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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. They would especially enjoy fancying these up with some of the variations I list at the end of this tutorial!
I originally intended them to be an impulse-purchase item for little girls (which has been a very successful strategy) – but I soon discovered that teens and adults were also drawn to them, especially to wear as pinkie or toe rings.
So if you’re making these to sell, you may want to also make some larger ones to fit adults. You may want to run them through your tumbler if you have one, to harden and polish them up a bit. Instead of shaping your wire ends into simple loops, make them in to big spirals or other geometric shapes. Make one of the end loops fairly large, and use a piece of 24-gauge wire to wire-wrap a bead into it. By the end of this online video class, youa€™ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.
You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results.
Most people are happy to find a nice, well-made jewelry item they can purchase for their little girl (or themselves) for only $3! I love this idea and will probably use it at a big craft show I have coming up in a couple months. I can visualize many ways to embellish them – maybe coil around it, make 2 rows and weave them together? I have made similar rings in the past, but I have been using 20g soft sterling silver and 14K Gold-filled square wire. I have used that brand of wire before, and it hase some sort of coating on it which caused issues when I went to oxidize it.
Just love the idea of the single wrap, I usually do a double wrap which means more money to charge. Your tutorial is so beautiful and love the ring – so friendly to make and proud to have one!
I do these in sterling and copper, and yes, they are quick-sellers – but never thought about brass!
And Maddy, so inspiring to hear how well you’re doing with your jewelry as a teen jewelry artist! I made a bunch of these but they are so flimsy that I wouldn’t feel right selling them for $3.00!
But if you’re using brass, copper, sterling silver, or other usual jewelry wires and your rings feel flimsy, you could always slip your rings onto a ring mandrel and hammer-harden them with a nylon or plastic hammer. Great ideas, Julie – I think these rings are especially appealing to people when each ring has unique touches.
What’s really nice about making these as toe rings is that because they lay flat on the toe, there is no pinching.
Thank you for responding :)I wonder if the C-Lon Micro is the same as the S-Lon smaller size. Hey Guys,Have you all tried using GS Hypo Cement Fabric Glue?Sydneyanne may have been speaking of the regular GS Hypo Cement Glue when she spoke of the glue that her husband uses for fly's.The type I am speaking of is specifically made for fabric. Hello Wanda,Yes, I have tried Hypo Cement for Fabric, I like it a lot, but I find the tube breaks within a short period of time. Hi Sydneyanne,Congratulations on the success of your business!Maybe you could share what you did to advertise that made your business such a success. Hello Jamee and everyone else,I just started advertising through etsy, nothing too expensive, just a few dollars a week, I should try the bigger ads one day too.
Also, Marion's Jewels in Fiber has a fine C-Lon bead cord (not thread) that will fit smaller beads like pearls.A lot of gemstones have super small holes and they are such a pain. Hi Jamee,Marion always marks them for me when she sends a box so that's really nice, but sometimes they can be in a little bag so I guess you could ask her to do this for you too. I just discovered bead crochet for making jewelry and have also fallen in love with it!Really appreciate your sharing as you have some steps I want to use.
This Beaded Bag Charm was created using blue, silver white and gold Japanese glass seed beads, adopting the technique of Right Angle Weave (RAW). This Beaded 3D Cake Charm was created using white and brown Japanese seed beads, toppings of different crystals and plastic beads adopting the technique of Right Angle Weave (RAW).
When you start beading, the first thing that you should think about are your beading supplies. This wire is only available in the hardness dead-soft and is best used for wire shapes that are unsupported such as neck wires and bangle bracelets. This wire is an all-purpose wire and has many uses such as loops jump rings, head pins and eye pins. This wire, and thinner wires, are most commonly used for delicate applications such as crochet and twining. If you have recently started beading or just planning to start, you may not yet realize how essential it is to have the right beading tools. If you are using small beads (for example you are making a beaded tree or something like that) the best choice will be one of the smallest beading needles.
This Beaded Peyote Rose Pendant was created using red, orange and black Japanese seed beads, adopting the Peyote beading technique.
Also, see my tips below for making them fit better, and for making designs that fit most people’s wrists. Wrap a flexible tape measure snugly (but not tightly) around the part of the wrist where you intend to wear the bracelet.
Add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to come up with the total length of your bracelet, from end to end, including the clasp. So if you’re using chunky beads, measure the diameter of one of the bulky beads, straight across from hole to hole. You don’t always get to measure the wrist of the person who will wind up wearing your bracelet.
So if you’re making bracelets to sell at shows or home parties, or for a surprise gift for someone special, you may prefer to make designs that can comfortably fit a variety of wrist sizes. Also, thanks for sharing the interesting story about the lady uses laminated rose petals – what a lovely idea for jewelry, especially for Mother’s Day or weddings!

