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Author: admin, 26.08.2015
You can count on American Pearl to offer you the world's finest quality AAA Akoya pearl stud earrings available in the marketplace. My beautiful pearl necklace and earrings arrived within 3 days of purchase and are more beautiful than I have ever seen before. The Japanese are mad about beetles, from collecting Japanese rhinoceros beetles to the popular arcade game "Mushiking". The unique piercing has been made by a Taiwanese designer and is sold at counterculture book store Village Vanguard in Japan.

Unlike other sellers who quietly hide a half-formed (what we call a three-quarter-cut) pearl into a gold cup, American Pearl only uses perfectly round, complete, clean pearls. The beetle trend really exploded in the mid--2000's, though it's still going strong, as this Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle Earring demonstrates. All of our matched pairs have the same (1) body color, (2) luster, (3) overtone and (4) size.
This ring is unconditionally guaranteed by American Pearl for the authenticity of the gold or platinum, the natural color of the pearl and the workmanship.

I have lost several pairs of pearl stud earrings due to flimsy, tiny, wobbly and poorly fitted backings. Known as kabutomushi in Japanese, the rhinoceros beetle is one of the most popular creepy crawlies and can even become a fashion accessory.

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