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Author: admin, 27.02.2016
Sand the tray thoroughly (the back of this tray was laminate, so it helps paint to stick and look nice and smooth).
One of the best furniture painting tips that I learned last year was to always finish up with a few coats of clear Varathane to protect the paint and give it a satiny smooth finish.
Oh, this is a much better (and prettier) way to store my necklaces than the jumbled mess I had on my dresser before! It’s amazing what a little bit of paint and glue can do (and how much I’m falling in love with this soft, gentle gray as a potential colour for our new house)! Christina is a crafty mommy to three little girls, a wife to one handsome hubby, and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural Alberta, Canada. I used the wonderful E6000 craft glue to adhere the thumb tacks to the ends of my corks as well!  This is a highly durable and strong glue.

That’s all it takes to get your jewelry up on the wall and use up some of those wine corks!
A jumbo flower with zebra stripes and fuchsia tray helps keep your earrings and other accessories organized.
Some are more exciting than others, and this jewelry display definitely errs to the side of exciting. I tried some hand painting just for something different, but it would also look nice decorated with decopauged fabric or stenciled paint. Paint all sides and crevices carefully with a brush (I used Valspar’s Tempered Gray for my main colour). I used super glue instead of a drill – it was a lot easier and it seems to be holding well!

I started trying to do these by hand, and then finally gave up and had my hubby drill pilot holes so that they were easier!
I love the use of the wood pallet, the fact that is hanging, and also that Natalie has two of these panels on her wall. I also share fun things on Instagram and my new YouTube channel and I'd love to connect with you there. I keep on forgetting which pieces I have because they are all tucked away, and then I remember that I had the perfect piece to go with a certain outfit AFTER the fact.

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