Hi Cherie, you might want to go to a shoe store and ask what are the most common shoe sizes. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
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You can quickly make a ton of these from bits of wire left over from other projects, or from a pile of new wire pieces you cut to size.
In my small jewelry business the only thing that I sell used to be earrings, but now these rings seem easy to make! Lately I have been giving away small beaded bracelets to the little ladies who have been coming by so they would feel special. I do our little town spring and fall street fests, and many people are not really there to buy, but this could absolultely be a “must have” for the many teens that come by! Is there a profit at all with the price of your supplies and how long they take you to make and the equipment cost, etc: just something to think about. Just made a bunch of these little pinky rings for Christmas presents to include with beaded bracelets I also made. That is one of the really FUN things about these, is the serendipitous designs that magically develop. Try making these bead crochet bracelets, and necklace, in your own choice of beads for a very dainty jewelry style.
Some are peaceful and serene like in the Bead Crochet Spring Bloom Bracelet and Bead Crochet Necklace designs. The larger size is too big for pearls and the smaller size seems way too small for bead crochet.I would love to find an in between size.
It seems it is a knock off and people seem to think the quality isn't as good as C-Lon Nylon bead cord.I buy all my bead cord from Marion Jewels in Fibre, her service is great and fast.
By the looks of it I'm sure that your customers would love it if you could find the time to make more.
Which I did get!However, while the fine size is great and fits into some pearls and other beads that the thicker size cannot, I like the way the original (standard size) and micro size hangs when finished.I have just found you should watch what you do make with it as it kind of curls on me after I have crocheted a necklace. When I got it I thought 'Oh I will never use this' and now I use it all the time!So keep that stash and you may have a great idea and change the world. I just do not do any seed bead stitches and would totally give these to anyone who needs them now. The internet has been my friend when it comes to getting beading supplies.The tube of GS hypo I have today just started acting like the needle applicator was coming off. I advertised once there with a special where they gave me a certain amount of free credit and then when it ran out it turned off. Beads that often have large enough holes are fire polished crystals, Swarovski's and probably other glass pearls as well. I bought it and then thought, "I will never use this", but I found it is great for clustering beads together like in the blossoms or spring bloom bracelet.I found that the micro bead cord is the only thing that works for that kind of design.
And the colors are often a bit off from my monitor compared to when I get to see them in real life. On the inside flap there are some letters that most likely correspond to what colors they were, but I have taken them out of the box and do not know which was where. One of the most important beading supplies is the wire you will need to make beaded jewelry and especially beaded trees. For example, sterling silver is typically available in two main categories – half-hard and dead-soft. Also if your beads, pearls or gemstones have tiny holes then this gauge wire may be the only option. If you don’t have the right beading tools, your beading will be much more difficult and less enjoyable.
If you are lucky to have a beading shop near you home, you should visit it and look at their selection.
Embellish them, or using craft wire, and making them bigger, they would make elegant napkin rings.
I’m not a big fan of wire jewelry but I made some of these in nu gold ( brass) wire and they are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Bead Crochet Spring Bloom BraceletThis bracelet (Photo 1) is crocheted and then hand sewn together with up to 200 semi precious stones, pearls, and crystals. Yet others are very jubilant as in the Bead Crochet Eternity Bracelet and Bead Crochet Tennis Bracelet designs.Thanks for adding the crochet bead instructions. What size of C-lon do you use when you add freshwater pearls to your designs?Thank you so much for the information you provided.
Over the years I have mostly done simple silk and pearl knotted necklaces were I leave part of the silk cord showing.You are very talented and so sweet to be so helpful! I did just find out though that the S-Lon sizes AA and D are for their thread sizes, not cord, and there cord size that worked for the bead crochet I did is called #18. I am not completely sure what you mean, but I know you are trying to explain it as best you can, which can be hard sometimes. I'm not sure if any of you guys use this glue, but I just bought some of the Fray Stop glue from Marion Jewels and Fiber.
I've got other friends who bead as well, so I'm sure they will get some good use :)I made my first necklace with the C-Lon Fine and pearls. It's the C-Lon Micro and S-Lon thread size that I can't find a use for ;-)I did not know there was a GS Hypo for Fabric. When I started, it was almost unheard of.I have come a long way, even since I started adding comments and tutorials on making beaded jewelry. I just keep both sizes on hand and feel like I really luck out when I have gemstone beads on hand that actually fit the regular sized C-lon.
I love sable, its my favorite color.Don't know if you read previous posts, but just to make it easier to put the thread through small holes I dip it in crazy glue and when it's dry I cut it at an angle so its sharp like a needle.
