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A clean and hygienic body piercing studio is of paramount importance when having a body piercing. The pictures above show the body piercing studio; this is in our view, how a professional body piercing studio should look. When you enter a body piercing studio, look out for a certificate of health and safety from the local council, and also a certificate of training.

The photos below should give you some idea of things to look out for when entering a body piercing studio. Autoclave, Ultra Sonic, Cleaning Tray, Saline Solution, Zinc tablets, Aftercare packs, Mouthwash. Ultra Sonic is used for removing particles of bodymatter.The cleaning tray is where the instruments are put after a piercing, before being put into the Autoclave. Dry Storage, Galley Pot, Gloves, Tools, Tissue, Mirror, Marking Pen, Cotton Buds, Vernier Calipers.Dry storage holds the sterilized jewellery for hygiene. Tissue roll, Mepore patches, Gloves, Cotton Buds, Sterets.Mepore patches cover the new piercing, Gloves are worn for all piercings and changes of jewellery.

Aftercare packs contain zinc tablets, to help regrowth of the skin around the piercing, saline solution, cotton buds and mepore dressings. Canulars are used to keep the hole open after the needle has been removed, in order to allow the jewellery to be put in place.

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