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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. I’ve been using this storage system for about 12 years, and it works really well for me.
Instead of having a dedicated jewelry workspace in my home, I make jewelry in various places around the house.
I like the freedom to work and create in different spaces – so my storage system is designed for that.
So my storage system is designed to make it easy for me to bring only the tools and supplies I need for my project, to whatever place I’m going to work. I love the portability of my supplies with this system – and being able to pull out just one or two drawers that have what I need, and taking them to my work area. My tumbler and the strainers I use for washing or rinsing jewelry items are behind the drawers. I typed up the bead-color labels on my computer, printed them, and attached them to the front of these boxes with wide, clear packing tape. I can easily bring whichever bead color box(es) I need, to wherever I’m going to work. Everything goes back easily into its proper drawer (or bead box) that I’ve carried to my workspace.
And from there it’s only a few seconds until each drawer or box is back in its regular storage place.
If my jewelry project is unfinished, it just stays in its tray, which I stack up on the top shelf of my jewelry closet till the next session! If you have several unfinished jewelry projects in progress, each can live in its own tray, neatly stacked up.
I get myself into a terrible muddle with items for a specific project being in different places and altho knew I needed a liitle box system of some kind, I just never got around to it; they are so cheap too.
Thank you so much, I was pulling my hair out trying to come up with an organized way to store my craft items, things, stuff; lol.
I have 22 (full) of these three-drawer units that I purchased from Target (Sterilite brand). I finally bought a workbench from Harbor Freight Tools and store all my hammers in two of the drawers. It does look like a bead store but it’s also so easy to find what I want now rather than digging through larger bins and boxes. I already have my wire and chain in a container with silver findings, silver charms, spacers, and beads in another.
I just wanted to start my small scale jewelry business with less expensive materials like silver plated, gold plated wires, findings , glass beads, stones etc. Keep your metals in plastic bags with either the packets that come in your vitamin supplements or anti-tarnish strips or anti-tarnish Pacific Cloth covering it. At one time, I did have some of the compartment containers, but somehow they just weren’t a good fit with the way I work. Also if I have a large stash of a certain bead, I can just keep them in a bigger baggie instead of filling several compartments in a box with them. Well labeled clear plastic storage units, drawers, shoe boxes, etc, stack easily and are easily accessed. Rena, Please share with me where you purchased your jewelry trays and the ultrasuede pads for them. Wonderful storage ideas -When we moved from our larger home to a smaller one level retirement home I converted a large closet with folding doors -in my laundry room into shelving space and a built in table and chair area that I can close up and leave messy if I wish. Robin: I hope you have read all the comments above as there are loads of ideas you can glean from. Wholesale Jewelry Making consider it as a hobby Jewelry Making Supplies Wire Rings Fashion Jewelry.

I was only yesterday sorting out a whole table of different gauged silver wire, findings etc that had grown while I wasn’t looking.
My storage system at the moment is in disarray that I spend more time searching for supplies.
I have been trying to think of ideas to organize my raw materials and sometimes I over-analyze but this is a great way to organize especially for the beads by color. I stopped using ziplocks in exchange for recycled food containers or tin cans, washed and labeled for the item contained.
I have cookie sheets with vinyl shelf liner from the dollar store for my classes, I use ones from Target for at home that are a bit larger and more sturdy, but each sheet has a project I am currently working on so I can stack them, put them aside to work on something else, and each tray holds the current project items from rolling off. I bought a bookshelf and two huge entertainment centers for great prices giving great organization in one tidy place.
I live in a damp, foggy climate and over the years a few things have tarnished but not as much as I thought it would.
I have been scourging amazon all afternoon trying to find the trays and the ultrasuede insert pads…This really points me in the right direction. Catalog Jewelry Making Supplies on Buy Jewelry Cleaning Supplies Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners Beads, Findings and Jewelry Making Supplies, Shopping Cart # of items : 0.
When my son grew up & moved out, his room was being converted to a craft studio before he got out of the driveway!
I converted the sunroom into a jewelry studio and placed my work desk facing the wall of windows. However, after reading this blog, I think I will switch to zip lock bags and sort beads by color. Would the materials become dull or loose its aesthetics if i store it for a long time at home?? I use a sonic cleaner I bought from Amazon for $40 to clean things that can be put inside (some stones cannot), I use an electric toothbrush and white toothpaste to clean small stuff, cleaning cloths for hand cleaning, etc. Then I keep like things together (wire, silver findings, gold findings, copper findings, brass findings, by color). Jewellery Making Kit Starter Pack With Tools Findings Wholesale Jewelry Supplies, made in the USA! I have several drawers full of acrylic beads that are sized (4 mm – 12 mm), several with pony beads sorted by colors and styles (The Beadery used to sell directly and I have several bags of specialty beads from them in themes such as aquatic, zoo, farm animals).
I work in two areas – my bench outside in our conservatory and I work also in the living room (occcasionally also use the kitchen).
Watch how much you use cleaning cloths and silver cleaning as it will rub the plating off silver and gold metals and that can’t be replaced. I use medicine bottles, empty creamer and coffee containers, glass jars, shoe boxes and a tool cabinet with several drawers of beads. The owner has installed wire shelving units on either side, so I’m using those for my storage. Cheap plastic beads are in one three-drawer container, expensive glass Swarovski crystals are in another drawer, pearls are in another drawer, paints in one or more container with lids. Cord, findings, elastics, leather Craft Ideas - Jewelry Making Ideas CreativeS Chain Clamshell Bead Tips Wholesale Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies.
While the bench is mainly used for polymer clay and silver smithing, my living room table or even sofa is dedicated to bead work and other jewellery techniques. I learned to use more sterling silver in certain items as the base metal in silver plated or gold plated items (such as head pins) will eventually tarnish and make a piece look like cheap jewelry.
I started my system real early on as I wanted everything to be portable for weekends at the cottage. I will bring a shoe box of something to the table, then see something else I like and bring that and soon, my table and chairs are so full I don’t have room nor can I find the right things to make my creations.
I love to use dollar store cookie sheets to work on, use the vinyl shelf paper cut to fit so the stuff doesn’t roll around or off, then they are stackable as I always have multiple projects going at any one time.

