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The decrease in auditory acuity seen in conductive hearing loss is caused by pathology of either the outer or middle ear. In these cases, hearing loss is caused by a mechanical occlusion of the external auditory meatus. What is a 'normal' tympanic membrane?A normal tympanic membrane is thin and transparent, allowing visualisation of the air in the tympanic cavity. The most common pathologies are covered in this chapter, but this list is in no means exhaustive.

Acquired hearing loss (generally appears in adults), but has an dominant autosomal genetic component with a variable penetration. Particular attention should be paid to piercings in the cartilage as these are a main contributor to chondritis (see picture). The malleus is less visible and its handle causes a depression at its join with the tympanic membrane. In fact this case isn't a real perforation as the eardrum is still intact, it has just been sucked in towards the bottom of the tympanic cavity.Cholesteatoma is characterised by an accumulation of squamal cells in the retracted region.

A break in the ossicular chain is classic, and it can sometimes affect the inner ear, which is reflected in a mixed hearing loss (reduction in air and bone conduction).

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