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Author: admin, 28.03.2016
Complete with design tips and instruction leaflets this kit is a great way to get started making jewellery.
The pair of Round nosed pliers are for turning pins and making loops and the pair of Snipe or flat nosed Pliers for crushing crimps and closing loops. Jewellery Making Starter Kit available from Bluestreak Beads the online bead store.

Add to that the Cutters for snipping your pins and wire and you are ready to start making jewellery with the box of beads, seed beads and findings and the glass beads included. There are over 20 types of beads in the perspex compartmentalised box along with 100s of tiny rocaille and bugle beads, some natural leather thong and some thread for necklace making.You should be able to make 5 pairs of earrings, some bracelets and necklaces and a few Thong pendants. There is also a pack of hundreds of seed beads in assorted colours and a packet of gemstone chips.

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