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Author: admin, 17.01.2014
Treatment for relieving tinnitus in pregnancy should always be on the advice of your doctor.
Pulsatile tinnitus, where the sound is in synchronisation with the heart beat, is also common among expectant mothers. If you have a pre-existing tinnitus condition you will probably find that its intensity will increase while you are pregnant. During pregnancy your body will go through some massive changes both physically and hormonally and it is these changes that can bring about the onset of tinnitus.
Due to the stress that can be caused by tinnitus during pregnancy, it is important to let your medical practitioner know about the condition so that he or she can provide the correct treatment. If your stress levels are increasing and the tinnitus is a contributing factor then a safe option is to use a tinnitus masker. Using these devices can also assist in reducing insomnia which is very common during pregnancy.
In severe cases of tinnitus your doctor may refer you to a specialist who will most likely recommend a “White Noise” machine specifically calibrated to your tinnitus.
Avoidance of any loud external noises is important…the use of ear muffs or ear plugs may be required. The safety of your unborn baby is always paramount, so it is extremely important to discuss your tinnitus with your doctor before proceeding with any remedies or treatment related to tinnitus in pregnancy. It’s quite common for tinnitus to be present during pregnancy and could partly be due to your higher blood pressure.
I’ve set up this website to provide useful information and to help other tinnitus sufferers learn how to manage and live with this annoying condition. Top 3 Articles (voted by our visitors!)Tinnitus Remedies 2 CommentsTinnitus is the technical term for a persistent ringing in the ears.
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Vitamin and herbal treatments should be avoided unless prescribed by your doctor because some could have an adverse effect on the developing foetus.
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