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Author: admin, 15.02.2015
Do you wake up in the morning, eager to start your day, then go to your closet and feel like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic???
There are lots of storage solutions for modern closets, The Container Store is a great place to start!
BONUS TIP:  I found this online, it’s a great resource to help stay on top of cleaning and staying organized all over your home!
Send us some picks of your newly organized closets, we would love to share your success stories! ABOUT THE BLOGFrom One HEIGHT GODDESS to Another is a lifestyle blog and podcast for and by tall women. Organize, store and protect all your favorite jewelry pieces and personal accessories by safely storing them in this hanging jewelry organizer. Organize, store and protect all your favorite jewelry pieces and personal accessories by safely storing them in this hanging jewelry organizer.? Ultimate Jewelry Organizer Deluxe™? takes up little closet space as it hangs from a closet rod and keeps your jewelry right where you can find it. We try to show product colours as accurately as possible, but please be aware that there may be slight differences in colour between the online images and the actual products themselves.
If you are on a budget and have no need to display your jewelry then you can opt for a closet jewelry organizer. Finally, if you travel then there are travel jewelry organizers that allow you to take many of your jewelry items with you. A jewelry organizer for the wall is one way to save space when storing and organizing your jewelry.
For a die hard jewelry enthusiast and jewelry collector, having a full scale and large jewelry collection that is not properly organized is not a surprise.
Space efficiency is an important factor to consider after you have collected a large amount of jewelry items. However most of the jewelry organizing tools today focus more on the decorative essentials of the organizers themselves, like a jewelry tree or a necklace holder for instance.

But these jewelry trees and such are not truly ideal for jewelry collectors who want to save space and who want to accommodate all their jewelry collection in one organizer. The best way is to use the space of the wall and display all your jewelry collections there. This way, you don’t run the risk of clutter on top of your tables or dressers which is likely if you try to squeeze all of your collection into jewelry boxes or a free standing jewelry organizer. The following are highly recommended jewelry organizing tools for those who want to save space, but need a large storage capacity. A large hanging wall jewelry organizer is highly recommended if you want to save space, accommodate a large storage capacity, and is good if you are looking for a decorative interior accent as well. An organizer like the wall mounted jewelry organizer pictured to the left is made from a well furnished solid wood construction and it is also often equipped with lock and key feature to maximize protection. Hanging jewelry organizers are often much like a large jewelry organizer with pockets made mostly from transparent vinyl sheets. One of the cheapest types of space saving jewelry organizers, a hanging jewelry organizer offer an individualized compartment for each jewelry item you have. An over the door jewelry organizer is the kind of organizer that is ideally hung on the back of your bedroom door. It is often made up of a durable powder coated steel or wood and they have hooks where you can hang your collection.
Many people are surprised at the large variety and styles that are available in this type of jewellery organization equipment. Many times one of these large decorative jewelry organizers are great or those who are used to storing all of their jewelery in a modern wooden jewelry box and always searching for a pair of diamond earrings, or wondering which drawer they put that blue diamond solitaire pendant in.
If this sounds like you, then one of these organizers may be just what you need to get your own jewelry organization back on track. Here’s some ideas from around my home on ways you can organize things by making use of baskets, containers, bins and more and keep them right out in the open.

Rhoda just organized her frequently used tools on a pegboard and shows you how to create your own. Any of these ideas that you could use in your home?  And I am sure you have many other ideas that you use in your home – share them in the comments!
Keep your jewelry collection safely stored and organized all in one convenient place with the Umbra Hanging Jewelry Organizer.
Our podcast features topics to inspire and empower tall women to embrace their uniqueness and spread the same confidence to others.
Jewelry armoires have always been popular for storing jewelry because of their versatility.
We just moved into a new home, and we’ve been stumped about what to do with our quick-breakfast items for a while. Jewelry boxes can be simple, inexpensive pieces to store your jewelry, or they can be ornate, hand carved masterpieces designed to showcase your items. We can never remember how much we have or forget that they are in the cabinet… Where did you find the tiered-basket you used?
On one side there are 39 clear jewelry storage pockets where you can store your earrings or rings, while on the other side there are 24 hook and loop tabs that easily hold your long necklaces or bangle bracelets. This frees a great deal of space below the jewelry organizer wall while still offering plenty of storage. In addition, the hanger hook on this organizer rotates 360 degrees in any direction and easily hangs on your closet rod.

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