I also have a lot of stuff I need to put away, as I have stuff out that I’m not working on, and as the seasons change I change what I am working on. So a lot of my polymer clay stuff is stacked in a movebable plastic trolley with drawers, whil tools are in an overhead cupboard and in deep boxes on Ikea shelves. It just so happens I have two of these plastic dresser drawer cabinets with bubble wrap and plastic bags and beading magazines, so I plan on getting more now, labeling and getting organized.
I’ve stopped cross-stitching, so I have a bunch of floss boxes, those are very handy. Discover our extensive variety of fiscal cliff jewelry making tools, supplies and wholesale jewelry making beads. Ikea used to make some fab plastic boxes with flexible compartments and I bought loads of them – these are for storing beads, finding etc. And besides-one of the main reasons I *love* beads is just because they are just so darned pretty, so I figured I’d use the beads themselves as my decor.
I even bought some of those little tin jars with the transparent lids for magnetic spice racks. If I want purple beads, I pull out my purple drawer and go through the beads, pulling out the baggies I think I want and everything stays contained that way. I also have gotten a tool storage system from Home Depot for all those parts and pieces that you find. I have my work station on a 4 foot plastic table from Staples (it’s overflowing, must clean), a lot of stuff on my art table next to it (never get used for painting, which is why I got it). However my beads and findings tend to stay in their original bags they came with – mainly so I know the number and know what each item costs and where I bought them from. A Few Customer Comments: The quality of your jewelry findings Jewelry FindingsJewelry Making SuppliesBeading Supplieswholesale beads. I wanted a shelf to sit on top of my table at the back for keeping things organized, couldn’t find one, so put together three pieces of wood and glued it together (love it). I have also found those plastic boxes that can be divided into individual sizes are a great deal cheaper at the hardware store than the craft store. Drove the hardware store guys crazy with my project ideas that they couldn’t help me with so I created my own. Put a hanging unit on my door to my art room which I hung all my bags onto (can’t close the door with them on, but it looks decorative and freed up some space).
Have to bungie-cord the door closed right now as we have four four-month-old kittens who think my beads are great toys and anything is theirs. I also have six cookie sheets with bead mats inside and bead trays that I used to create on (stacked at the moment as my inspiration keeps changing).
At my jewelry class I use cookie sheets from the dollar store with vinyl shelf paper inside instead of bead mats so have all these supplies inside a bag ready to grab and go (cookie sheets with vinyl bead mats, binder with class instructions, metal rulers, extra tool sets, great books for examples, money bag, photo albums of my work, etc.). There is a large plastic four-drawer unit in the closet for all my yarns (I knit and crochet scarves and hats for our church youth to hand out to the homeless in January) and on top of that are several large clear lidded carry units that house my other projects and supplies (lunch bag art, graduation lei charms and cords and flowers).
My watercolor class material is in three bags that haven’t even made it into the room yet ad I keep pulling them out. It’s never ending but I love having the opportunities to be creative that I denied for so many years taking care of family.
Thanks to Rena, I have lots of creative ideas to explore and can’t wait to do them all!!!

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