If you let go of the crochet and then insert your needle in the back or something then then next stitch could be twisted.I have had the finished piece look wrinkly, not perfect looking, I like them to be perfect so I very lightly iron it in between a towel, never letting the iron get too hot or touch the item. Just as there are different types of beads, there is also a wide variety of beading wires to choose from.
When you are just beginner, the better and the cheapest choice for you will be brass or copper, they are also easy to manipulate.

That is why choosing the right beading tools is your first step forward toward success beading.
The best way is to start with a small selection of the most necessary tools, and then, expand your collection when you find that you need different beading tools. While tools may look similar in pictures, similar tools from different manufacturers often have a different feel. That’s your new total bracelet length to accommodate the chunky beads in your design.
They don't want to give you your money back too easily.Just a few simple ads on etsy worked. I have started to crochet bracelets and I am having a hard time finding beads that fit into the cord that I have been using.Your tutorials are the best! Wires differ from each in many different respects, including hardness, shape, thickness (gauge), and the material from which they are made.
So, before you choose your beading needle, decide what beads are required for your project. These rings would be a perfect activity and favor for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party too!
I've managed to not have to deal with that all these years I've used them.I don't have any of the pieces that I made a long time ago and no pictures of them. If you have larger stones this won't work because you could damage them.Thanks for all the info.
I think I'll go through the tube fast even though it's huge because most of it will be from spilling. I just have my FB personal and business page and show new work there and have made many sales that way. For instance, I wanted a replacement to this natural tan color I had gotten in a pack of S-Lon cord.
I agree about the color issue, that bothers me so much when the colors are similar and you want a certain color and you have no idea what color you need to reorder. So, I'm gonna have to sit there and hold them up to my monitor and see if I can at least match up the one I will want to reorder to the picture in her shop. I really appreciate you sharing your learnings to help me get started.Much joy and success!
You will find that beading wire will harden as it is manipulated but you also have the option of hammering a piece, which will flatten the shape, if you want a more rigid piece. Folks love that I can whip a custom made ring up while they’re shopping the produce stalls at the farmer’s market! When they are all sewn together this bead crochet bracelet really sparkles and is very pretty.Bead Crochet NecklaceThis bead crochet necklace (Photo 4) is crocheted using crystals, semi precious stones and pearls. I'm super excited to get some in and FINALLY make something with pearls in it!You guys may already be aware of this size. I'm not going to use them and hate to have them just sit here.Thanks for the tip on ironing! Then, after I think I have enough (which can be a little difficult especially on a new design), I start to crochet, leaving a small tail say of 4 chains.This will be the end for the clasp. I've been selling online since 2003 and started out with silk cord necklaces and never have I had to fix one of them yet.The repairs I have done have all been on regular strung necklaces and bracelets using Soft Flex.
Anyway, yes, regarding the tube of GS Hypo Cement glue, mine lasts me a short time and then the pinpoint dispensing tube breaks.
I like the look of it because I love making knotted silk necklaces and love anything that I can incorporate a beachy look to since I'm here on Maui. Here's my tip: I put a little piece of paper inside the spool when I get them, naming them right away, and then I always know. Then I fold this piece in half, twisting it tohand sew it together making a bracelet that looks spiraled with many stones pearls and crystals.I hand sew a loop with beads and also sew a crystal on the other end to make my clasp. I only made two, one on blue cord and one on this goldish cord.But recently I just made a few of them and put them on my website and they all sold to one person.
Next, finish crocheting your project to the length that you want and at the other end crochet about 10 - 12 extra chains after the last bead.
Crocheted jewelry lends itself very well to that.I love making it with cone shell pendants that I find here on the island. But in case you haven't or other readers are having the same problem I did, I thought I'd share the info!
They always seem to look fine when on, but sometimes in photographing them they are not straight as I'd like them to be.
I have found another glue I like better called Aleene's fabric fusion.Please ask anything else you would like to know. It is a little difficult to explain every step, but if you are interested I would be happy to help if you. I'll definitely try the iron.I'm still always toying with different ways to end the pieces on the side where the big bead is that goes through the loop. I really appreciate your kindness and help so that I could finally figure out how to complete my projects.
Then I made my mom one with an amethyst pendant and a couple of black and gray ones sitting here waiting to be photographed and priced.That's it so far and I'm itching to get back to it, but too much life stuff going on. And now if you only have to make jewelry for your "job" then all the better!Hi to you too Wanda!
Still, it pulls away but at least its stronger and has two cords there.I have been playing with working my end cord back up to that spot and wrapping around and tying off. I like very fine jewelry withlots of color and texture.I experimented with many stringing materials, such as crochet cotton, silk and threads.
I eventually settled for the most part on a cordused in the upholstery industry called C-Lon® (C-Lon Bead Cord). When I want a cord that will go through beads and pearls that have tiny holes it works very well.

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