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Author: admin, 17.01.2014
Dont you just hate it when your favourite jewellery pieces get all tangled up and consequently disfigured? So I looked up ways different of storing jewellery on the internet and thought of sharing with you, some of the ideas that I really liked. Hang your bangles and bracelets on a cute mug holder or paper towel holder in a bright bright color. If you are one of the few lucky women in this world to have your own walk in closet, you should definitely do this. If you don’t have that kind of space or even an empty wall, just take an iron basket and put it on a stand, and hang your earrings on it. A very very cheap way of storing your earrings is to just take a martini glass and hang your earrings on its rim. And I already have a few ideas for my studs,so your idea for storing danglies is just lovely!
Aashima i too use some of the ideas, i pasted a beautiful cardboardpaer( from weding card) in the inside part of my almirah door and hang my earrings there.. I like to think of myself as quite a creative person, always looking for new ways to store things and pretty things to add to my bedroom.

Just hang them by board pins on a board or on strips of really thick cloth piece and put a lovely frame around it.
If you have more space and time, hammer some nails on a wooden board after painting it a bright colour, and hang all your chunky rings on the nails. Take a sheet of insect screen from your local hardware shop and put a wooden frame around it.
Glass stands (those classic ones having 6 sticks in circular form) can used to store bangles. I’m a firm believer of the fact that a girls bedroom is very much a personal space, to dress up as she chooses, with whichever soft furnishings and bits and bobs take her fancy.
Now just hang your earrings on the screen and place this frame next to your full length mirror.
Everyone has different tastes, but I think it’s refreshing to see a variety of ideas and solutions. You can play around with the colour of the frame and the screen, or put a knob on the frame and decorate it.
Unlike buying a plastic box for my makeup from a shop on the high street, I get such satisfaction out of finding pretty little trinkets that I know will make my room slightly more interesting.

I used the Alice in Wonderland tin to store all my tiny studs and small stacking rings and the Typhoo Tea tin has all my cotton wool pads and cotton buds in it. Helped me to great xtent in organizing bangles as each pipe was holding around 2 dozens only so easy to take out the required ones..!! They really aren’t that difficult to find either, you just need to open your eyes a bit more.
The Jacobs Cream Cracker tin, as you can see, is used to store all my lipsticks, so simple & so effective.
Charity shops are always stocked with cute little plates and saucers & bootsales are absolutely FILLED with vintage, one off items. The Mrs Tiggywinkle tin, I have used to store more earrings & the tin beneath that, has my necklaces in it.

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