality as the majority of these things do, but that doesn't take away the enjoyment - I wonder if George Bush is a Benevolent Ruler too?
But the President committed a fundamental error in thinking: the fact that the terrorists are manifestly evil does not make whatever counter-actions we take automatically good. Paul Pioneer Press, and I thank Erik for referring it to me - I really enjoyed it and I think Rotten Tomatoes is spot on with their 95%. I felt that she noticed, sensed the electric tension in my open, down-turned hands that would spark if they touched her.
I lifted the saddlebag and walked over under the tree, kicking a few cones from a cool bed of needles. She threw me a quick look and turned forward as we raced across the grass as far as the dirt road, where Bob pulled even and we brought up the horses. The noise could be an early signal of an auto system or component failure and chances are pretty good that some strange car talk will accompany it.It’s important to pay attention to the sound so that you can troubleshoot the problem and react accordingly.
Sure, God might have good rates, but I bet Satan could find you a better rate if the terms were right. A  Why fictionalize the life and times of someone who appears to be so incredibly fascinating to so many? Shea€™d taken a hard fall the day before and had to gather her clothes and fancy red shoes from the sage and tumbleweeds. How you respond to the noise can determine the inconvenience that the problem will end up being for you and your pocketbook. Mustard - why bother photoshopping pictures of me when I willingly pose for the real things. I wonder if that's what Alan Greenspan is all about - low Satanic mortgages just to keep them out of God's hands. Seriously; when was the last time you boarded a commercial carrier flight and the counter attendant staff (with their name badge either removed, or turned to hide their name) said as you offered to show ID, because they had not asked to see it (sniff sniff, wouldn't that be considered a slip in following TSA or FAA regs?): "Oh, We know who you are!
Tracking down the origin of an unfamiliar noise can sometimes be difficult because car sounds can vary with weather conditions, road conditions, going up or down hills and vehicle speeds. President Bush admits no doubt and does not base his decisions on a careful weighing of reality.
That the SA and SS and their respective publications and actions in Nazi Germany complemented each other by providing foils for escalating atrocities against Jews. However, with careful observation you can often isolate the noise.Squealing or Squeaking NoisesIf your brakes are beginning to wear, the brakes will probably emit a squealing noise. Short guy train enthusiast's friend dies and leaves him a train station - he learns to enjoy his life and the people he meets. When the SA initiated violent attacks and screeds against Jews, the SS could counter-position itself as the technocratic voice of reason, trying to assure the populace that pogroms would not interrupt day-to-day life and affect moral conscience and that there were more efficient ways to handle the issue.
This is a warning that your brake pads may need to be replaced because they are wearing down. Thus the more violent and virulent the SA became, the more capable the SS was of putting forward their eventually exterminist agenda for Jews and in the best possible light.
The sound can also be affected by different driving styles, such as severe braking and dusty or sandy roads.
Chris Hewitt liked this one - so maybe he just has consistency issues, or maybe he's afraid of little people.
It would seem that this is what is going on now and I'd be interested to hear someone address it.
I should check his ratings for Lord of the Rings. Next up for me, via Netflix, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter - I kid you not.
I've heard discussions of the use of language by the right to create particular ideas, but I haven't heard a discussion about how the over-the-top ideas of the right, particularly anti-homosexual rants like those voiced by Jimmy Swaggart, or anti-Muslim diatribes like Michelle Malkin, provide a screen for the more "moderate" voices of the right preaching pretty much the exact same thing - Fox News, et al.
I've made light of such an invasion, and asked my "contacts" to send the Royalty Checks to the P.O.
Since brakes are a vital component of your car’s system, any unusual noise like squealing or squeaking from the brakes should be inspected to ensure they are maintained and work properly.If you happen to hear squealing or squeaking coming from under your car’s hood, it often indicates that a belt is slipping from its mounting. It's not even important enough to rate a splat or a fresh on Rotten Tomatoes - I can't wait. The depth of the similarities are deeper in that this Administration maintains a relative silence on the issue of homosexuality, but offers coded assurances to supporters that it's not off the board, that the persecution of gay Americans isn't something that will be put on the wayside - observe the comments about Kerry's and Edward's hair, etc. A worn or loose belt can be the culprit so be sure to have the belt readjusted or replaced if it is frayed or cracked.
This serves a twofold purpose of encoding a message to those who think they know the real Bush agenda and, at the same time, emasculating their opponents, one of the first rules of fascism - the language of fascism is masculine and about masculine leaders.
The sound can also be caused by leaking fluids getting on the belt from other engine systems.
