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The Pre-Fall 2014 shows are still running and we’re delighted to note that jewellery is out in full force. At plastic fantastic Giorgio Armani giant perspex discs adorned ears and graphic necklaces tapped into the accelerating vogue for crystalline colour. We’re crushing over those cute beaded clusters and seriously considering matching our make up to our jewels next time we head out. It has been quite popular among the women for the past few centuries and is the oldest form of jewelry worn in South Asia.
Keeping in view the never ending demand of this jewelry, the jewelers and designers try to bring new designs in the market each year. Latest And Stylish Kundan Jewellery Designs 2014 For WomenKundan jewelry is mainly used for making necklaces but now it is being used for making other pieces like earrings, nose pin, even the whole jewelry set!

In India and Pakistan, bridal jewelry is a part of culture and a marriage seems undone without it.
With the plethora of spectacular designs and styles in Kundan jewelry, it is worth considering it for weddings!Kundan jewelry also known as Kundan Keshri is a kind of Indian gemstone jewelry.
Meena Kundan is another form of kundan jewelry which involves the kundan, setting of gems, on the front.
The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan has traditionally been the center of kundan jewelry in India.
Previously it was made purely of gold but later on jewelers started making it from silver as well. Traditionally, Kundan jewelry is made by incorporating beautifully cut and multi-colored gem stones in the gold or silver base.

In the second step, glue or other such material is applied on the frame to attach the gems.
The third step includes the attachment of gems with the golden base and finally the gems are polished to add maximum shine in the Chillai process.
The jewelry is not only kept for festivals but it is also passed on to the next generation at the weddings as part of the Indian tradition.Kundan jewelry is available in your nearby jewelry shops as well as online markets.

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