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Trash to Treasure - Recycled Art WorkshopThe Trash to Treasure art workshop offers a fantastic range of tried & tested creative workshops to engage young people in reusing ordinary materials they encounter regularly. The students can participate in a range of creative projects through the Trash to Treasure art workshop.
This workshop is a perfect cross curricular introduction to sustainability and recycling that discusses educational tools to reuse, reduce and recycle. Geography - importance of sustainable development, environmental issues, resource issues, recognising how the environment may be improved or sustained. Young people will have the opportunity to learn the value of the materials around them, reusing and giving new life to resources rather than sending them to landfill or leaving them stuffed in the back of a cupboard!
Workshops are available in both short drop-in style workshops or longer sessions where crafts take two hours or more to complete.

Our workshops can vary in cost, so please provide us with some more information eg, numbers, location and the workshop you are interested in and we will provide you with a personal quote. We are very proud to say that we always aim to beat our competitor's costs whilst providing first class practitioners who will inspire and engage the young people they are delivering too! Contact us about this workshopThis workshop is available across the north of England and much of the rest of the country.
For quick and easy workshop sessions lasting 15-45 minutes, participants can choose from; juice carton wallets, button bracelets, greeting card boxes, mini bunting, clear-up-your-clutter can or CD sun-catchers. It's a perfect way to learn about recycling and sustainability in a non-lecturing environment. We can also create a workshop especially for you – taking your budget, timeframes and location into consideration.To find out more, please take a minute to complete the form below.

It's vitally important for today's younger generation to learn about recycling and sustainability. For longer workshops, students can learn to create; personalised notebooks, sock creatures, cupcake pin-cushions, shabby chic brooches or junk mail jewellery. Participants also learn crafting skills and generally relax and have a good chat with others in the group.

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