Be certain to have any leaks fixed before you install a new belt to avoid it from failing prematurelyGrinding NoisesIf you ignore the squealing sound coming from you breaks, then you’re in for a shock since the next gruesome noise you could hear is a powerful grinding. That the evolution of a group conscience aimed at expelling a minority from the body (volk) is not necessarily at odds with a different attitude toward discrete individuals by discrete individuals. While most Germans had to participate in the extermination of Jews in some manner: settling bank accounts, selling off assets, processing assets, adjusting rental units, negotiating bills for those who had disappeared - individual acts of kindness towards Jews who were friends persisted throughout the war. The metal backing plate is essentially hitting metal on the metal disk more commonly referred to as a “rotor”. This is event more the case considering the right versus homosexuality where homosexuality doesn't reside in a percent or two of the population and doesn't necessarily reside with another family (if you have ten family members, you're working the odds), but likely in one's own, even if you refuse to acknowledge it. Maybe that "Landscaping" scene in the shower might do something for you; it was just ordinary grooming for me. This being the case, your braking system is ineffective and the braking power of the car is severely compromised. Hence, politicians like Dick Cheney and Alan Keyes who can condemn homosexuality as a whole while having gay daughters and friends. At this point, it is possible that not only will the pads have to be replaced, so too will the rotors.Another grinding, clicking or rumbling sound that might occur is when you are taking a tight turn in a parking lot.
There is a rewriting of history to portray your enemies as responsible for the current political woes and moral problems while simultaneously recalling a golden era when those problems did not exist.
Former State of Alaska employee, former salesperson of retail tourist items and fine collectibles, currently unemployed but extremely busy uncovering the "stiffs and stashes" and countless other dirty lowdowns which were rumored to only be dusty old stories from the early days in the Mini Fiefdom and the Big Berg. When your front wheels turn, the CV joint allows both wheels to receive power to complete the turn and if you ignore this sound, you’re in for big trouble with a one wheel drive car at best. Thus, the persecution of Bill Clinton as somehow responsible for the moral breakdown of American society and the Clinton administration (and liberals and the left in general) as responsible for the problems with terrorists and a harkening back to the eras of Regan, Nixon and even McCarthy.

Judging by the amount of "unusual activities" and oddities surrounding my life; there just might be more than one ugly little something being hidden, or covered up.
Other grinding noises can range from a pebble getting stuck between brake pad and the rotor or a failing alternator and the car’s engine cannot turn over.
And those who would know the full story and detailed truths are either dead, or have snapped their lips shut tighter than a clam in a low tide.
You should never ignore grinding noises because they are seldom good, so if there are strange and unfamiliar noises, have a mechanic inspect the car as soon as possible.Hissing NoisesA hissing noise could be the sound that you hear when there is a leak in your tire. And finally, simply the existence of scholarly racism - that there exists a programmatic effort to create a structured, intellectual, scholarly movement to justify 1, 2 and 3 - a full blown funding of think tanks, publications, scientists, and other media to create the false impression of a science that does not actually demonstrate any scientific evidence outside a political viewpoint.
A Currently and temporarily ensconced in the warmth of sunny Los Angeles, until the job offers roll in.
You can find it by spraying a solution of soapy water on the tire and watch to see if small bubbles are escaping from a hole. Anyone who watched Santorum debate the number of parents necessary for a healthy family during the gay marriage debate was privileged to see the modern equivalent of this point. Have the air leak patched because driving on an under inflated tire can harm your car’s alignment, damage the tire even more or damage the tire rim.Another hissing sound could be from a bad radiator hose, radiator cap or the radiator itself can cause a hissing sound in your car. This hissing sound happens when the coolant is low and pressurized steam builds up to the point it cannot escape correctly. If the steam cannot escape, it most likely means that your engine is running hotter than it should as well.Play it SafeA car is a complex machine with a symphony of sounds, but once in a while even the most reliable car is affected by unfamiliar sounds that might spell a problem. Finds inner peace by practicing Reiki, meditating, humming, gong banging, and any other "Higher Self" reaches; whatever the name of the day is.
Those methods of achieving relaxation, spiritual enlightenment, or whatever one needs to feel well and in tune with themselves, are referred to as "Wand Waving" in our historical family vernacular.
1 and 2 of a touching note she mailed to me on August 6, 2007, here for page 3, which was handed to me by one of the other women who also rented from Jewel, a few days later as it arrived in the mailbox, via the USPS. One of many 3 lettered agencies which forms a staggeringly huge, yet relatively unsophisticated, branch of the United States government.
