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Follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and even more design inspiration! Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. I belong to a group of Beaders called South Shore Beaders (South of Boston, that is), and we are always laughing about our trips to the hardware store.
Another great idea, if you don’t mind using base metals, is chandelier chain for long necklaces and as components. I laughed about this post because I spent an hour and a half cruising the aisles of a hardware store this afternoon, after quickly finding a door striker, which was my reason for going in the first place.
You can buy floss storage boxes with the movable separators at beading stores and needlework stores. I need polymer clay supplies such as pvc piping, ceramic tiles and dowels from time to time and this is something I can share a stroll with my husband he’s also happy to be in a store with me for once! It is so nice to read about the adventures of other jewelry artists in the hardware stores. Same reaction at the electronics supply place when I bought brass washers, nuts and star washers.
As far as I’m concerned if you can wrap wire around it or string it on chain or cord it is fair game! I haven’t thought of checking the hardware stores but I have made a few finds at the local sporting goods store.
Go to Sears for your jewelry tools, they come in a set by Craftsman, so they are guaranteed replacement!
Forgot to ask all you hardware findings people….has anyone ever found a good jewelers type saw at a hardware store? Look in the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart and you can find a box that holds 6 rolls of fishing line.
If you use line that’s too large to thread through the holes, just pop out the rubber grommet. I use their magnetic tool holder (it is a strip about 2-3″ wide and about 3 ft long) to hold my pliers in hands reach. I found a case, at a big box sporting goods store with a ring binder and zip locked plastic bags and extra bags available.Iit is great for separating my sterling and gold filled wire, I have a bag for each size and or shape and can put anti tarnish strips and scraps and seal them in. Over the years I have accumulated 6 boxes and have them stacked at the back of my work table up against the wall (just for safety purposes).
Someone mentioned pvc, which by the way makes great bracelet mandrels in the different sizes, not to mention, assorted hanging frames. These Plano boxes come in different sizes and with different number sand sizes of drawers so you can find one that really suits your needs. I use the smaller, fishing tackle, size for traveling and for some items that I don’t use frequently so I keep them under my table.
Plano also makes what I call a table top version with the small, clear pull out cubbies that would traditionally be for things like nails, screws nuts and bolts. They have a great variety, are multi-purpose, relatively inexpensive, easy to use and store, and… I loooove Plano! In response to some hardware store copper having some kind of finish on them, I wonder if that can be removed in some way. I obtained this information from someone else (darn if I can remember where I got it) If it was from someone on here – please speak up so I can give you credit. But I copied the information below into one of my files so I can take it to the hardware store with me.

