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When you think Cartier, you think animals, and when you think Tiffany, you think engagement ring. With a shift in ethnic influences, economic constraints, macro-market influences and a preference for style over sentiments, the trend is clearly moving towards minimalistic designs. Multi-coloured gemstones do not offer the same enormous intrinsic value as the rarest diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but their allure is in their price and their design potential. Pieces that reflect surrealism, ludicrous fantasy and the imagination of alternative universes are in demand. Increased demand for individualistic jewellery, coupled with price-consciousness has meant designers are turning to little-known gems for both unusual colour effects and a semblance of affordability. Design and narrative have become so important that the unimaginative diamond solitaire is almost a thing of the past. This minimalist trend is contemplative and re-examines the cultural roots of today’s rapidly transforming world.

This exhibits the ever-changing, multi-faceted and complex moods of today’s consumerism. At the two-day seminar organised by Trendvision Jewellery+Forecasting and The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), aspiring designers and the luxury, retail gems and jewellery industries discussed the major forces that will design and shape the future of the industry. The rising prices of natural precious gemstones have put pressure on jewellers to find alternatives. Instead, designers aim to tell a story, create a mood or capture a moment, in the same way a painter would approach his work.
In the words of designer Farah Khan, “design is an activity that translates ideas into reality. Indian manufacturers need to develop more theme-based jewellery pieces, which can work in both Indian and international markets. The younger, urban and fashion-conscious population in India demands exclusivity and style, when it comes to jewellery.

Amrapali, the Indian jewellery company is using a lot of unusual coloured stones,” says Sangeeta Dewan, Senior Design Consultant, Titan Industries. Today’s jewellery designs reflect the same gems, shapes, and motifs of bygone eras, but with a twist.
This demand for colour signifies that other gemstones have attracted attention and the likes of paraiba tourmalines, spinels, rubellites, pink sapphires and topaz are now increasingly sought after. Toranj Mehta, Head of Marketing at Forevermark, De Beers says, “Too much choice leads to no choice. With new techniques for mounting gemstones, such as invisible and tension settings for diamonds, a unique mixture of gemstones in pave settings, motifs of butterflies and dragons, and a slightly less-fantastical version of Art Nouveau—today, innovation in jewellery celebrates inspiration and creativity.

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