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Author: admin, 09.09.2014
I adore these purple Jennifer Lopez ankle jeans, I am pretty sure I will buy the white and the black ones as soon as I get a 30% off coupon code again. While pulling our outfits together, I found this very different and oh-s0-me top from Dana Buchman (another Kohl’s line).
As my mother always favored purple (she was true royalty and deserved to wear purple), she had a lot of purple necklaces.
I love the women’s floral sateen sheath dress for a garden wedding because it’s floral and gorgeous!

On this day, it was quite cold out, so we slipped out onto my dad’s front porch, took 20 quick photos and hoped for the best! However, this Croft and Barrow shirt from Kohl’s was a great buy and Walt has already worn it 3 times.
This year we decided to focus our clothing around purple because it’s the color of passion and royalty.
For this outfit post, to coordinate with my Jennifer Lopez pants and Dana Buchman top, he got a Marc Anthony tie in purple.

My dad has a group of widowers he hangs out with and Walt and I have got to know them pretty well.

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