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Author: admin, 05.11.2013
In related CES news, Audio-Technica announced that its recently introduced ATH-ANC7b active noise-cancelling headphones received an Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The ATH-ANC27 offers an outstanding combination of performance, value, comfort and portability. The ATH-ANC27 has a locking detachable cord, enabling its use as cordless noise-cancelling headphones, and its audio functions even if its battery runs down, ensuring listeners will never be without their music. In addition to its detachable 3.9-foot cord, the ATH-ANC27 comes with a durable hard-shell travel case, ?-inch plug adapter, airline adapter and an AAA battery. The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27 active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones will be available March 2010 online or at Audio-Technica authorized retailers at a suggested retail price of $119.95.

A new rumor from China claims that the local tech giant Lenovo is busy working on a new ZUK smartphone that will come with smaller dimensions. The company LaCie, a maker of RAID solutions and other recording devices, has announced that its 5big Thunderbolt Series, 2big Thunderbolt Series and d2 Thunderbolt Series come with 5 TB hard drives at 7200 rpm, allowing the construction of 25 TB RAID solutions. Sony Ericsson announced "Extras" as the new name for their portfolio of accessories, and also two new Bluetooth HeadSets, which are the VH110 and the VH410. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! It provides up to 85% noise reduction, utilizing advanced QuietPoint ANC technology that detects environmental noise via miniature built-in microphones, and applies a corresponding sound-cancelling signal.

The device, when released, will target people who wish to have a smartphone with a smaller display and hence smaller dimensions. Sony Ericsson Extras will enhance consumers' mobile phone experience throughout a variety of products in store.
The ATH-ANC27 delivers exceptional sound quality with powerful bass, a natural midrange, detailed treble and precise imaging in an immersive soundfield.

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