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Who wouldn’t love to have all their precious jewellery lined up in a neat and tidy drawer? Most often this isn’t the case (especially if the kids are always going through your things!), but a few essential storage accessories can really help.
Creating different compartments for your rings, bracelets, and necklaces is the best way to keep everything neat and organised. Store some of those bigger statement necklaces and bracelets in transparent jars on your desk or table. Insert little hooks onto the inside of a wooden coat hanger, and display some of your most-worn items. Transform a standard thread rack into a jewellery stand, and hang on the wall as a statement piece.
Smaller drawers traditional used for ties or scarves can be transformed into the perfect jewellery storage.

Organise some bangles or bracelets on a traditional mug tree which we all have somewhere in the house!
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We share just a few of our favourite ways to store all your jewellery without taking out a second mortgage on the house. This way, you will know exactly where all the pieces are located, and it’s also really easy to clean! Look around the house for some empty jars, and simply label them on the outside so they’re quick and easy to locate. Extremely long necklaces or heavier pieces are best in this type of storage, since they can also be used to design your room!

Neatly arrange each piece over a non-slip piece of felt so each piece can stay in place and won’t get tangled. It neatly keeps all your jewellery in one place, and can be stored over a dressing table for easy access. Match with a floppy hat, belt or sandals for a casual look that you can easily throw over your bikinis.

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