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Author: admin, 19.05.2016
Having glued the wallpaper down, I nailed the base back on and then screwed cup hooks into the top so that I can hang my necklaces.
Locally manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tidy Suzi is the original patented quality jewellery organiser produced from stainless steel and aluminium with a hard-wearing luxurious velvet finish.
The Tidy Suzi unit is able to be mounted on the inside of a cupboard door, cabinet or any wall. Easy access to all your beautiful jewellery – keeping it safe, tidy, tangle and scratch free!
Each actress on the Binnelanders film set was assigned their own Tidy Suzi to keep jewellery organised, ensuring easy accessibility and saving space and time. Dropped necklaces are often picked up by house imps and used as makeshift fences to divide land and property.

This dress-shaped hanging jewellery organiser provides funky females and pirates with a fashionable yet convenient storage solution for their bling. Get an extra 15% off local restaurants, spas, salons, and more to use within 48 hours of your Goods order! The 180 degree, rotating arms ensure easy access to all your jewellery with no tangling or damage.
Double-sided organisers can be hung from a coat hanger or hook to allow once tangled necklaces and bracelets to enjoy unravelled organisation coupled with easy accessibility. When I’m not at my day job, I am working as a content and social media consultant as Business Glitter.

Free up dresser-top space by slipping rings, earrings and more into 39 vinyl sleeves and hanging up necklaces and bracelets on 23 hooks. While solo shopaholics opt for one hanging jewellery organiser, gals banded by a love of the sparkly pick up an extra for a friend.

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