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The extender chain comes with a lovely Swarovski pyramid bead at the end and the claw fastening with a beautiful Nadia Minkoff flower set with a single crystal.
Made entirely in the UK, using the finest cut Swarovski crystal and set on box chain, this delicate 3 stone bracelet is all you need to add some subtle sparkle, day or night. The minimalist round watch features a glossy mother-of-pearlĀ dial atop an openwork bangle aglitter with Swarovski crystals.
The flowers are knotted by hand on stainless steel threads; their petals made of rose quartz peach pearls and dyed green quartz.

Amethyst and rose quartz blossom among peach and purple pearl blooms as each is knotted by hand on stainless steel threads. She creates luxurious petals of rose quartz and peach colored pearls clustering the opulent blossoms on a bracelet. Thai designer Khun Boom crafts the bracelet by hand featuring the unique elegance of Karen hill tribe motifs. Threaded by hand on stainless steel strands it encounters glittering crystal quartz and beads of Japanese glass.

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