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This happens to me all the time whenever I wake up, but it only happens in the summer and it started happening once I moved into the basement.
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I woke up last weekend with sharp pain in my left ear, realized my regular doctor's office was closed, and decided to hop in my van to head over to a local walk-in clinic. None of these questions were necessary in determining I needed a prescription for antibiotics, and yet the doctor persisted. On the flip side of the skeptics I encounter, there are tons of people who find my independence inspiring. Whether people are dubious or inspired, their comments, questions, and offers of help always stem from the same basic assumptions about disabled people - that we're not entitled to any privacy regarding how we go about our daily lives, and that we're incapable of autonomous actions. Seriously, wouldn't it bug you if the things you did every day were constantly questioned, or if people fawned over you just for doing something as simple as going to the doctor or running an errand? So, here's my philosophy on independence, and this extends to people of all abilities, disabled or not: Regardless of how people do things - whether they had help eating their breakfast or did it on their own, or whether they got a ride or drove somewhere on their own - it's not anyone's business. Last night, for the first time in a long time, I sat down and read some of my favorite blogs on Bloglovin‘. We are an online resource dedicated to showing what happens when modification goes wrong all in the name of education.
AS she trains for her second 66-mile cycle, determined mum Nicola tells how keeping fit and having a positive attitude is helping her cope with her incurable condition. MUM Nicola Forbes had no idea how her life would change when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a€“ but lying down to it was never an option. Mum-of-two Nicola, from Inverness, said: a€?I woke up one morning with pins and needles in my feet and jumped out of bed and stood on the cold floor, hoping it would disappear. MS is the most common disabling neurological condition affecting adults, with diagnosis generally between the ages of 20 and 40.

Two years on from her diagnosis, Nicola is living life to the full and using her experience to inspire others. She added: a€?I wasna€™t even sure if I would make it to the first village, but I thought if I finish in under six hours, that would be an achievement. I don't find anything particularly out of the ordinary about the fact that I handled this situation, but the doctor I saw did. Her face and tone made it pretty obvious that she was doubtful of my independence and ability to pursue my own medical care, despite the fact that I was clearly by myself and already right in front of her. I recently went to a dentist appointment and just as I finished up at the check-out desk, the receptionist asked, "Is someone already here to pick you up?" When I said no, and that I'd driven myself there, she said "WOW!
I don't applaud random people for getting out of bed in the morning, nor do I ask how they did it. I’d stop with massages for now until the tissue calms back down and stop wearing surgical steel as you can sometimes develop a nickel allergy, which can cause a reaction similar ro the one seen. It is the result of damage to the myelin a€“ a protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system. After a quick look in both ears, the doctor (who I'd never met before) began peppering me with nosy questions that were completely irrelevant to treating my newly diagnosed ear infection.
Then, as I got ready to leave the exam room, the doctor practically lunged at me to try to help me put my coat on and acted as though I'd offended her when I told her I could do it myself. The episode focuses on assumptions people make about disabled people, independence, and whether they need help. From blowouts and torn lobes, to home-done tattoos and rejecting surface bars, we'll show you how to do it right! It's amazing that you got yourself here." And then, of course, she tried to help me put my coat on.
I’d just leave it for now until the swelling calms, and is it if an allergy, reinserting the plugs may well cause the same reaction.

At that time, I was training for a 20-mile run and 30-mile cycle and thought Ia€™d just overdone it. After the swelling and irritation has subsided, perform light massages with the body-safe oil of your choice.
In Scotland, there are around 10,500 people with MS a€“ more people per capita than anywhere else in the world. You may well find that your ear has shrunk after this, so don’t be surprised it you end up at 16-14mm, but just stretch back again waiting 3 months between every mm to ensure your lobes stay healthy. I went back to the doctor and he told me I couldna€™t compete in the race, which was a bit of a blow as Ia€™d spent months training. It might also be worth heading to your local reputable shop to have them take another look, but it may well be a developed nickel allergy.
She added: a€?The neurologist explained how serious it was and from that moment, I knew that my life was going to change.
Also, you may have knocked it in your sleep, so try and sleep without plugs when you are wearing jewellery again. Ita€™s a tough challenge and takes a lot out of me, but if I can do it then anyone can.a€? Nicola does worry about the future and while her symptoms are under control with medication, she is keen to raise funds for research. She is taking part in a charity walk from Fort Augustus to Inverness with her daughter Mia, 11, and they have already raised more than £600.
A donation of £54 for the MS Society funds an hour of research into finding better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for MS.

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