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Author: admin, 13.07.2014
With just a few days left in launch, there are bound to be some leaks of Rockstar’s upcoming blockbuster title, Grand Theft Auto V. We already detailed a set of top 10 features which we are looking forward to the most with GTA V but it turns out to be that the game has alot more to offer. The game has a large list of soundtracks with a total of 15 radio stations varying in different genres as detailed by Rolling stone. But all is not good when it comes to leaks, apparently Microsoft is banning people who are posting videos or any information regarding GTA V from Xbox Live.

There have been tons of leaks by now showcasing the GTA V Gameplay Videos, Pictures, possible soundtracks, missions and fully detailed map of Los Santos.
GTA V features the biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created that blends blends storytelling and gameplay in new ways. The game would also feature an open world multiplayer along with the classic hallmarks of the Grand Theft Auto series.
The map of the game is gigantic, Rockstar crafted a Los Santos that even makes Skyrim look small and you can see a comparison posted below between the map of GTA V and GTA IV.
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The map has several key points and locations which you can free roam to if you don’t want to do the main quests. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.

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