Should be right next to my photo that I submitted later; attached to one of "those other emails" that I sent to you. Box is still my current permanent address, in case something has opened up; or how many Royalty Checks shall I be expecting to receive? A I'm guessing that employment prospects for me there are looking less than likely; perhaps a short term contract for Fund Raising might be offered? I have not mentioned this book or odd events to her, other than a few questions about Eric's behavior when she and I spoke briefly in a bedroom at Christmas in Anna's home, and were repeatedly interrupted by Anna. An outstanding resource for drumming up dates, finding living quarters, meeting other artists, selling a futon; I've used many of their sections with fantastic results. I appreciate your service to our country.) married our Mother, and produced 4 offspring, like good Catholics did. How about those telling tunes, dead air moments, and skips which fired frequently over the airways of the Juneau radio stations during the 1960's and 1970's? Once a conversation with him is fully underway; it's amazing how much knowledge he has, on many subjects.
He's doesn't fit the profile of a neighborhood BusyBody, but he has the knowledge base of one. I thought now was perfect opportunity to ask him a few questions regarding some words my Gramma shared with me over the years; particularly about the perhaps not so good old days in the Mini Fiefdom, and the Big Berg.
Formerly a self contained and fully operational Production Unit featuring its own school, Mt.
Jumbo (teach you a lesson!) and the sounds of children and adults long since passed over, still echo thoughout its hollowed halls today.
A Catholic Church (pray to excuse your daily sins), cold storage facility (kill 'em and chill 'em), laundromat (wash and dry those stains bye-bye!), fuel and service station (bring 'em in, take 'em apart), fire department (sound the alarm!) water reservoir (beaver water, anyone? A favored description used by my Gramma of the water coming from the tap) public works equipment (rigs to dig), public library (shhh!! It's a Secret!) boat harbor (what floats your boat?), beauty shop (as my brother would say "no help for some")full service grocery store (everybody's got to eat), a couple of bars (drink your pour, say no more), at least one restaurant, a building referred to as "The Indian School" which was apparently the school for Natives (non-whites) when my Mother was young. The local Native children attended public school by the time I was enrolled in the late 60's. A quiet little community, which also featured at least three cemeteries, which are still in existence; if not in current use. Some things have changed in the last 40 years, different businesses closing and opening, new owners, and Douglas being hooked up to the citywide water and sewer system.
Shucks, I sorta miss seeing the toilet paper bits, and other assorted chunks of unidentifiable materials floating in Gastineau Channel. I believe that I would be an outstanding employee for them; although my sense of humor might be a bit over the top for some staff.
A A "Feeders:" Those who were on the receiving end of the wire worn by at least one person who interviewed me in June of 2007. It was not specified who they were, or what Branch they represented, but they were informed on my past and present activities with amazingly accurate details. Based on what I've read, the questions and MO used sounds like a branch of the US government; some say the CIA.
Could be; I don't know, and they have elected to not communicate via email other than replying to the one back door tactic I used of sending a few questions to their Entertainment Industry Liaison.
Younger sister of mine (by 11 months) and is the epitome of "Spy Struck." She can quote you a line from almost any James Bond flick, has "The Avengers" on DVD, and when she made a reference to "Matt Helm" and I asked who he was, she whipped out a videocassette and popped it into the machine! Even I recognized ol' Dino, and someone in movies or TV has to be a very prominent person if I know who they are. I wasn't CONvinced of that reply, and when I pressed her for details, she claimed to be too busy to "OOOMMMM" over that puzzler in Automotive Physics again; so I emailed the guys at Car Talk for an expert opinion. Litvinenko, the wife of the former KGB Spy who died in London in November 2006, from poisoning with a peppering of polonium-210; before the book was written, or published!!"The wife of Litvenyenko is writing her own book I read sometime ago. I was just thinking last week I needed to tune in and tap into that again." February 14, 2008 email from Gail.
A According to my sibs, she was the first to raise the alarm that I was "Missing." Given her line of work, I'm not buying that. She'd be keeping the cops away from the barn; although technically speaking, I don't think that providing Fetish Services is illegal. She has a pleasant voice, was also answering her own Fantasy Fone Line through one of the services available; might still be. Attractive, with a dramatic flair.A She didn't bring work home, and the house was usually tidy.
It's been an amazing cross section who have replied, and I seem to have quite a following of readers; even if I didn't date them.
A Taxpayers, please note: It is worthwhile to state that any "employees" on the public payroll who I chose to meet, had decent writing skills, or exhibited something which compelled me to have a coffee date with them. You might not feel as if you are getting your monies' worth as you fork over that chunk o' cash out of your earnings every year, but it's got to be going somewhere once you've kissed it goodbye. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS!
HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw? A I'm guessing that employment prospects for me there are looking less than likely; perhaps a short term contract for Fund Raising might be offered? I'd appreciate the Press and others exercising some good sense, and to not contact her.
How about those telling tunes, dead air moments, and skips which fired frequently over the airways of the Juneau radio stations during the 1960's and 1970's?
The local Native children attended public school by the time I was enrolled in the late 60's. Even I recognized ol' Dino, and someone in movies or TV has to be a very prominent person if I know who they are.

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