Copper wire inside of an electrical rubber coating might not have a coating, but you might want to make sure.
If something is worn next to or on bare skin…not only is a material a possible hazard to the maker but also to the wearer! The local mom and pop hardware shops don’t have anything neat or more special than you would expect. I found copper washers at Harbor Freight in a little plastic box that I now use to store components I’ve made. You need to be careful when using metals that are not intended for long term skin contact, such as washers from the hardware store. Hehehe awesome article, i love going to the hardware store even more now that i make jewelry. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
Tips for using jewelry making jigs using WigJig jewelry making tools, wire and jewelry supplies.
Flattening wire coils jewelry making technique made using WigJig jewelry making tools, wire and jewelry supplies.
WigJig Jewelry Making techniques for Making Chains Using Tools, Beads, Wire, and Jewelry Supplies. Braided Gems Beaded Jewelry made with WigJig jewelry making tools, beads, wire and jewelry supplies. Braided Gems --Beaded Jewelry made with WigJig jewelry making tools, beads, wire and jewelry supplies. Diamond Vines Wire and Beads Necklace made with WigJig jewelry making tools and jewelry supplies. Loop-the-Loop Wire and Beads Earrings made with WigJig jewelry making tools and jewelry supplies. Jeweled Beads and Wire Memories made with WigJig jewelry making tools and jewelry supplies. Lavender Teardrop Wire and Beads Necklace Jewelry Making Project made with WigJig tools and jewelry supplies.
Wire Bead Wraps Jewelry Making Technique made with WigJig Jewelry Tools, wire and supplies.
Loopy Yoke Wire and Beads Necklace jewelry making project made with WigJig jewelry tools and jewelry supplies. Pg 2 Ribboned Beads and Wire Necklace Jewelry Making Project made with WigJig jewelry tools and jewelry supplies. Crystal Beads, Pearls and Gems Wire and Beaded Necklace made with WigJig jewelry making tools and jewelry supplies. Four Square Wire and Beads Hearts wire ornament made with #WigJig Jewelry Making Tools, beads and jewelry supplies. Do be aware however that some wire found at these types of stores often have a coating (especially copper) and I have come across what was supposed to be round 22G copper wire that was actually flat. I have purchased washers from Walmart before to use in jewelry, as well as fish swivels ( a big hit), but never even though to look for wire and tools!!!!!
OR you can go to the hardware or sports store for exactly the same storage boxes and come home with more boxes for the same amount of money. I bought moulding by 6 or 8 foot sections, cut them down to size with hubby’s miter box, and glued them together with corner braces. It is also great fun to see the reaction of people who have no idea that hardware makes great jewelry.

I can’t afford to buy high-end handcrafted jewelry, so I try to keep my prices so that others can have handcrafted jewelry without having to pay high-end prices. And just recently I saw that Planno is making something similar for crafts at a much higher price aand not near the same amount of storage! You thread the line through the holes at the front and it keeps the line neatly on the roll while you measure out the amount you need. I also found a plastic (gray with purple sections) tackle box that has different sized sections that fit snugly against the lid and each other, so there is no space for small beads or findings to slip into another compartment.
I can put bead caps and bails in the smallest ones and keep glass and stone beads for pendants, separated in larger ones just waiting to be created.
One thing I like to make (and sell) is an earring tree made from copper refrigerator tubing and 18g copper wire. Assuming they carry the really thin radius (width?) that I would need for my multiple threadings through narrow holes. There is always discontinued tile priced very cheaply, and sometimes they even have boxes for FREE! Also, leader wire (fireline) in the fishing section also comes in precut pieces which are about the perfect length for average length necklaces. And one funny thing, at a flea market I took one with me to work on a piece while I was there and a customer was begging me to sell it to him for his tackle! Different size washers pounded out make great earrings as do copper couplings make beautiful bangles. I think they get a laugh when they see me sitting on the floor in front of the washer drawers looking for goodies and then then next minute going through the cut by length chains.
It is a funny thought I guess, most women want nothing to do with a hardware store or tool section and I’m always begging my husband to go! These are permanently in my work space and each cubby has a spot for labeling so it’s easy to find what you need. Not sure if someone already posted this but picture hanging wire is great for practicing and very affordable.
Of course it doesn’t work for every project, but was less than $10 a spool and allowed me to do lots of inexpensive experimenting. Also, 100% brass ball chain and small brass nails, but you have all opened up my eyes — and my imagination.
At one store, I even had the women store workers bringing me items they wanted me to try out. I don’t know what its called but Ive seen a tool that cuts copper tubing that tightens onto the tube then you roll it around and tighten it some more until it cuts through. Using the 18g wire, I make four wraps and a loop, four wraps and a loop, from the tip to about five inches from the end of the tubing.
Then the tools – almost bought a buffing tool for my Dremel but decided to wait, check out the hammers and found a few with lovely, flat surfaces at one end of the head and a compact peen at the other end.
It just opens up the mind a bit to see all the fun things you can come up with at your local hardware. I keep all my beads and findings in these drawers in little baggies and there is even a place to label the front of each box!
Always keep your jewelrs eye open there is stuff everywhere usually cheaper than the craft stores!!

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